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  • Friday, January 30th
  • Five Minute Mothership // Up The Gut // LombarDAs // Epic Fail

    DA gets the audience caught up with what happened in the first three hours of the show in Five Minute Mothership. Caller reaction to calls on Super Bowl Predictions was pretty evenly split. Charles Mann said comradery was the key to three Super Bowl Championships with the Redskins and Alfred Williams says zero transparency is the reason why Rodger Goodell has struggled this year. // In this edition of Up The Gut Mraz gives his top recipe for the Super Bowl: szechuan pork sliders. // To cap off the week DA hands out his LombarDAs Awards concerning the best National Anthem and Half-Time performances over the last 30 years. // Earlier this week Richard Sherman said he’d leave the Super Bowl if his wife went into labor. Erica Herskowitz says that’s ridiculous and Mraz says he should leave. That’s your Epic Fail.
  • Alfred Williams joins DA // Champ Chump // Giving Birth on Super Sunday

    Former Broncos Two-Time Super Bowl Champion Alfred Williams joined da TO LOOK BACK AT THE CHALLENEGES OF REPEATING. He also had some harsh words for Commissioner Roger Goodell. // DA’s Champ is Josh Gordon. He penned a letter to his critics that DA feels came across as truly genuine. His chump is Roger Goodell. That press conference sealed it, there is no bigger chump in sports than Goodell. // Richard Sherman may have to face a decision on where to be Sunday if his 1st child is born that day. Our own Erica Herskowitz actually had a child on Super Sunday and gives her perspective to DA.
  • Super Bowl Is Personal for Pete Carroll // Charles Mann Joins DA // Sound Check

    For Pete Carroll this game means more than just adding another Lombardi Trophy. It is about beating the organization that fired him early in his career. It is amazing to see how the Patriots found their man in Belichick in the years after Carroll and how Carroll has a resurgence in his 2nd life in the NFL. // The former Redskins Super Bowl Champion Charles Mann joined DA. He looked back at his legendary Redskins teams and had interesting things to say about crossing the picket line during a strike. // DA plays back the best sound of the day that includes Terry Bradshaw on radio row discussing a time Chuck Knoll was “steaming,” over some of his players trying to cheat.
  • Goodell Has Zero Credibility // Goodell Looks Uses the Money Excuse // Guys Give Their Picks

    Roger Goodell took the podium and addressed the entire NFL media. He said some head scratching things, including claiming he is always available at the media. DA believes Goodell has zero credibility to tell Marshawn Lynch to do what is expected of him if he won’t do the same thing himself. Goodell hid all season long, and is now acting like he didn’t. // In a great question by Rachel Nichols regarding Goodell hiring NFL people to run NFL investigations, the commissioner had the never to bring up paying people to do investigations. As if the NFL doesn’t have enough. This press conference was a comedy of errors for Goodell. // DA, Mraz, and Miraglia give their picks in the game and discuss how the line has moved since the Championship games ended.
  • Thursday, January 29th

    Tonight’s Five Minute Mothership begins with a caller response to DA’s take on LeGarrette Blount. The wrong starting RB is being portrayed as the bad guy: Marshawn Lynch isn’t talking to the press, but Blount quit on his team. Former Rams WR Isaac Bruce joins the show to talk about ‘The Greatest Show on Turf’ and the loss to the Patriots in SB XXXVI surrounding the ‘Spygate.’ Also, 49ers DB Antoine Betha talks about his Super Bowl win compared to his Super Bowl loss. // DA continues his week long look back at the last 30 Super Bowls and hands out some hardware for some of his most memorable performances. // Tonight’s Epic Fail involves a caller who calls in to argue about LeGarrette Blount’s past transgressions. Apparently the caller is the only human in the world who thinks that Blount didn’t sucker punch the Boise State player in 2009.
  • Champ and Chump // Mraz Football Food of the Week // Isaac Bruce Joins DA

    DA’s Champs are the Atlanta Hawks. They have won 17 games in a row and are sending three players to the All-Star game. They are 38-8, incredible. DA’s chumps are anyone trying to get Super Bowl tickets. The cheapest ticket on the secondary market is over seven thousand dollars. It is simply not reasonable to go to the game. // Mraz continued his countdown of his top five football foods of the week. If you like spicy and sweet, tonight’s treat is sure to leave you more than pleased. // Former Rams wide out Isaac Bruce joined DA and discussed everything from Spygate to the sense of arrogance some players on the 2001 Rams had entering that Super Bowl loss to the Patriots.
  • Sound Check // Antoine Bethea Joins DA // Seahawks Fan Decks Out His House

