Gadget guru Katie Linendoll dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Monday to give her Do’s and Don’t’s for Halloween – both from a tech and non-tech standpoint.

“Do take advantage of Facebook live and Facebook messenger,” Linendoll said in studio on The DA Show. “They have filters built in just for Halloween, so you can give your friends a scare appropriately this time of year. So (there are) very fun camera tricks that you can use on both the messenger side and on the Facebook live side. (It’s) brand new, just for the holiday.”



As for a Don’t, Linendoll had one piece of advice, especially for the female audience.

“Maybe this is just being a little personal, but my don’t is don’t ho it up,” Linendoll said. “It’s very important to me. This is your opportunity to do something wild and insane. No one wants to see the nurse. No one wants to see the cat. Do something off-the-charts, okay? Be weird. Embrace it. That’s my don’t.”

DA entered a costume store a couple of days ago and couldn’t help but notice that many of the female costumes were intended to be sexy and revealing.

Linendoll isn’t a fan.

“Grace Hopper would be disappointed, okay?” she said. “Feminism went down about 300 years. Let’s kick it up a notch, women.”


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