Damon Amendolara has hosted The DA Show on CBS Sports Radio from 6-10 p.m. ET for more than two years, but he will move to 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on April 14. CBSSports.com’s Bill Reiter, meanwhile, will assume DA’s time slot April 17.

Reiter dropped by The DA Show on Wednesday night to discuss his upcoming show, Reiter Than You.

“I’m very excited,” Reiter said. “I get to spend 11, 12 hours a day in the beautiful CBS Sports Radio studios. I’m ready. There’s a Starbucks downstairs, there’s restaurants, it’s New York – I’m in.”

Reiter, who currently lives in Los Angeles, will be moving cross-country.

“That’s a lot of work,” Reiter said, laughing. “That’s a long move.”

Reiter, though, is used to travel. He lived in Kansas City, Missouri, before moving to Los Angeles.

“I lived in Miami for a year covering LeBron, and I then spent two years on the road – a good 25 days a month most of the year – going to various NBA and NFL and sporting events,” he said. “So technically, my address was Kansas City. But it was really like nearest airport, hotel, arena, stadium. And then we moved to beautiful L.A.”



Reiter hired movers for the cross-country trek. Wise choice.

“I am going to pay someone to move my stuff,” he said. “Now what I don’t have an answer for is how do I get my wife’s two old, decrepit cats across the country? That part’s going to be, I would say, strongly unpleasant. . . . One of them, I want to apologize to Ernie the cat. He’s a nice cat, and my wife loves him. I’m hoping he survives the trip, but I’m worried about him. He’s like 17 years old, man. We may do the slow crawl. I’ve never wanted to be that loser, that guy who gets on the plane with the cat who meows for the five-hour flight, (but) I’m strongly considering it. I’m strongly thinking about it. We love Ernie.”


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