RANDY CROSS – 11/7/16
Three-time Super Bowl champion

“And the fact that the Penn State deal sort of semi-unwound? It’s a very strange situation when it comes to the NCAA as to what they’re going to do. I would have loved to see them give a show-cause to Art Briles and have him out of college football for a short period of time. Now if he shows he’s willing to do business the right way, let him back in.”
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NFL on FOX analyst

“There’s an old adage in football – and it is old and gray and wrinkly and the whole deal – but let me tell you something: it holds true. The team actually does pick the quarterback if you just listen to them. I don’t mean call them in and take a straw poll. I’m talking about how do they respond to him? How does the offense move the ball? How do things happen?”
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Former NFL punter

“If you bench them, you’re only costing the other 52 men that you have on that team, and they’ve put in just as much hard work. People do make mistakes, but you don’t want it to affect your franchise; you don’t want it to affect your ability to win. The guys on the team who are doing it, you don’t want to punish them, and by sitting two of your best players, that’s essentially what you’re doing.”
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RALPH RUSSO – 11/8/16
AP college football writer

“I think that offense gives them a chance because it’s not just turn around and hand the ball to the tailback. Gus Malzahn, with his running game, gets a lot of stuff involved as far as misdirection and playing with defenders’ eyes to make them think it’s one thing when it’s actually not. I think you need that, and (you have to) get the quarterback involved in the run game. They don’t have that quite as much as they had a couple years ago when they had Nick Marshall run it, but I think that’s the way you approach Alabama. I think if you do it the way LSU did it – which is, again, turn around and hand the ball to the tailback – that’s probably not a way to go against Alabama.”
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BART SCOTT – 11/9/16
CBS NFL Today analyst

“People get fired for this stuff. This game can come back and be the difference between you going to the playoffs and not going to the playoffs. Coaches, players, general managers, scouts, trainers, your weight-lifting coach – everybody (could get fired). You can get about 50 people fired, and we got this dude working (at) Foot Locker during the week coming out trying to make a decision, and that’s the best he can do?”
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CURT MENEFEE – 11/9/16
NFL on FOX analyst

“And if they do, I think they’ll be there toward the end of the season as well. But right now as you look at it, outside of the New England Patriots and maybe the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC, I think everybody is a huge step down.”
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AMY TRASK – 11/10/16
Former Raiders executive

“I’m thrilled for Raiders fans that they are watching a Raider team playing in the way Raiders teams have historically played: with a bit of an edge. There’s no one right way to do things. The Raiders have found a good way. The last time the team had a record like this was 2011. That was the last year in which Al was alive. He passed away that year. The team was 7-4 going into Week 12, and things fell apart from there and have now been rebuilt.”
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BILL REITER – 11/10/16
CBSSports.com writer

“I love the sport. I’ve been to every UFC fight since I moved to L.A. three years ago except for a few that weren’t very interesting. I do think Conor McGregor, for however long it lasts, is a transcendent figure. My wife is not a sports fan. She did not realize for a long time that the Super Bowl is just one game. She’s just not a sports fan. She knows who Conor McGregor is. So I wanted to come out, but had I not wanted to, they probably would have required me to.”
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JEFF PEARLMAN – 11/10/16

“Rodgers was a young kid who was kind of tone-deaf. Didn’t really know what he was doing. Had a lot of talent, but ridiculously immature. Favre and a lot of other Packers kind of jumped on that.”
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