When the Raiders announced that they would move from Oakland to Las Vegas, Raider fans and Oakland residents were not happy.

“Let’s see,” Bay Area News Group sportswriter Marcus Thompson said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show, trying to find the right words to describe the sentiment. “Pissed off, angry, abandoned – you name it. Anything that has to do with hurt feelings and high emotions, that’s kind of the sentiment around here. A lot of it is out of embarrassment, I think. It’s like, ‘I let you do this to me again? Maybe something’s wrong with me.’”

The Raiders moved from Los Angeles to Oakland in 1995, and now they’re moving from Oakland to Las Vegas – as early as 2019. The Warriors, meanwhile, are leaving Oakland for San Francisco for the 2019-20 season.

So, where does that leave the Athletics? Do they have one foot out the door now, or are they firmly committed to Oakland?

“The A’s have doubled down,” Thompson said. “As a matter of fact, the day the Raiders announced they were going to Vegas, the A’s unveiled their ‘Rooted in Oakland’ campaign. So they’ve gone the complete opposite direction. They’re like, ‘We’re all Oakland.’ They’re really kind of out there reaching, connecting with the businesses. They’re trying to establish themselves as Oakland’s team, and they’re saying they’re going to build a privately financed stadium. So I think the A’s are becoming the flagship of the city now because they feel while everybody’s abandoning them, they’re going to swoop right in and say, ‘But we love you, Oakland. We’ll marry you.’”

Still, Oakland fans are angry at both the Raiders and the NFL – justifiably so.

“I think one of the revelations that came from this (is) it’s very clear the NFL cares No. 1 about money, No. 2 about money, and No. 3 about money – and maybe somewhere down there, No. 48, it’s probably the fans,” Thompson said. “I feel like if nothing else, the veil was torn away from the eyes of the fans who kind of get caught up in this. The Raiders are elite at playing up the history and tradition and tapping into the emotion and reminding you of your first Raiders game. They play into that, and the fans out here really buy into that. I think this idea that the NFL really cares about that stuff is kind of no longer understood to be true. They know it’s about money, it’s about business, and at the end, that’s what the NFL is about.”


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