Baylor lost twice on Saturday. The Bears lost 62-22 to TCU, and Bears fans lost by wearing shirts supporting disgraced football coach Art Briles.

Randy Cross’ response? Disgust.

“I thought (the NCAA) should have stepped in (and punished Baylor for the sexual-assault scandal),” the three-time Super Bowl champion said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “I thought Art Briles should have gotten a show-cause. This whole idea that he can be back in coaching, I think, is an embarrassment. It’s not only that; it’s a travesty to those 17 women that have accused these kids of doing what they did. As a brother of five sisters and a dad of two daughters, I don’t have much of a forgiveness zone when it comes to some of this stuff. But when you actually ignore it and/or bury it, you start getting into rationalizing a death-penalty situation. Then you’ve got these clueless idiots down there in Waco with these black hashtag-CAB shirts (Coach Art Briles) and the whole story about wearing black in support of Art Briles. That is such a load of crap. I can’t even begin to tell you – and the fact that the university would let them do that tells you abut how out of whack their priorities are.”

Cross has no idea why the NCAA has not stepped in to hammer Baylor with punishments, sanctions, and, quite possibly, the death penalty.

“I gave up a long time ago trying to figure out the NCAA does, what purpose they serve, and if they have this power, this mystical power, why they don’t use it more often – or why they even have it, because often they don’t use it,” Cross said. “The evidence is the evidence. I thought Armen Keteyian and 60 Minutes Sports did an unbelievable job on that whole thing documenting what the situation was like. I have no faith, especially when it comes to football. Not enough sports fans really realize that the whole deal about college football, it’s all controlled by the playoffs. It’s all controlled by the money. The NCAA gets occasionally involved only when a couple of rules get violated. Otherwise, they just kind of get straight-armed and they get told to go sit in their corner and collect their money.

DA wonders why the NCAA hammered Penn State but has been absent in Waco.

“Don’t you think, to some degree, they’re a little gun-shy because of the reaction from the Penn State deal?” Cross asked. “And the fact that the Penn State deal sort of semi-unwound? It’s a very strange situation when it comes to the NCAA as to what they’re going to do. I would have loved to see them give a show-cause to Art Briles and have him out of college football for a short period of time. Now if he shows he’s willing to do business the right way, let him back in.”

As it stands, Briles could be on a sideline next fall. That’s a little too soon for Cross.

“We’ll see,” he said. “I’m still holding out hope that classier people will prevail in this and it won’t be that easy.”


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