The NFL offseason continues to slip into the hourglass, and Colin Kaepernick remains unemployed.

Austin Davis has a job despite not playing a snap in 2016, but Kaepernick is still waiting. That sort of defies logic, no?

“I think what Colin did, as he’s finding out, is this is a very patriotic country and that the ownership just isn’t interested in taking on what they might perceive as an issue and a problem for their football team,” former Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “That’s part of it. No. 2, does he want starters’ money? That’s another question. . . . Eventually if somebody gets hurt, he might be able to find an opportunity. But ownership, 32 teams are looking at it and saying, ‘As an owner, if I bring him in, how is the fan base going to react?’ And I think they’re assuming it’s not going to be a positive reaction. I think personally he’s better than some guys that are on rosters today, but the big question is do we want to expose ourselves in an area where it might affect the fan base in a negative manner?”



But why have NFL owners had no problem signing players who abuse women? Or animals? Or break the law?

“Not every guy in this league is an angel,” Theismann said. “Not every guy has done things. But this is what you have to understand: In society today, there are some things that are extremely sensitive to people. I have no problem with anybody expressing their opinions away from the work place. Carmelo Anthony went to Baltimore when the Freddie Gray situation occurred. Carmelo went there and was part of the protests because we do need change in this country. It’s going to happen. It has to happen. But it’s not happening quick enough for a lot of people. But he didn’t do it during the Olympics. He didn’t do it when he had the uniform on.”

But when else would Kaepernick kneel for the national anthem?

“If you have a problem with that’s going on, you don’t do it there,” Theismann said. “Be a part of something else away from the field. The flag is something that is very sacred in this country. We have enough discord going on. We have enough disrespect for one another in this country. That’s a symbol of the men and women that have fought and died and those that are defending our freedoms today – and that was offended. I think that people and owners out there just, they didn’t want to see that. That’s the decision and the evaluation that they made. I didn’t agree with it. Like I said, I have no problem with anybody trying to make society better, but there’s a time and a place, and this wasn’t the time and wasn’t the place.”

In other news, Theismann weighed in on Kirk Cousins’ long-term future – or lack thereof – in Washington.

“Well ultimately I think you want to sign him to a long-term deal,” Theismann said. “When you talk about negotiations of this size, it’s going to be a 20-plus-million-dollar-a-year-average contract. I think Kirk wants t be the highest paid player in football. That would take him to $25-26 million. Is he worth that much? Well, the question is, what can you get in the market place. You know the San Francisco 49ers are chomping at the bit out there hoping he gets franchised and hits the open market next year because if he plays through franchise tag this year, his cap number next year will be guaranteed around $35 million – and the Redskins aren’t going to do that. No one would do that. That’s crazy money.”


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