Damon Amendolara grew up in the golden age of hip hop in the 1980s and 1990s, meaning Busta Rhymes was a huge influence on his youth. DA believes that era remains the greatest era of hip hop.

Busta Rhymes agrees.

“There was a free spirit that was parallel to no other time in music in my experience with music and from what I was able to witness as a fan of music before I got involved in music,” he said on The DA Show. “But it was also these rules and these guidelines and these code of ethics that we had to live by. It was forbidden to sound the same, it was forbidden to look the same, and it was forbidden to try to be the same. So it put that much more pressure on you to stand alone and be unique and be brave and be comfortable in your own skin and be able to stand behind whatever you felt you wanted to represent or you wanted to portray or whatever the trajectory of what you was representing was being given off. It was always about staying within that and evolving within that and just not trying to do what somebody else was doing.”



That mindset could be applied to any artistic field.

“At the end of the day, if you’re genuine and sincere with what you do, you don’t gotta wake up remembering the script every day – because one day when you do forget the lines to the script and the true you is exposed, it just dismantles every foundation that you thought you was building because your foundation was evener solid,” Rhymes said. “So for me, I think there’s a perfect representation of that happening when you see everything that’s going on in music.”

Rhymes cited this year’s Grammy Awards as an example.

“When you look at the Grammy’s and you see Kendrick Lamar taking home five trophies for making a real hip-hop album, staying comfortable within what his thought process is, staying comfortable in his skin, staying comfortable in what he represents and just being true to what the code of ethics of the culture really is about – I think it’s a testament to really what needs to be seen,” Rhymes said. “Regardless of how time might past, that’s one rule that’s never going to change. that’s one rule that, fi you live by it – good, bad or indifferent – you don’t lose any sleep. Last but not least, it seems that no matter what you try to do, if you stay true to the art and stay true to yourself, you’re going to probably (receive) accolades that’s going to supersede your every level of expectation.”


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