Roger Staubach spent his entire NFL career with the Dallas Cowboys, where he played from 1969-79. He was a six-time Pro Bowler, a two-time Super Bowl champion and a Super Bowl MVP.

He also knows what it feels like to be Tony Romo.

“Well, Tony is a great quarterback,” the 74-year-old Staubach said on CBS Sports Radio’s Sunday Morning Football. “He’s really had some issues since his 12-4 season. His statistics are fantastic. He’s been a great quarterback. He’s very competitive. But even after the ’71 season, we had won the Super Bowl and I separated my shoulder in an exhibition game against the Rams getting ready for the ’72 season. I was out. Back then, it was a 14-game schedule, so I had eight to 10 games before I was really healthy again. Craig Morton was playing well, and they didn’t want to to shift the momentum. I kind of understood that. In my own heart, I wanted to get in there. I wanted to be part of the team again. But I sure didn’t want to disrupt (things or make it controversial). So I was, I think, a very good backup to Craig at the top, and Craig did the same thing for me in ’71 when I took over.

“So you’re a human being, and what’s inside of you and your desires and your confidence in yourself and your competitiveness – those still play a part in your life,” Staubach continued. “But at the end of the day, you got to put yourself in the shoes of the team and what’s best for the team, what the coaches think, how the atmosphere in the locker room is. Dak has got all that going for him right now, and I think Tony is now healthy and he’s actually out at practice again, and Dak keeps saying he’s always there when I need him. It is tough, but what’s good for the Cowboys, they have two really, really good quarterbacks. So if Dak gets hurt or something, they got Romo. But I think right now Dak is the starting quarterback and Tony is supporting him.”


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