Ravens defensive tackle Brandon Williams is a nice, happy-go-lucky guy. He’s also 6-1, 340 pounds. Growing up, his coaches wanted him to get mad on the football field and dominate, but Williams, who played at Missouri Southern, never had to “get mad.”

He was always bigger than everybody else. 

Even now, going against bigger bodies, he’ll get in the zone more, but in the end, he just puts his head down and goes to work. No nonsense.

“I don’t trash talk,” Williams said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “ I don’t trash talk. It never happens. No one talks to me. I just talk to my pads.”

Of course, if Williams were trying to run you over, would you want to make him angry?

“No, I guess they’re more worried about trying to block me,” said Williams, who had 51 tackles and 1.0 sack this season. “I hear people talking to other guys, but no one ever talks to me. No one – at least I never hear it. I never pay attention to it. But I’ve never had someone get in my face and say, ‘I’m going to whoop your butt.’ Obviously they don’t say ‘butt.’ You can’t say ‘butt.’ It’s not (manly). Not at all. That doesn’t sound good at all. But yeah, no one ever says anything to me and I don’t say anything to anybody else because why (do) I need to? I’m here to do one job – and that’s kick your . . . butt.”


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