The 2016-17 NBA season was supposed to be all about Cavs/Warriors Part III, and while we still may get that star-studded Finals matchup, we’ve also gotten the best MVP race in years.

“The MVP race has been unbelievable,” NBA-TV’s Jared Greenberg said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “Look at Harden and Westbrook. These guys are putting up numbers that we have never seen in the NBA. Russell Westbrook has a chance to average a triple-double for the first time since ’62, and much like Oscar Robertson that year, he’s probably not going to win the MVP when he averages a triple-double.”

Westbrook is averaging a league-high 30.9 points per game, 10.5 rebounds per game and is third in assists (10.2). Harden, meanwhile, is third in scoring (28.9 points per game), leads the league in assists (11.4) and is averaging 8.2 rebounds. The Rockets (38-17) are the third seed in the West, while the Thunder (30-23) are seventh. 

DA wondered which of these two players is more entertaining.

“I think more entertaining is Westbrook,” Greenberg said, “but don’t get that confused. I have now dropped Westbrook down to third in my MVP voting. I think Harden is the MVP for what he’s done with the Rockets, and I think having gotten a chance last week to see Westbrook go up against Kawhi Leonard one-on-one, I now have put Kawhi Leonard up to the two-spot in the MVP voting. But to your question: Who’s the more entertaining guy? Who’s more fun? Who goes 100 miles per hour every play? Who plays both sides of the ball? Who plays every possession as if it’s his last? It’s Russell Westbrook. He’s the most entertaining guy of the two.”


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