LSU has elected to stick with Ed Orgeron as head coach, which is certainly understandable. After all, Orgeron is a quality coach whose leadership has saved multiple programs in disarray.

But the Tigers may have made two mistakes this fall: One, they fired Les Miles early in the season, and two, they were not shy about announcing their wish list; namely, Jimbo Fisher and Tom Herman.


“Neither one of those were going to happen,” Fox Sports college football analyst Tim Brando said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “(Athletic director) Joe Alleva made a mess of things at the end of last year, leaving Miles twisting in the wind, and he obviously had issues being leveraged the last week by Trace Armstrong, the agent representing Tom Herman. Tom Herman’s end game was to go to Texas all along. They played Alleva like a violin again. But the fall-back in Alleva’s mind, I’m sure, was ‘I got my guy anyway. I’m going to win the press conference with Orgeron anyway.’”

Brando believes Alleva could wind up winning more than that.

“I think that he can not only win the press conference, but win a national championship,” Brando said. “I think Orgeron is the right guy. He’s a really good fit. And from a recruiting standpoint, he’s going to do really, really well – already has. And having second lieutenants like Lane Kiffin, if it happens to be him – or if not him then some other great young offensive coordinator – (only helps). There are many out there. Trust me. Many of them (are) out there that he could get to go along with (Dave) Aranda to make a run in the SEC-West.”

LSU fans can’t wait. Alabama has won the division in in six of the last nine seasons, including three straight. The Tide (12-0) are ranked first in the College Football Playoff poll. Only two other SEC programs, Auburn (8-4) and Florida (8-3), are ranked in the top 15 – and they’re ranked 14 and 15, respectively.

“Right now, that league is really struggling,” Brando said. “It’s Alabama and everybody else, but the team that’s certainly got the infrastructure to most challenge Alabama is still LSU.”


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