When the Giants (11-5) and Packers (10-6) meet in the NFC Wild Card at Lambeau Field this Sunday, conventional wisdom – or just statistics – suggest that New York’s defense will keep the G-Men in the game. After all, the Giants finished 10th in the league in total defense and second in the league in scoring defense, so if New York wins, it will be because the defense holds Aaron Rodgers in check.

Well, maybe, maybe not. As it turns out, Bart Scott believes that if the Giants win, it will likely be because of the offense.

“This Giants defense isn’t as good as you think,” Scott said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “When is the last time they played a real team? Don’t say the Cowboys.”


Wait, don’t say the best team in the NFC that the Giants beat twice?

“Sometimes you have to listen to my whole story,” Scott said. “When the Ravens play the Steelers, how does that game always go?”

It’s usually a close game because both teams know each other well.

“(That’s) my point,” Scott said. “So they know how to stop what each other do, right? They know how people think. So you got to throw those games out the way. Hell, the Rams always play the Seahawks well. Are they a great defense? No. Numbers can lie sometimes because you have to look at who they did it against.”

Scott discredited several of New York’s defeated opponents, including the Lions (“They got no run game”), the Ravens (“They were struggling”) and the Redskins (“Washington is a mess”).

The Giants also beat the Browns, Bears and Rams, who went a combined 8-40 this year.

“That’s where you fluff up the resume,” Scott said. “(The Giants are) not as good as you think. The person that has the No. 1 defense label don’t always be the best defense.”

Scott was asked if he simply doesn’t like the Giants but insisted that wasn’t the case.

“I love the Giants,” he said. “I told you the real rivalry is the Redskins and the Ravens because they fight over strippers. The Ravens party in D.C., but here, (there’s) a woman for everybody in New York, so there’s never no beef.”

All righty then…

In any event, Scott believes that the Giants are overrated and that the Packers will win.

“They’ll get spread thin,” Scott said of the New York secondary, “and Aaron Rodgers is going to go to work.”

Kickoff is at 4:40 p.m. ET.


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