In a few weeks, Myles Garrett is going to help the Cleveland Browns – or some NFL team – a great deal. But in college, Garrett helped Texas A&M offensive line prospect Avery Gennesy. Garrett, a 6-4, 272-pounder, and Gennesy, a 6-3, 318-pounder, went at it every day in practice.

Gennesy, a first-team All-SEC selection, called the clashes “fun.”

“It’s something I took pride in, knowing he was one of the best defensive players that we had in the SEC,” Gennesy said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “So I always took pride in going against him each and every day. I always requested to go against him in (any) drill we had to do. I always wanted to go against the best because on Saturdays, I wanted to make it easier for me. Going against him, he brought different moves and different styles of play. When I got on the field, it made it easier for me.”



Gennesy said that going against Garrett, an All-American, “absolutely” made him a better player.

“We always tried to make each other better, so if I’m doing something wrong, he would tell me what I was doing wrong,” Gennesy said. “If I beat him, I would tell him what he did wrong. We just made each other better.”

Garrett is expected to be the No. 1 pick in this year’s draft – and for good reason. He had 15 tackles for loss last season and practically lived in opponents’ backfields.

“Well, when you look at him, he’s a big guy, so you would think, ‘Oh, he’s not as quick off the ball as other defensive linemen,’” Gennesy said. “But he’s as quick as all of them in the game. He ran a 4.6 at 272 pounds, so he just brings a different style of play because he’s strong and he’s fast and he can move and he can bend, so he brings a lot of different things to the game.”

Garrett, an avid poet, isn’t your typical elite draft prospect, but he was a great teammate and leader.

“He was a different guy. He was a very unique guy,” Gennesy said. “But he always made sure that the whole team was together and that we was okay.”


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