The Los Angeles Rams fired Jeff Fisher on Monday, this after saying last week it would be unfair to judge him based on wins and losses.

Fisher was 31-45 with the Rams but lost eight of his last nine, including three straight by a combined 72 points.

So, was Fisher’s firing about wins and losses, or was it about something else?

“I think they were trying to kind of justify giving him a contract extension,” CBS Sports Network’s London Fletcher said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “The National Football League is a production business. It’s a high-performance business, and if you don’t produce as a player, if you don’t produce as a coach, you’re not there long or you don’t have your job long. I look at the situation and trying to justify or say it was difficult to handle moving a team and moving a franchise – man, anybody could have dealt with that. Whatever the situation is, you just deal with it. Coaches, players, we’re used to making adjustments and things like that. You just deal with whatever circumstance you have to deal with. But to say it’s not fair to judge him based on wins and losses and the relocation and all those things, those are just excuses that obviously didn’t hold because they made the decision to fire him.”


Fisher, 58, never finished better than 7-8-1 with the Rams, who haven’t had a winning season since 2003.

The Rams lost at home in embarrassing fashion Sunday, trailing Atlanta 42-0 through three quarters and ultimately losing 42-14. Afterward, Todd Gurley ripped the Rams’ play-calling, saying they were running a “middle-school offense.”

Gurley’s comments, however, likely weren’t about Sunday; they were about the entire season and the growing frustration in the locker room.

“I think it is, especially coming from a player like Todd Gurley,” Fletcher said. “Yes, he’s only a second-year player, but you look at the type of success that he had last year, and everybody assumed he was just going to take an even greater leap this year. Has he even had 100 yards rushing (in a single game) this year?”

No, he has not. In fact, Gurley doesn’t even have 90 rushing yards in a game this year and has topped the 70-yard mark just three times.

“Todd Gurley’s been pretty much non-existent all year long,” Fletcher said. “Earlier in the year, he talked about feeling like he was running against 12 people. It’s just a great example of what’s going on in that locker room. When Gurley made that statement, (Stan) Kroenke had to say, ‘You know what? Maybe we just need to eat this extension and make a move.’”


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