On March 18, Daniel Jacobs had perhaps the most memorable night of his boxing career. He fought Gennady Golovkin in front of nearly 20,000 fans at Madison Square Garden, ultimately losing by unanimous decision. 

“That night was unbelievable,” Jacobs said in studio on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “It was the night that I’ve always dreamed of when I first put on those pair of gloves: fighting one of the best men out there in my division and proving to the world that I was the best. We didn’t get the decision that night, but we won the hearts of a lot of people, a love of fans. We definitely skyrocketed as far as having people support us. I’m grateful for that. To have the opportunity to fight, to be undisputed champion of the world, to be Triple G stopper – all these things could have been accomplished in one night. I felt like we accomplished the majority of them, but I’m happy.”

Jacobs (32-2) entered the night 32-1 with 29 KOs, while Golovkin (37-0) was 36-0 with 33 KOs. Jacobs, 30, could feel the colossal weight of that fight before the first bell. 

“I think nerves are inevitable, but it’s about how you deal with those nerves,” Jacobs said. “That’s the key in boxing, being able to channel and . . . become one (with your inner-self), with the goal that you have. The whole team, everyone gets in before the first round, before the first bell rings. You’re like, ‘Man, it was everybody inside the ring, and now it’s just me and this guy.’ You start to get a little nervous. But then once that bell rings, everything goes out the window. You’re completely focused.”

In the end, it was likely the toughest fight of Triple G’s career.

“Yeah, absolutely,” Jacobs said. “That’s why we’re calling for the rematch as well. I do believe because it was such an entertaining fight that the fans want to see it one more time.”

Jacobs believes he’s a tough matchup for Triple G, in part, because he’s a complete boxer.

“I knew what I brung to the table,” he said. “I knew that I was an athletic guy. I knew that I had speed, power, the ring IQ, to be able to compete with him at a high level. And let’s just face it: I was the biggest middleweight that he’s fought. So I knew all those things combined, we would have a very successful, good night.”

Ultimately, Jacobs believes the rematch will happen. He doesn’t know when it will happen, but he is confident that it will.

“I do. I do,” he said. “I don’t feel like we took a step back. Even if we don’t get the rematch immediately, I feel like there’s other opportunities for me to grow and prosper and to still be a key player in the middleweight division.”


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