When you think of Buffalo Wild Wings, you think sports, wings and perhaps an adult beverage.

That is by design.

“Our world revolves around the sports fan and the sports season, and one of the biggest seasons there is is college basketball and March Madness,” Buffalo Wild Wings Vice President of North American Marketing Bob Ruhland said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “To really be involved with it, we wanted to be a sponsor, and the NCAA gives us the opportunity to really live the tournament.”

Perhaps you’ve heard of tailgating. Well, Buffalo Wild Wings put a different spin on that.

“We call it Table-gating,” Ruhland said. “It’s a great place for people to Table-gate, which is the same as tailgating but inside. You can sit there from 11 to 11 in the beginning weekend of the tournament (and) watch all this basketball action.”

You can also hear the sound of whatever game you’re watching.

“It is important,” Ruhland said. “You want to be able to hear what you’re watching, and so you want to have sound on. We’ve taken great pains at the restaurant level to make sure that we have options that allow people to hear the games that are on, regardless of which game they’re watching. They can get it to their own device, and they can hear it within the restaurant if it’s the main game that’s being played. But either way, if you have a specific game you want to hear the sound on, you can have that.”


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