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  • Thursday, February 26th
  • Five Minute Mothership // Gotham Chopra // Ferrall Podcast // Epic Fail

    DA gets the audience caught up in Five Minute Mothership recapping the first three hours of the show. First off, callers react to the Dez Bryant rumors and what to make of them as this story seemingly never ends or resolves. Davidson basketball coach Bob McKillop joins the show and talks about the Wildcats’ first season in the A10 and when he knew his team could compete. And lastly, UFC’s Joe Rogan joins the show and talks about UFC 184 and the phenomenon of Ronda Rousey. // In this segment, we playback some of DA’s interview with Gotham Chopra, discussing the new documentary KOBE BRYANT’S MUSE. The full interview is available via the Permission Granted Podcast. // CBS Sports Radio host Scott Ferrall joined Boomer and Carton producer Al Duke’s on his podcast. The podcast was so entertaining, that we played back a chunk of it in which Ferrall details a particularly interesting moment in his illustrious radio career. // The Epic Fail revolves around tonight’s anchor Chris Lopresti.
  • Champ and Chump // Would you sign Adrian Peterson? // Joe Rogan Joins DA

    DA’s Champ is Brandon Bostick. The now former Green Bay Packers tight end is owning his mistake in the NFC Championship game and proved so in a piece for the MMQB. DA’s chumps are the Carolina Panthers. They were nowhere to be found when DeAngelo Williams mother passed away from breast cancer. DA explains why he is extremely bothered by this. // Adrian Peterson is in all likelihood soon to be available for NFL teams. DA asks Mraz if he would sign Adrian Peterson. DA warns teams to be careful, because once a running back hits 30, it is rare you will ever get the most out of them. // Joe Rogan joined DA to preview UFC 184. He discusses Ronda Rousey and how big a super star she has become in the combat world.
  • Bob McKillop Joins DA // Sound Check // 10 Jagr Bombs

    Bob McKillop, the head coach of Davidson, joined DA to discuss his team’s recent hot play and their four way tie atop the A-10. He also discussed the evolution of Steph Curry. // DA plays back the best sound clips of the day. This includes Simeon Rice, who decided to join in with Warren Sapp with taking jabs at Michael Strahan. // Jaromir Jagr was traded to the Florida Panthers Thursday. It was brought to DA’s attention that Jagr has been playing in the NHL, three years before the Panthers ever existed. This led to a little game of “10 Jagr Bombs.”
  • Dez Bryant Story Gets more Details // Adrian Peterson Eligible for Reinstatement // Warriors-Cavs could be a Finals Preview

    Ian Rapoport made public a police report from a disturbance in a Wal-Mart parking lot back in 2011 involving Dez Bryant. With that, the bread crumb trail continues around this situation. Obviously, if you connect the dots Dez is involved in this situation in one way or another. DA breaks down Mike Florio’s most recent piece on this. DA also examines how potentially bad the NFL and the Cowboys could look if this video does exist. // Adrian Peterson is now eligible to be reinstated. This is another loss for the NFL, but it isn’t all that surprising. DA feels like the NFL’s approach now is to come out hard on issues to look good, while knowing you will lose it on the back end. // The Cavs are 17-3 since Lebron came back from some time off, and Golden State is 44-10 entering Thursday night’s matchup. For a regular season matchup in late February, DA says this is as big as it gets.
  • Wednesday, February 25th

    DA gets the audience caught up in Five Minute Mothership recapping the first three hours of the show: Callers react to the recent new that Derrick Rose will be going under the knife again in yet anither knee injury. Murray State HC Steve Prohm joins the show to discuss his team being undefeated in the conference. Ben Rodgers of 1053 The Fan in Dallas joins DA to discuss the Dez Bryant situation. // DA discusses the mess that is media availability in the NBA. NBPA Executive Director Michele Roberts says she want to tone down NBA media availability large in part due to the Kevin Durant Situation over the All-Star break. // Todays epic fail is a game between DA and producer James Ward. Vincent in Anaheim known for Arena Football calls in, which leads to the game.
  • 1053 The Fan in Dallas’ Ben Rogers // Baylor RB Booted for Finding a Home // Champ or Chump

