When Stefon Diggs caught a walk-off 61-yard touchdown pass to send Minnesota to the NFC Championship, Vikings voice Paul Allen couldn’t believe it, and within seconds, the “Minneapolis Miracle” was born.

“I didn’t have it scripted or anything,” Allen said on The DA Show. “Will Lutz kicked a 43-yard field goal, the building felt like we were dead – and this is after a 13-3 season where the Super Bowl is at U.S. Bank Stadium. It’s almost like we felt we were owed an opportunity to play in that game with that great season we had. Then all of a sudden we’re losing.”



That’s what Allen leaned toward his booth partner, Pete Bercich, and said, “We’re going to need a miracle,” to which Bercich replied, “This is where legends are made.”

The rest is history.

“The play happened, and I recalled that I said ‘Minneapolis Miracle’ (a few moments earlier),” Allen said. “I had no idea it was going to catch on the way it did nationally.”

Allen’s two teenage children had no idea dad could be so cool.

“They’re proud of what dad does, but they’re also millennials,” he said. “So when that went No. 1 worldwide on YouTube and they could go to school saying, ‘My dad’s Minneapolis Miracle call is No. 1 on YouTube’ – that’s like a life highlight for millennials.”

Allen’s call, though, bothered some Vikings fans outside of Minneapolis.

“I started to get a little backlash from Minnesotans (who said), ‘Well, granted the game’s in Minneapolis, but it should have been the Minnesota Miracle. I have nothing to do with Minneapolis,’” Allen explained. “So I had to fight that a little bit for a second. I never argue on Twitter – it’s fruitless – but I did respond to a couple of people saying, ‘Look, the game is in Minneapolis, the action is moving fast, I don’t script this, and that’s how it came out. So just enjoy it, and let’s go beat the Eagles.’”


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