Model and television personality Lisa Ramos joined Damon Amendolara on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show on Tuesday morning to discuss her career and the Met Gala, which took place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City last night.


While Ramos says she “didn’t want to go,” she ultimately had a great time watching the celebrities and¬†looking at all of the outfits and laughing.

While there were plenty of outlandish outfits at the event known for them, there was one in particular that stood out, which was Pharrell’s wife,¬†Helen Lasichanh.

“Oh my god,” Ramos said. “I do give her a lot of credit because she does have a lot of confidence to do this, but Pharrell’s wife was dressed like a Teletubby without the head. She looked like a Teletubby but didn’t put the head on.

After seeing a photo of the outfit in question, DA agreed that it was, in fact “brutal.”

“It’s like she’s dressed up in an inflatable sumo wrestler outfit, but all red!” DA exclaimed.

“Well it’s good though,” Ramos countered. “Because if she fell down the stairs she’d be fine.”


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