    It’s been a crazy week surrounding Dez Bryant and the reported mystery tape. Afternoon host from 1053 The Fan in Dallas Ben Rogers joins DA to give the pulse of DFW surrounding Dez Bryant. // Baylor RB Silas Nacita was declared ineligible because he accepted benefits in the form of a place to live. Nacita reportedly found a place to live with a family friend, but the NCAA says otherwise. // Syracuse senior Rakeem Christmas is DA’s Champ because he still plays hard even though ‘Cuse will not play in the post season. Rajon Rondo is DA’s Chump because of the way he acted towards Rick Carlisle in last night’s game.
  • Murray State HC Steve Prohm // Soundcheck // Josh Hamilton in Trouble Again

    Murray State Racers head coach joins DA for some Mid-Major Mothership magic. The Racers are undefeated in the Ohio Valley Conference and are looking to do some damage in the tournament after winning the CIT last season. // DA plays the best sound of the day: Wisconsin basketball head coach Bo Ryan interrupts Maryland basketball head coach Mark Turgeon’s press conference after the Terps take down the Badgers, Red Sox DH David Ortiz says that he’s not going to change his game for the new rules and Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau reiterates that a reinjury to Derrick Rose’s knee was a possibility, but it’s still difficult news to hear. // Angels slugger Josh Hamilton is in trouble again. Reports surfaced earlier today that he was meeting MLB bigwigs to be disciplined and it was for something WORSE than PEDs.
  • Dez Bryant video now has credibility // NFL cuts // Reggie Bush // Derrick Rose Injury

    ESPN’s Adam Schefter says today that he has been searching for the Dez Bryant video since September and CBS’s Jason LaCanfora has heard about the existence of the tape. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire and the report now seems to be legit. The question now is: will the tape ever come out? // The Packers release A.J. Hawk and the Lions release Reggie Bush, proving once again that football is a young man’s game. Father time is undefeated. Both teams have expensive quarterbacks and they realized they could find cheaper alternatives in the upcoming NFL Draft. // Running back is a young man’s position. Reggie Bush was cut after another injury plagued. Do you want Bush on your team as a backup running back? // Knee surgery for Derrick Rose most likely ends his 2014-2015 season. Another unlucky break for Rose, after he had worked his way back and led the Bulls to Central Division lead.
  • Tuesday, February 24th
  • Five Minute Mothership // Josh Klingler // Dolphins Renovations // Epic Fail

    DA gets the audience caught up in Five Minute Mothership recapping the first three hours of the show: Florio on a possible Dez Bryant video surfacing which could be worse than what we witnessed with Ray Rice. It’ll be interesting to see where this one heads. Danny Hurley picked URI because of its rich history and Sekou Smith says KD is no longer little Mr. Nice Guy. // Josh Kilngler of the Jayhawks Radio Network talks court storming with DA. Klinger says Bill Self had reason to complain after the game but doesn’t have a problem with storming the floor in general. // SunLife Stadium in Miami is undergoing much needed renovations and DA likes the renderings he’s seen. // Tonight’s Epic Fail: Mraz leaves early. Is this elementary school?
  • Sekou Smith // Ripkin Jr. Refutes Zaun Interview // Champ or Chump

    Kendrick Perkins will be a huge asset to the Cleveland Cavaliers down the stretch according to Sekou Smith. Furthermore, Smith he wouldn’t be surprised if Kevin Garnett is one day part of an ownership group in Minnesota, Kevin Durant has grown up, and the team nobody is talking about that’s for real, The Memphis Grizzlies. // Cal Ripkin Jr. denies Greg Zaun’s story about physical abuse a day after Zaun told 590 The Fan in Toronto he was beat up several times by Ripkin Jr. including on an airplane in crab seasoning. Zaun admitted he fibbed. // A hammered Irishman who doubled as Captain Picard is DA’s Champ and Nike with the sorta new browns logo, the Chump
  • Sound Check // Mraz Leaves Early // Danny Hurley // Aaron Supports ARod

