Just a few short months ago, Colin Kaepernick sparked a national controversy involving the American flag, the national anthem and social justice. Seemingly anyone and everyone had an opinion on Kaepernick’s protest, even his teammates.

But many of them didn’t want to talk about it – at least not to the extent that they did.

“I think for me personally, it was almost annoying,” 49ers wide receiver Jeremy Kerley said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “It was just talked about too much and to the point where everybody thought it was a problem for us. It was never a problem in the locker room. It’s not something that we had to sit down and have a team meeting about. It wasn’t something that Colin was running around raving about in the locker room. Guys weren’t back and forth arguing. Certain guys gave their opinion, but it was a real grown-up opinion. We sat down and if you had an opinion about what Colin (was doing), you talk to him. But it wasn’t something that was a big discussion in our locker room. A lot of guys respected what Colin was doing, and as a teammate, I definitely respected him, and if he needed me in any way, I backed him up. That’s what a teammate does.”


Kerley, who caught a team-high 64 passes for a team-high 667 yards and three touchdowns last season, hopes to remain Kaepernick’s teammate in 2017. Kerley, 28, becomes a free agent March 1.

“Hopefully I can bring in some money for me and my family, but I definitely want to go back to San Francisco,” Kerley said. “To see the changes that they’re making and hopefully to be a part of those changes, it’s a great feeling.”

Those changes involved a new general manager (John Lynch) and a new head coach (Kyle Shanahan).

“I got butterflies a little bit because you still have to go in to quote-unquote impress someone because they only know of you; they don’t know you,” Kerley said. “So you got to make a first-time impression.”


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