The Cleveland Browns are reportedly undecided about what to do with the No. 1 overall pick in Thursday’s NFL Draft. While Myles Garrett is the consensus top pick, it seems that at least a few people in the Cleveland organization think the Browns should opt for a quarterback, which they’ve been searching for ever since returning to Cleveland in 1999.

Is it possible that there is division within the Browns’ front office just days before the draft?

“Well, look, I have no knowledge of that, I’m not inside that building, I can’t say for sure,” NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “But the fact that they haven’t rallied around Myles Garrett as an organization right now, it seems like the answer to that question is pretty obvious. They don’t all seem to be on the same page here. It’s a little bit baffling to me.”

The Browns have the first and 12th overall picks in the draft. It’s possible that they could draft both Garrett and Mitchell Trubisky, but that would likely require some maneuvering. 

“I think there’s a real scenario that if they want both guys, they could pull it off,” Jeremiah said. “You can take Myles Garrett and you can come back up and I think you’ll have a good chance to get Trubisky. You’ll have to part with some picks, but if you love him that much, then you can find a way to do that. But the challenge, kind of with an analytics influence there, is how much value they place on picks. They’ve been spending so much time collecting all these picks that I don’t know if they necessarily want to part with all those. So if that’s the thinking, then maybe they just shock us all and take Trubisky because they don’t want to have to part with all those extra picks they have to come back up and get him and live with a defensive player they can get at No. 12. I don’t think that’s the right thing to do, but that surely is the debate taking place.”

Some people, such as Warren Sapp, have criticized Garrett. Sapp believes that Garrett’s production came in short bunches against inferior teams, that he was not as productive against elite teams, and that he never dominated a game from start to finish.

“Well, here’s the thing,” Jeremiah said. “You got to put everything into context.”

Here’s Garrett’s context: He suffered a high-ankle sprain in a 45-24 win over Arkansas last September and struggled with the injury all season. He played through it, but he wasn’t at full strength. So if the raw numbers don’t look great – Garrett had 5.5 sacks in his final seven games, but 4.5 of those came against UT-San Antonio – there’s a reason why.

“I’ve heard how Cam Robinson completely dominated him in that Alabama game,” Jeremiah said, referring A&M’s 33-14 road loss to the Tide last October. “Well, I’ve watched it two or three times. I’ve seen Alabama rolling away from him, I see Alabama sending a tight end over there to chip on him, I see him collect multiple pressures in that game, I see them throwing three-step drops because they don’t want to sit back in the pocket – he completely changed their whole game plan. So did he dominate in terms of the box score? No, but he had a big-time impact on the game – and he’s playing on one leg.”


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