    DA plays the best sound of the day: WR Devin Smith says Cardale Jones should be the starting QB next year at Ohio State. DeAngelo Williams was upset with how the Carolina Panthers handled the passing of his mother and Bill Self says court storming needs to end – DA calls sour grapes. // Mraz had bird-flu like symptoms that that progressively got worse as the day went on causing him to bail on DA early. // Head coach of the University of Rhode Island, Danny Hurley, joins DA. At 21-6 URI has a good chance at making the tournament in a tough A10 Conference. // Hank Aaron is rooting for Alex Rodriguez this year and DA commends the Hall of Famer for taking the high road.
  • Potential Dez Bryant Video Makes Things Interesting // Browns Unveil new Logo // Kobe Isn’t Happy with Lakers Celebrations

    Rumors swirled on Monday that a Dez Bryant video with the potential to be “worse than Ray Rice’s,” could surface any day now. DA doesn’t know whether this is true or not, but if it is this changes everything with the Cowboys free agency. Is Dez’s contract not done because of this tape, could the Cowboys be releasing this tape on their own? DA says that doesn’t make sense. // The Cleveland Browns introduced their new logo scheme on Tuesday. But did they really? The color orange is slightly different, but the plain helmet as the logo stayed essentially the same. DA however, is terrified about what Nike will do to their jerseys. What they did to the Jaguars was criminal // Kobe Bryant stone faced Jimmy Kimmel when asked about the young Lakers celebrating their 14th win of the year over the Celtics. DA loves that Kobe was embarrassed and the Lakers really need to get it together.
  • Monday, February 23rd
  • Five Minute Mothership // Yoan Moncada // Market Watch // Epic Fail

    DA gets the audience caught up with the first three hours of the show in Five Minute Mothership. Replaying caller reaction on Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, Dane Brugler of on Jameis Winston’s performance at the combine and his ability to convince people he’s matured and Greg Bishop on the May 2nd fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. // Yoan Moncada signed an historic contract with the Boston Red Sox today and DA says it’s time Major League Baseball goes to an international draft, much like the NBA. // Philadelphia is crowned as a first ever #1 in Market Watch. // Tonight’s Epic Fail: William challenging the validity of Mraz’ victory in the Chicken Challenge.
  • Champ and Chump // Greg Bishop Joins DA // Packers Ex- Special teams Coordinator’s plan Revealed

    DA’s Champ is Jameis Winston. He was very impressive both physically and with how he spoke to the media and teams. DA’s chumps are Adrian Peterson’s agent and the Vikings rep that got into a heated exchange at the combine this weekend. Can they hold it together in public? How embarrassing. // Sports Illustrated’ s Greg Bishop joined DA to look ahead to Mayweather vs Pacquiao. He believes the fight will have a hard time living up to the hype. // The now fired Packers special team’s coach’s plan for before the infamous onside kick was revealed. He warned players just two guys should touch the ball, one being Jordy Nelson. Is Bostick didn’t get that memo; it’s hard to blame the coach.
  • Sound Check // Joey Logano wins Daytona // Dane Brugler joins DA

    DA plays back the best sound of the day including Greg Zaun saying Cal Ripken JR would physically abuse him. DA doesn’t know what to make of this considering how happy Zaun sounds about it. // Joey Logano won the Daytona 500 Sunday. He has had a rough start to his career, but winning Daytona at 24 years old was a truly signature career moment. // Dane Brugler joined DA to discuss what he saw at the combine over the weekend. He breaks down Winston vs Mariota and also says Amari Cooper isn’t a slam dunk to be the top receiver off the board.
  • Winston-Mariota Debate Rages On // Raiders Caught Sleeping at the Combine // A Rod Returns to Yankee Camp

