Michael Floyd was cut by the Arizona Cardinals earlier this week ending a five-year run with the team that took him 13th overall in 2012. Floyd was once seen to be the perfect compliment to long-time Cardinals’ star Larry Fitzgerald but has shown little to no improvement in each year since his sophomore season. This season showed clear signs of regression as he only caught 33 receptions in 13 games and had less than 450 yards. Floyd is currently eligible to be claimed by any team in order of the worst record to the best in the NFL and there’s reason to believe a team like the Kansas City Chiefs could take a chance on him.

“It could be the dream team – the kiss of death,” said former star linebacker and current CBS analyst Bart Scott on the DA Show with Damon Amendolara on CBS Sports Radio. “It’s a west coast offense, there’s probably a lot of similarities and a lot of verbage. Hell, Sam Bradford tried to pick up an offense in a week so why cant a receiver? All you got to do is tell him a go route and give him a signal… just his presence on the field. He’s a great, big, physical blocker as well in the run game which is what they like to do but man, could you imagine him going deep, [Travis] Kelce going deep, or Tyreek [Hill] going deep? And they still have Maclin!”

Scott believed that the recent DUI charge Floyd was cut as a result of was only part of the reason. He believed that the Cardinals’ organization found an out for a player who was declining and didn’t plan to bring him back so they took action. Lots of moves like this are made each year to send a signal to other players but, at the end of the day, the team hasn’t been getting it done and Scott believes a large portion of Floyd’s decline rests on the shoulders of Carson Palmer.

“I think it’s the regression of Carson Palmer. He’s not playing his best football, he doesn’t look comfortable in the pocket, he looks to me like he just aged overnight,” he said. “I think without Floyd, [Larry] Fitzgerald can’t get open as easily as he can because he’s drawing the double coverage because that’s who they fear as the deep threat, him and John Brown, not Fitzgerald.”


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