The Golden State Warriors are one win away from a 16-0 postseason. Some NBA fans say that’s good for basketball; some fans say it isn’t.

Heck, even some players have mixed feelings about it.

“As a fan of basketball, it’s been awesome to watch. As a competitor and a player, it’s been frustrating at times to play against these two teams,” Pacers guard Glenn Robinson III said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show, referring to the Warriors and Cavs. “But you realize the level of greatness they are bringing to basketball and how they’re changing the game. You look at how the addition of KD has helped the Warriors and how well they’re playing right now. I don’t see no stoping them for the rest of the series. They’re playing great basketball. I do have them winning tonight’s game, but when you got a guy named LeBron James on your team, it’s never over until it’s over with him. It could be a great game tonight, I think.”



James left Cleveland to form a super team in Miami and won two titles. He then returned to Cleveland, did the same thing, and won another ring. Now it’s Kevin Durant’s turn.

The results speak for themselves. If you think this super-team trend is ending, well, it isn’t.

“I think that we will see more players start to join each other and (see) more superstars join each other in order to beat these teams,” Robinson said. “I think it’ll get interesting and I think that things will kind of level itself out, but I think that the Warriors and the Cavs have both set themselves up and set their teams up for a lot of success.”

It’ll be interesting to see what happens once Paul George hits free agency. Will the 27-year-old stay with the Pacers, or will he be lured to a bigger market?

“We are kind of a middle-small market team, and there’s a lot that others can offer,” Robinson said. “But I’m an Indiana guy. There’s nothing like playing for the hometown state. There’s nothing like playing for these fans every day. So yeah, we do worry about all that, but hopefully he does come back and make this team even better. We’ll see where he goes with that decision.”

Robinson, 23, figures to have a long NBA career, but if he becomes an aging vet without a ring, he would consider joining a Goliath. His dad, Glenn Robinson II, did exactly that in the last year of his career.

“He joined the Spurs in ’05 to win a ring with them at the end of his career,” Robinson said. “For vets, it’s all about winning and getting a championship before they leave, so I know that’s definitely in players’ minds. But I think that how it’s now superstars, multiple superstars, joining a team in their prime makes it even more difficult to beat them.”


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