Joe Mixon has been the subject of plenty of negative news in the last few weeks as video surfaced of an altercation he had with a woman back in 2014. The talented Oklahoma running back was seen striking a woman and attributed it to being anything more than a reaction. After what was a successful season on the field, Mixon is considered one of the better NFL prospects at his position and puts many NFL organizations in a compromising position on draft day.

“What you’re trying to do as a scout, you’re trying to build a resume on what kind of a player is and how he’ll conduct himself,” said NFL Network’s Bucky Brooks on CBS Sports Radio’s DA Show with Damon Amendolara. “Because he’s had some other incidents following the incident he had in 2014, you have wonder has he put that behind him and can you trust him if you bring him to the program. Joe Mixon, he has to attack this head on. He has to be contrite, he has to have a plan for how he’s going to change and eradicate the behavior we’ve seen from him. It’s a lot to do but I will say he’s talented enough to play in the league and I will believe that someone is going to give him a shot.”


The NFL consistently faces criticism from both fans and critics alike about the domestic violence issues seen in the league each year. In recent years, we’ve seen many players continue to play through messy situations as long as their talent has come out on top. While it’s nothing to celebrate, many of these players have been able to learn from these issues and turn into great contributions in the community. Mixon, who also had an additional incident with a parking attendant this season, will need to show his critics that he has a plan to better himself and that he can be trusted to earn an NFL contract.

You have to look no farther than what you’ve seen from Tyreek Hill who had incidents but they weren’t documented in a visual standpoint but the Kansas City Chiefs were willing to bite the bullet and take the heat for the talent,” said Brooks. “You just have to dig deep for Joe Mixon and you have to have ownership and a coach that’s willing to withstand the bullet that will come from the media and the groups that will attack them for taking a chance on Joe Mixon. I am not inclined to throw away 18, 19, 20 year-old kids for incidents that they have but I think you have to have a plan in place to rehab and make sure they can be model citizens.”


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