After dropping a pair of road games by a combined five points, the New York Giants are 0-4 for the second time in five seasons. The offense has struggled mightily this year, while the defense has been unable to get stops when needed.

What is wrong with the G-Men?

“The Giants started the year trying to be more methodical,” former Giants running back and current CBS Sports Radio host Tiki Barber said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “They were going to play two tights, they were going to slow things down, they were going to attempt o run the ball and let Eli excel at what he does best – which is play-action pass. We all know what happened.”



Manning was sacked eight times in two weeks, and the Giants were limited to one touchdown in losses to Dallas and Detroit.

“The problem with the offense is that they’ve had so many inconsistencies on their O-line,” said Barber, who called the Giants/Bucs game Sunday. “There’s only one player that started yesterday at his normal position, and that was Ereck Flowers.”

The bottom line, though, is that the Giants are 0-4, and many fans want Ben McAdoo fired.

Barber, however, doesn’t think that will happen – nor does he think it should happen.

“We forgive and maybe forget a little bit of those issues that were prevalent last year as well because they went 11-5, but now that they’re 0-4, you start dissecting everything,” Barber said. “All right, what’s wrong. Is it left tackle? Left guard? Center? Wide receivers? Defense? You start looking at everything, and then you get to the coach and you’re like, ‘They’re 1-for-6 on fourth down?’”

Yes, they’re 1-for-6 on fourth down. Those turnovers have cost the Giants points and, potentially, wins.

“It’s those little decisions that you don’t know not to make until you fail trying to make them that Ben McAdoo is learning,” Barber said. “I know it’s a concern for the New York Giants just in talking to people around the team. But he’s not in danger. They know that his offense is actually very complimentary to what Eli does. His completion percentages are through the roof. He’s actually playing good football. It’s everything else around him that’s breaking down.”

If the Giants don’t get in the win column this Sunday against the Chargers (0-4), there’s no telling when that first win might come. The G-Men play the Broncos (3-1) in Denver in Week 6 and host the Seahawks (2-2) in Week 7.

Barber believes the Giants can turn things around this season.

“They’re not far,” he said. “They really aren’t. They’re close. There’s little things that are going wrong. Field goals. Shanking punts. This is the type of week where there’s going to be a punter in on Tuesday because it’s cost them games twice now two weeks in a row. (Brad Wing is) feeling (the pressure). Everybody is.”


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