Muggsy Bogues spent 14 years in the NBA, playing for Washington, Charlotte, Golden State and Toronto. He got to know teams – and fan bases – quite well.

And no fan base is quite like that of the Warriors.

“They was unbelievable,” Bogues said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “They showed up night in and night out for us. We wasn’t as good back then (in terms of) putting up wins, but they came out and screamed as loud as they possibly could when they could, when we gave them something to scream about. It was just a good time, just being around that Bay Area. The culture was good. I wished that we could have gave them some more wins, but I had wonderful relationships there and I met some wonderful people.”



Bogues played for the Warriors from 1997-99, during which the Warriors went 40-92 (.303). In fact, the Warriors won 21 games or fewer in five straight seasons from 1997-2002. Compare that to the last three seasons, during which the Warriors have won an NBA title, played for another and set the NBA record for wins.

It’s been a glorious stretch for the franchise, but after so many down years, the fans have earned it. There might be some bandwagon fans in the Bay Area, but by and large, this is not a Johnny-come-lately crowd.

“Oh, absolutely,” Bogues said. “Go back from Rick Barry back in those days and Run TMC (in the late ’80s and early ’90s), to when we came, to now you’ve got the Golden State Warriors, who’s winning (at least 65 games) a season. So that’s the way it is. That’s part of the tradition, and you got to remember with tradition. Those folks and the fans in the Bay Area never let anyone down about that. That’s how they continue to grow and continue to stay the course. Every so often they may have a down year, but eventually they come back to the top.”


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