Ohio State Buckeyes basketball coach Thad Matta, like any college basketball coach, has his share of detractors. However, it’s hard to argue with Matta’s coaching record, 430-141 in 17 years at Butler, Xavier and Ohio State, with 13 NCAA Tournament appearances. So, those detractors have to find another way to critique the coach and they took their opportunity earlier this year when Matta modeled his team’s new uniforms for a photo that immediately went viral. Matta, at first, didn’t even understand how everyone got a hold of the picture.

“I’m one of these guys where I’m not real tied into what goes on in the social media world,” said Matta on the DA Show with Damon Amendolara on CBS Sports Radio. “So when that took place, I’m like yeah you can post it, I though they were going to post it in the locker room or whatever. Five minutes later, my phone starts blowing up. I’m like how did you know that or how did you see that? That’s when I got indoctrinated into the world of social media. Every time I screw around, which I do often, it always comes back and bites me in the ass I’m telling you it’s the oddest thing. It was good, it felt good for that four minutes to have a Big Ten jersey on and kind of relive a lifelong dream.

DA knows the feeling. That’s how social media is. One small misstep or a post taken out of context and all the people that don’t like you come out of the woodwork.

“I’ve got the most uncanny knack for people that don’t like me that I don’t even know who they are,” said Matta. “I always laugh about it, I get blasted by people and I’m like I don’t even know them. So, how can they truly know who I am? But, I guess that’s the profession that you and I have chosen.”


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