Mr. Six dropped by CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show on Monday morning to discuss an injury that he sustained in a flag-football game against Mraz (AKA Shaun Morash, the show’s producer) on Sunday.

Mr. Six scored an 80-yard touchdown but ruptured his Achilles, as Mraz and the Young Guns won, 23-6.

“It was tough,” Mr. Six said. “After I got injured, everything just started going downhill from there with the team.”



Mr. Six, who could need surgery, might retire from flag football – and recreational sports altogether.

“I’m still leaning toward hanging up sports, not just flag football,” he said. “The injuries, I have to be able to work, and I have my kids to take care of. It’s just going to be hard on me just if I keep getting injured and things get worse and I’m missing out on work. So if I do have to get the surgery, I would be there on the sidelines to cheer on the team, but me playing, that’s a hard decision. I don’t know. I’m not sure if I’m going to be playing again.”

If he does play again, though, Mr. Six might be willing to join the Young Guns, which would make him the Kevin Durant of Long Island.

“I was very impressed (with them),” Mr. Six said. “The first game we played, I wasn’t impressed by them. But the second game, I was very impressed. I feel how that offense is ran, and me with my athleticism, and how the whole team is set up that I could definitely contribute to (them being) a dominant team in the league.”


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