Jeff Pearlman dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Thursday to discuss his new book, “Gunslinger: The Remarkable, Improbable, Iconic Life of Brett Favre,” which chronicles the life and career of the legendary quarterback, including his relationship – or lack thereof – with Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers apparently called Favre “grandpa” during his rookie season in 2005.

“Rodgers came out and said it wasn’t true,” Pearlman said on The DA Show. “There’s a long story to it, but I did have the timing slightly off in the book. It wasn’t the first day of OTA; it was his first day in training camp, so there was a slight difference that I already corrected in the next draft. But it was definitely said. It was said to Favre. It annoyed Favre. And Rodgers’ presence that year – he arrived from Cal, he was very cocky, he showed up, he sort of rubbed many people the wrong way, they did not go easy on him. So it was not an easy relationship there, but it made for pretty interesting print, I got to say.”

Favre, as it turns out, didn’t like Rodgers from the start.

“I think Favre definitely was rubbed wrongly by Rodgers,” Pearlman said. “Rodgers was a young kid who was kind of tone-deaf. Didn’t really know what he was doing. Had a lot of talent, but ridiculously immature. Favre and a lot of other Packers kind of jumped on that.”

The Packers, Pearlman explained, would often sign merchandise. Well, one day, a player took Rodgers’ helmet and put it with all of the other merchandise that needed to be signed, and the entire team signed it. Rodgers then had to practice in the signed helmet.

“Everyone was laughing, kind of mocking. It’s kind of the thing that happens in locker rooms,” Pearlman said. “But he was a very thin-skinned guy. I talked to a reporter who spoke to him right afterwards, and he said the guy was on the verge of tears – just broken – by these kind of things.”

Rodgers, however, was the first truly talented player to ever back up Favre.

“This is the first time there was a threat to Favre,” Pearlman said. “He always understood how thin the grass was on a job. He replaced Don Majkowski when Majkowski got hurt and Majkowski never started for the Packers again. So he was not one to help a rookie. He was not going to make it easy on you. So I think Rodgers had a difficult time sort of dealing with that. He didn’t see that coming.”


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