It’s been several days since Richard Sherman unloaded on Bills kicker Dan Carpenter during a first-half field-goal attempt Monday night, but Bart Scott hasn’t gotten over it.

Of course, it didn’t help that Sherman’s hit went unflagged.

“If that’s not roughing, what the hell is roughing?” Scott asked on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “I don’t get it. I don’t get it, man. As a teammate, as a member of the Buffalo Bills, I don’t know if Richard Sherman would make it out the game. And then what he did on the Hail Mary – is that not interference? What kind of locker room (do the Bills) have? I would have grabbed Richard Sherman by his dreads, body-slammed him on the ground and went to town. Not only did you just do this as (to my) kicker, but now you just did something blatant at the end of the game (and took) a cheap shot because you’re angry? Come on, man. He ain’t in the right weight class to be getting away with stuff like this. If they was in the same division, it would have to be payback. I would have jumped offsides on their kicker so fast that (Steven) Hauschka wouldn’t have been playing for the rest of the year. I would have went at his leg so violently, so aggressively, because if that’s not roughing on him, it can’t be roughing on me. So I’ll give you the five yards and let you see what it feels like and see how that affects your season going forward. That could have put Carpenter out for the rest of the year, which is a big deal because it’s hard do find a quality kicker. I would have let them score so they can kick a field goal. I would have been so far offsides, I would have ran through his kneecap.”

That’s right. No bull-rush. A direct route right to the leg.

“Not bull-rush,” Scott said. “You go right at his leg. You don’t bull-rush and hit him high. He went to hit the leg. He went to go take his leg out to be a jerk.”

Scott, who played for Rex Ryan in New York from 2009-12, was stunned the Bills did not retaliate.

“I’m disappointed in Rex Ryan today,” Scott said. “Where are your goons? You basically got punked twice. Sometimes there’s such a thing as a good fine and a bad fine. When you’re protecting your teammate because somebody wants to be an A-hole, (that’s a good fine). He tried to be the bigger man, but I would have sent in the backup third-string running back to go jump offsides and go do exactly what he did to your teammate. Maybe they’ll understand because you can play this the right way or you can play this the gangster way. Now if you want to play outside of the rules and try to justify it, (okay). But I would have put the pressure on the referees as well because I want to see you not call mine the same way as you called theirs. And then to (compound) it, you don’t reset the clock and the guy can’t even hold the ball and he gets a delay of game.

“Those referees, everybody on that crew, should be refereeing high school football this week,” Scott continued. “People get fired for this stuff. This game can come back and be the difference between you going to the playoffs and not going to the playoffs. Coaches, players, general managers, scouts, trainers, your weight-lifting coach – everybody (could get fired). You can get about 50 people fired, and we got this dude working (at) Foot Locker during the week coming out trying to make a decision, and that’s the best he can do?”


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