    DA plays back and reacts to some of the best sound clips of the DA. This includes Richard Sherman’s potential dilemma with the impending birth of his 1st child. DA believes there is no way his child will be born during the Super Bowl. // 49’ers safety Antoine Bethea joined DA and looked back to his Super Bowl Championship with the Colts. He discusses the 49’ers and his thoughts on the new Pro Bowl format. // A Seahawks fan has gone to a whole new level with his house. He has a perfectly painted Seahawks logo on the lawn, his house painted in Seahawks colors. DA though, believes it is a bit much. Imagine a hard Seahawks loss in a couple of years and then looking at your house? You need an escape.
  • Blount Should Be Painted as the Villain not Lynch // Katy Perry Speaks // Patriots Hotel Problems

    All week Seahawks runningback Marshawn Lynch has been painted as the villain of Super Bowl week. Lynch, however, is very charitable in Oakland. DA explains how Patriots runningback LeGarrette Blount, who quit on the Steelers, is somehow avoiding being casted as a villain. The narrative should be changed between these two guys. // Katy Perry revealed she doesn’t exactly have the highest football IQ on Thursday. It doesn’t really matter though as DA points out. She loves Girl Scout cookies too! // The Patriots have had the fire alarm go off in their hotel not once but twice this week. DA can’t buy that this is coincidence. How many people have ever had this happen to them once, let alone twice?
  • Wednesday, January 28th

    Tonight’s Five Minute Mothership begins with a caller recap of Goodell vs. the NFL Players. Is the NFL power hungry and are they trying to get Marshawn Lynch to abide by their rules? Two-time Super Bowl winner Mercury Morris joins the show and talks about Don Shula’s disdain for Bill Belichick. Former Packer Santana Dotson also joins the show to talk about the difficulty repeating - his Packers were unable to win two in a row in the mid-90s. // Up the Gut features a recipe for Old Bay seasoned, Velvetta Cheese Fries and Mraz can’t control himself when discussing the recipe for these game-day treats. No potato left unseasoned and Velvetta melts better than any other cheese. // Tonight’s Epic Fail involves a caller’s response to last night’s Epic Fail and says he missed the drunk overnight callers. He was also admittedly “sauced” because he needed liquid courage to call the show.
  • AFC East has been Extremely Weak during Brady Era // Champ and Chump // Super Bowl Champion Santana Dotson Joined DA

    While Tom Brady is set to play in his 6th Super Bowl, DA examines how incredibly easy the AFC East has been in Brady’s Patriots era. The Patriots have been great, but their divisional path has been one of, if not the easiest paths in the last 15 years. // DA’s Champ is JR Smith. He says the trade to the Cavs has been beneficial to him because now he is partying less. Yes he is partying less being in Cleveland as opposed to NY. His chumps are the people making a big deal about Tom Brady’s cold. Is this what we are getting to on Super Bowl week, caring that Brady has the sniffles? // Former Defensive Rookie of the Year and Super Bowl Champion Santana Dotson joined DA and discussed trying to repeat as a Super Bowl Champion, just like Seattle is trying to do.
  • Mercury Morris joins DA // Sound Check // Jeff Blake says Deflating Footballs is Normal

    Miami Dolphins legend Mercury Morris joined DA to look back at Miami’s unbeaten season. He also told DA why Don Shula doesn’t respect Bill Belichick and gave his thoughts on deflate-gate. // DA plays back the best sound clips of the day, including Ike Taylor telling Doug Gottlieb that the Steelers would have been in the Super Bowl if not for the Le’Veon Bell injury. // Former Bengals quarterback Jeff Blake went on a local radio show in Tennessee and said deflating balls is common, and it isn’t a big deal. DA reacts to the former quarterback saying this.
  • Relationship between Goodell and the Owners is Transparent // League May be Fining Marshawn Lynch Anyway // Deflate-Gate Doesn’t Give the Patriots an

    The Owners wants Roger Goodell to come down hard on the players when it comes to most instances. However, when teams and organizations are called into question Owners like Robert Kraft want apologies from Goodell. DA explains how the whole season has been like this, and dysfunction at the top of the NFL is making this week anything but about the game. // Marshawn Lynch appeared on Media Day and answered every question with “I’m here so I won’t get fined.” As it turns out, by showing up wearing his own brand’s hat, Lynch probably will get fined. DA finds it interesting that Marshawn Lynch keeps getting fined for stuff like this, while other players like Tom Brady wear their own brands all the time. // DA isn’t buying that all the anti-Patriots stuff surrounding deflate-gate will help give the edge to New England. He expects them to play well regardless. Whether it will be good enough to beat the Seahawks or not is another question.
  • Wednesday, January 28th
  • 1-28 Jim Rome Sports Minute on why Richard Sherman is better than Revis.

