Before every Super Bowl, national championship or sporting event of note, analysts use stats and history to predict future outcomes. Sometimes, this results in meaningful analysis. Other time, it results in meaningless minutiae from, say, the 1950s.

But just for fun, let’s use history to predict Super Bowl LII. Easy. The Patriots have won five Super Bowls, and the Eagles have won zero. Therefore, the Patriots will win this Super Bowl, too.

Is that fair?

“I think what’s fair is that the Patriots win lots of Super Bowls,” Hall of Fame running back Terrell Davis said on The DA Show, laughing. “That’s the fair part about this. You’re not saying that the Patriots won six championships many years before Brady and now it’s a totally separate team. No, we’re talking about a team that has the coach, that has the quarterback, that has the owner from those previous five victories. So I think you got to factor that in a little bit.”

Still, DA feels the Eagles are being overlooked. So does Davis.

“Here’s what great,” Davis said. “If you’re an Eagles fan or if you’re an Eagles player, you should be loving this right now. You should be loving every ounce of what you are hearing, what you are seeing – everything. You should not want us to be sitting here talking about, ‘Oh, the Eagles are going to win this one.’ You want us to say, ‘The Patriots, they’re going to win this game because they always win this game. They’ve got Tom Brady. They’re going to win.’ That’s what you want to hear.”

Davis believes that the Eagles – with their ferocious pass rush, physical offensive line and inspired quarterback play – can beat the Patriots this Sunday.

“I think they can,” he said. “Last year’s game, Atlanta, I thought their chances were probably about 20 percent to win. But I think this game, you could argue that the Eagles probably have a better chance to win this game.”


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