While Tom Brady is considered by many the greatest quarterback of all time, there remains a large contingent that still gives Joe Montana the nod. Both quarterbacks have great GOAT arguments, but is it fair to compare them? Especially since Montana entered the league almost 40 years ago?

“It’s two total different eras,” Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice said on The DA Show. “Tom Brady, what he’s doing is just amazing. He still wants to play, and you can see that fire in his eye – that he’s still competitive, he wants to win, he wants to be the best. He reminds me a lot of Joe Montana. Having the coolness on the football field, if there’s time on the clock, you know he can move the ball down the field and win. It’s a whole different era, but what he’s doing, you can’t overlook.”



Rice played with Montana in San Francisco from 1985-92 and won three Super Bowls with him. While Brady has six Super Bowl titles to Montana’s four, Montana never lost the big game. He also played in a more physically demanding era.

“I would have loved to see Tom Brady play in the era that we did because quarterbacks, they weren’t protected as much,” Rice said. “I’m not saying he wouldn’t have fared well or whatever, but it was a totally different era back then.”

Still, Rice, who played 20 NFL seasons, remains impressed with Brady’s work ethic, fitness, and nutrition.

“Dedication is everything,” Rice said. “I wanted to be the best-conditioned athlete, so you got to make some sacrifices. You might not be able to snack as much at nighttime right before bed. My conditioning, I would do extra on the treadmill, the stair-master, running after practice and all that. I think it pretty much gave me longevity for over 20 years. I see the same thing in Tom. He’s dedicated to the game, and he wants to play for a long time.”


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