    The combine is over and the talk is as hot as ever as to what the Bucs will do with the number one pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. Jameis Winston helped his stock at the combine with the way he spoke about himself and to team’s this weekend. However, DA still leans toward Mariota. The gap though, has closed in a big way. // A story that popped this weekend was a picture of what we thought was Raiders General Manager Reggie McKenzie asleep at the combine. We later learned it was his twin brother Raleigh, who is a scout for the Raiders. This poor franchise can’t even escape criticism at the combine of all places. // A Rod showed up to Yankees camp three days early on Monday. DA finds this whole thing awesome, as he is the ultimate unwanted house guest. DA examines the scenarios in which this season could go for A Rod and the Yankees, including the possibility the Yankees play A Rod so much on purpose to get wear and tear on him.
  • Friday, February 20th
  • Buffalo Charm // Five Minute Mothership // Chicken Challenge Recap // Epic Fail

    Rex Ryan showed up at the NFL Combine wearing a Thurman Thomas throwback Bills jersey. Since being named the head coach, Ryan has altered his Jets themed tattoo to Bills Blue, says he wants to live in the snowiest part of Buffalo and devoured a Bills themed pizza. He sure has charmed his way into the hearts of the Bills faithful but when it comes down to it as DA points out while taking calls, being in the food stamp line for an NFL caliber quarterback is the worst place to be. // The Five Minute Mothership features Marques Johnson on Kentucky running the table and Ava Fiore of Cleats and Cleavage on how she decided to cover her body with food. // DA, Mraz and Miraglia recount last night’s Chicken Challenge top highlights. Credit: Jacob Wilkins // Tonight’s Epic Fail: Linda in Texas on the Patriots and wearing cured meats.
  • Ava Fiore Joins DA In-Studio // 10 Questions with Ava Fiore // Champ and Chump

    Ava Fiore of joined DA and discussed her past career as a boxer and how the underground boxing world works. She also discusses how came to be. // As per usual with in-studio guests, we played “10 questions,” with Ava. This may be the most entertaining set of questions on the show’s new favorite game to date. // DA’s champs are bobble head’s. 121 bobble head’s will be given away at Major League Games this season. DA’s chump DA’s chumps are the NFL. The land grab for LA looks so transparent. They wanted stability in the NFL, now three team’s want to move to LA?
  • Sound Check // Marques Johnson Joins DA // Kentucky’s Undefeated Quest

    DA plays back the best sound of the day; this includes Mike Pettine saying “the sex is better,” following a win. Boy he just screams Cleveland. // Former NFL veteran Marques Johnson joined DA. He now hosts on our affiliate “The Beast,” In Los Angeles. He talks to DA about the buzz of the NFL getting a franchise to LA. // Kentucky is still unbeaten; DA breaks down how it is much more difficult for Kentucky to go unbeaten in this modern era than it was for UCLA in their hay day. DA also breaks down MLB’s new pace pf play rules they will be enforcing this season.
  • Jameis Winston Speaks // NFL to LA Picks up Steam // Mraz and Steve-O in Pain

    Jameis Winston spoke at the podium and dazzled everyone. He spoke with utter confidence, and DA explains why that isn’t out of the ordinary for Winston. He has had the media eating out of hands like he always does. DA warns teams not to just be charmed and be able to see past that, because he will always interview well. // The race is on for NFL franchises to get to LA. The Raiders and Chargers have a joint stadium proposal in place. However, the Rams have planted their flag of interest ahead of these teams. DA believes this further underlines how the NFL will do whatever it can to make an extra dollar. // 24 hours after the Chicken Challenge, DA checks in with Mraz and Steve-O to see how they are feeling. The two are in as much pain as they have ever been in, making you question how bad fast food really is.

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