Cam Newton might never again approach his 2015 numbers – when he accounted for 45 touchdowns (35 pass, 10 rush) and was named NFL MVP – but overall, he’s been one of the most productive quarterbacks in the league for the last seven seasons.

“I’ve seen a guy that’s done things at the quarterback position that very few, if any, guys have ever done,” Panthers tight end Greg Olsen said on The DA Show. “I think everyone gets wrapped up with quarterbacks and their passing yards and statistics and passing touchdowns, but when you add in his contribution in the run game and his contribution in rushing touchdowns and you start pooling that all together, his ability to gain yards and score touchdowns and put up points is what he’s done – at record pace. It’s a pretty unique approach, it’s an approach people aren’t used to seeing, but nonetheless it’s been very effective. He’s played at as high a level as anybody in the league. People (just aren’t) accustomed to seeing it done in that manner.”



In 2017, Newton threw for 3,302 yards, 22 touchdowns and 16 interceptions while also rushing for 754 yards and six touchdowns. It was another standout season, and Carolina once again made the playoffs.

Nevertheless, Newton often receives criticism for things he says or does on and off the field.

“His approach on the field, off the field, is not the traditional way of people seeing a quarterback,” Olsen said. “They’re very buttoned-up and very down the middle and (don’t) speak (their) mind and (don’t) celebrate touchdowns That’s not Cam. I think that’s what adds to his allure. That’s why people really respond to him and kind of gravitate towards him – both players in the locker room and fans and people around the league. He’s a very engaging personality. He’s a very competitive person. He brings a lot of energy and excitement not only to the games, but to practice. He’s been like that since he’s come in the league. This is not something new. He’s been very consistent in that. I think that’s why he has the respect of the guys in the locker room and guys enjoy playing with him.”


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