Comedian and North Carolina fan Steve Hofstetter dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Tuesday to discuss the Tar Heels’ national-championship win and brag about his bracket, among other topics.

“My bracket was great this year,” Hofstetter said on The DA Show. “I pick Duke to lose early every single year because they do three out of four.”

Hofstetter might be on to something. Duke has won two of the last eight national titles but failed to reach the Sweet 16 in three of the last six years.

Still, Hofstetter, 37, isn’t a Duke hater.

“I wouldn’t say I hate Duke as much as I enjoy UNC and don’t like Duke,” he said. “Hate is such a strong word. I’m a UNC fan. But the thing I don’t like about Duke – finally it’s changed in the last couple years – but go back about a decade. Name a good Duke NBA player.”



DA threw out Grant Hill.

“For how long? About four or five years?” Hofstetter said skeptically. “My point is, they were excellent at churning out the sixth man – sometimes the eighth or ninth, occasionally the 13th, which, the math doesn’t work out for that person. So I thought it was a great way to teach people how to win in college and not have a career afterwards. So (I’m) not a fan of the program.”

But now that North Carolina won its sixth national title and Roy Williams won his third?

“I’m enjoying myself,” Hofstetter said.


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