So, let’s review. Andrew Luck will not play in Week 1, Scott Tolzien will start Sunday against the Rams, and Jacoby Brissett, who was acquired just days before the regular season, will serve as Tolzien’s backup.

Is it fair to say that the Indianapolis Colts have completely butchered their quarterback situation?

“One-hundred percent, yeah,” former NFL player and current NFL analyst Ross Tucker said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “If there was a decent chance that Andrew Luck would miss the opener – and frankly, we haven’t even heard when he’s going to practice yet. This is already feeling like a lost season for the Colts. If you remember when he had the surgery, they said it was a six-month injury, so it makes you wonder exactly what happened during that surgery (and) if he’s had a setback.



“Clearly, by their own admission, things are going much slower than they anticipated when they said six months,” Tucker continued. “He had the surgery in mid-January, so think about that. Six months is mid-June, and here we are (in) September and he’s still not practicing yet. Even they, you have to admit, didn’t really expect this. Otherwise, you would have thought they’d be able to get a better guy than Scott Tolzien – or, at a minimum, earlier in the process gotten someone to compete with Scott Tolzien.”

Instead, Indianapolis traded wide receiver Phillip Dorsett to New England for Jacoby Brissett.

“I knew they were going to get rid of Phillip Dorsett at some point anyway,” Tucker said, “but they’re having to trade for a guy from New England. Now he’s the backup quarterback on Sunday with having been there for a few days. It’s a disaster. I’m, No. 1, concerned about Luck long-term, and then No. 2, there’s no question they’ve totally butchered this situation. I’m not putting them in the Jets category or the Bills category quite yet of a team that’s looking ahead to 2018, but let’s be honest: It was going to be tough for them anyway, even if they had Luck the whole year.”

Dorsett, by the way, was a first-round draft pick in 2015. And now he’s gone. For a backup quarterback.

Doesn’t that suggest that the Colts haven’t performed well in recent drafts?

“There’s no question about it,” Tucker said. “I’m just amazed on so many levels. I think you could question whether or not Scott Tolzien is a capable backup, let alone putting him in a position where he goes out there opening day for your team. Luck had the surgery in mid-January, and they didn’t sign Tolzien until early March in free agency. It makes me think that they thought he’d be back – because they would have gotten a better option.”

Looking at New England, meanwhile, trading Brissett is anything but minor.

“I’m fascinated by them bringing in Brissett,” Tucker said. “I think they look at him as a guy who is cheap for three years. They’ll get rid of Tolzien after this year and have Brissett as the backup the next two years. But what does that mean for the Patriots? I kind of assumed that Brissett would be the backup quarterback behind Brady the next two years. It makes me think they’re going to make a real run at trying to somehow keep Garoppolo in New England. Otherwise the Patriots will be in the quarterback market next year.”


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