It remains to be seen where the Chargers will play their home games in the coming years, but it figures to be decided sooner rather than later.

“I think the Chargers are now where the Raiders are last year, which is wanting to stay in San Diego and wishing there was a better option or way to do it,” NFL Network analyst Ian Rapoport said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “I really, really think the Chargers want to stay in San Diego – just like a year ago before Las Vegas became a possibility, the Raiders wanted to stay in Oakland – just because that’s their home. With the Chargers, they need a way to do it.”

Unfortunately, San Diego voters refused to fund a new stadium.

“The referendum failed,” Rapoport said. “It only got 43 percent. They cannot afford to pay for the stadium themselves. They can’t do PSLs because they’d probably only get $100 million or so – instead of several hundred million. They don’t have the money. The Spanos family, they’re a little old school, and it’s not like they’re Stan Kroenke where they can just write a billion-dollar check. So L.A. is an option, but Dean Spanos is meeting with business leaders and the mayor this week in San Diego to see what they can do. As you know, it’s a negotiation, and the city is only going to put forth their best effort, their best proposal, when it has to, and the clock is now ticking.”

While the NFL isn’t opposed to having two teams in Los Angeles, it also sees market value in San Diego.

“I do think the NFL would like a team in San Diego,” Rapoport said. “I think they think that is a market that can work. But finding a stadium solution in California is very difficult.”


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