Actor and comedian Michael Rapaport dropped by CBS Sports Radio to discuss his career and the inspiration behind it. As it turns out, numerous high-profile performers had a major impact on Rapaport’s life path.

“Oh, man, I was fortunate,” the 46-year-old said on The DA Show. “I used to go to The Improv in California and visit my sister. I saw literally everybody as a kid: Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, Keenen Wayans, Ellen DeGeneres. I literally got to see everybody before I was even paying attention. Richard Pryor, Robin Williams numerous times. My main guy was Eddie Murphy. There were so many. It was a golden age of comedy. It was huge. That stuff had a huge impact on me before I even started thinking about being an actor or a performer.”


Murphy, of course, is considered by many the Michael Jordan of stand-up comedy. Rapaport worked with Murphy in the 1997 comedy “Metro.”

“Just his creativity, his mind, his versatility, and it sounds generic, but his talent,” Rapaport said, when asked what made Murphy special. “The talent that he had, the way he commanded a stage, the impressions, the charisma – he really is genius. He’s by far the most talented person I ever got to work with. Just the talent, just having a conversation with him, the way he tells the story, you’re compelled to listen to him. He’s on that high, high, high level. He meant everything to me back then.”


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