BILL VOTH – 12/5/16
Panthers reporter

“Was this the way to do it? I don’t think so. I think Ron Rivera still arguing that players shouldn’t talk after a Super Bowl because his quarterback didn’t want to – I think that’s ridiculous. I think there’s times where they could have done this that would have been more effective, but finally they’re standing up to him. Cam is his own building inside that building – just like probably Aaron Rodgers is in Green Bay and Brady is in New England. This is what these superstars are, but I think Ron wanted to reel him in. Was it the right time to do it? Probably not.”
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IAN RAPOPORT – 12/5/16
NFL Network analyst

“It only got 43 percent. They cannot afford to pay for the stadium themselves. They can’t do PSLs because they’d probably only get $100 million or so – instead of several hundred million. They don’t have the money. The Spanos family, they’re a little old school, and it’s not like they’re Stan Kroenke where they can just write a billion-dollar check. So L.A. is an option, but Dean Spanos is meeting with business leaders and the mayor this week in San Diego to see what they can do. As you know, it’s a negotiation, and the city is only going to put forth their best effort, their best proposal, when it has to, and the clock is now ticking.”
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Bucks point guard

“I’ve never seen anyone punch a kangaroo. I’ve been in the car when we’ve hit a kangaroo before, and it’s not good for your car. They’re kind of like deer are over here.”
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JERRY BARCA – 12/6/16
30 for 30 producer

“I know there are great college football rivalries. I know we watch Michigan and Ohio State, but I’m just going to be honest with you: There’s no rivalry like this one because everyone in the country picked a side. You loved or hated the Canes and what you thought they represented, and you loved or hated Notre Dame and what you thought they represented. So everybody had a horse in that race, there’s no doubt about it.”
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BART SCOTT – 12/7/16
CBS NFL Today analyst

“The league is changing again. As soon as you think you get comfortable (and say), ‘Oh, we need these type of tweener guys that can run (with pass-catchers),’ guess what people are saying now? ‘Okay, we like big boys again.’”
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NFL HOF offensive lineman

“I kind of laugh because it’s always Dak this, Dak that, Zeke this, Zeke that. But they don’t (point out that) they have two kind of elite offensive linemen on that offensive line.”
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MAGGIE GRAY – 12/8/16 host

“I think that was (largely) election-related. I really do. But I think overall, we’re going to see a decline just because people are going to consume it in a different way. So I think TV ratings will be down. I still think people are going to be exposed to the product, if you will, I think on Twitter and streaming it in different ways. So I think that people are still going to follow the NFL. I just feel like the actual TV ratings are going to be down.”
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