Tony Romo has handled his demotion about as well as possible, even appearing in front of media to tell the world that Dak Prescott has earned the right to be the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

As mature and as professional as Romo has been, however, there’s no way that he’s happy about backing up a rookie – or anyone.

“He’s secretly hoping – hoping – that (Prescott) struggles,” Bart Scott said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “Trust me. He’s hoping that he struggles, that they go through a two-game losing streak or something and he can ride in on his white horse and save the day.”

DA has a hard time believing that. An NFL player rooting against a teammate? Hoping that a teammate fails?

“Teammates do it all the time,” Scott said. “You want your opportunity back. He knows if he can get in there and take the team to the Super Bowl, his job is secure. If not, if Dak takes them all the way to the NFC Championship, he’s gone. Bye-bye. Trade bait. See you later. When the draft comes around, people will start talking at the Combine”

Wanting another opportunity is one thing, but actually rooting for your team to lose games? Isn’t that a bit much?

“No, it’s a quarterback competition,” Scott said. “It’s very sensitive. It’s a very sensitive type of thing. You don’t think running backs hope that I get in and I get hot and (don’t have to share) time (anymore and) that (I) can be the lead back? It’s all about the competition. And Tony’s probably thinking, ‘Listen, I didn’t lose because I was a bad player. I lost because I got hurt.’ Usually you never can lose your job when you get hurt, but just ask Drew Bledsoe how that worked. . . . Listen, if they can lose a couple football games, still finish with the No. 1 record and no harm, no foul, the kid struggles, the kid nicks up a shoulder or gets hurt, and he gets an opportunity to get back in there and be the savior and he gets an opportunity to show what he can do with this running game and offensive line, then he’ll feel good.”


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