College basketball coaches, even the most successful ones, rarely, if ever, smile.

Why not?

“Well, you don’t see them in July,” CBS college basketball analyst Bill Raftery said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show, chuckling. “They actually do crack a smile.”

But why don’t they crack one in November? Or March?

“I guess they’re driven,” Raftery said. “That’s probably the biggest part of it. They don’t want to take the foot off the pedal. There’s different types of enjoyment. They enjoy the success, and they probably share it within their realm – their family or associates. But I think ‘driven’ is the word. They tasted it at a young age.”


Mike Krzyzewski is a good example.

“He almost never was able to enjoy it,” Raftery said. “His first three at Duke (did not go well). If Tom Butters wasn’t the AD, (Krzyzewski may have been fired).”

Instead, Butters signed Krzyzewski to an extension. Krzyzewski has since won five national titles.

“So that started it, and it’s never ended it,” Raftery said of the extension. “But I think there’s a different type of enjoyment. Would you rather smile and have bad teams or not smile and have good teams?”

But why not smile with a good team?

“You don’t see them at the right time of day over a glass of lemonade,” Raftery said.

There’s also, of course, incessant media attention.

“Not that it gets monotonous, but it gets old hat,” Raftery said, “so they sometimes react in a cranky fashion.”


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