    Jim explains why he believes it is a no contest between Sherman and Revis.
  • NYC Blizzard // Five Minute Mothership // Up the Gut // Epic Fail

    New York City was supposed to get an historic snow storm last night and preparations were made in advance of the storm which turned out to be a big swing and a miss for all weathermen in New York. DA recaps the escapades of last night with Mraz and Miraglia. // In tonight’s Five Minute Mothership DA gets caller reaction on Marshawn Lynch answering all 29 questions fired his way today at Media Day with the response “I’m here so I won’t get fined.” Dante Hall says Tom Brady is lying about the footballs and it pains him just a bit. Jake Plummer has nothing but good things to say about Russell Wilson. // Up the Gut features a Mexican Lasagna recipe and Mraz gets a lesson in geography. // Meth-head Matt earns a place in the DA Hall of Fame and is your Epic Fail.
  • Jake Plummer Joins DA // Champ and Chump // Lombar-DA Awards

    Former Cardinals and Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer joined DA. He discussed the grip on a football when it comes to deflate-gate, Russell Wilson’s clutch ability, and how he helped build the stadium this Super Bowl will be played in. // DA’s champ is the wife of Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes. She took the NFL to task on several issues after Brent was fined for skipping out early on Pro Bowl practice because he checked in on her. DA’s chump is Brandon Browner. The Patriots corner has said his teammates should go after Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas’ injuries. Not a good look for him. // DA continues his week long look back at the last 30 Super Bowls and hands out some hardware for some of his most memorable performances.
  • Sound Check // Dante Hall Joins DA // Nobody Watched the Pro Bowl

    DA plays back the best sound of Media Day; all the bites have a very odd recurring theme. Michael Bennett even talks about his wife’s booty. // Former KC Chiefs return specialist Dante Hall joined DA and talked about the circus surround the Patriots lately. He said the Patriots are doing a lot of lying lately. // The Pro Bowl ratings are in and once again they are nose diving. The ratings decline has been steep for three straight years and DA breaks down why he had absolutely no interest in this game.
  • Marshawn Lynch Stays Consistent // Mraz Has Had it With Marshawn Lynch // Robert Kraft Wants an Apology

    Marshawn Lynch steps up at Media Day and of course doesn’t deliver. Every answer was not an answer; it was just stating he was doing this so he doesn’t get fined. DA explains why nobody should be upset with Lynch about his antics. // Mraz feels the exact opposite as DA when it comes to Lynch. He rips into Marshawn and feels Lynch isn’t living up to his responsibilities. // Robert Kraft was waved his magic wand and demanded if the NFL’s investigation into deflate-gate turns up nothing, that his entire team get an apology.
  • Monday, January 26th
  • Qardy Ismail // Five Minute Mothership // Market Watch // Up The Gut // Epic Fail

    NFL athletes are accustomed to receiving attention on game day. But nothing compares to the Super Bowl. Scheduled media appearances and the intensity of media outlets from all over the globe swarm players on media day. Qardy Ismail of the Ravens Radio Network experienced this all and joins DA to talk about what it’s like preparing for a Super Bowl. Ismail also addresses deflategate and the Ravens involvement. // Every night DA catches the audience up with Five Minute Mothership. Tonight we recap calls on deflategate, Lawrence Tynes’ comments about the Ravens being whistle blowers and Qadry Ismails aforementioned comments. // Green Bay had a tough loss a couple of weeks ago in Seattle but they were winners with DA, for the second week in a row they check in #1 in Market Watch. // Mraz gives a Buffalo Chicken Balls recipe in Up the Gut. // Tonight’s Epic Fail, John and those damn tractors in Illinois again.
  • Lawrence Tynes joins DA // Champ and Chump

    Former Giants kicker and Super Bowl champion Lawrence Tynes joined DA. He said the Ravens blew the whistle on the Patriots for deflate-gate because they had “Sour Grapes.” // DA’s champs tonight are the behind the scenes guys at the station. They all had to come into work in a historic blizzard and many are essentially sleeping underneath desks. DA’s chump is Tom Brady. DA can’t get over the fact Brady said his feelings have been hurt by the deflate-gate allegations. Tom, are you kidding?
  • Sound Check // Madden Simulation Has Pats As Champs // Lombar-DA Awards

    DA plays back some of the best sound of the weekend. This includes Bill Belichick making a reference to “My Cousin Vinny.” DA wonders if that was the last movie Belichick saw in theaters. // The Madden Super Bowl simulation is out. The Patriots win a classic game according to this. Don’t get too excited Patriots fans, the Broncos won last year’s simulation. // This week DA looks back at his 30 or so Super Bowls he has watched in his life and hands out awards for some of his favorite performances.

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