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  • Friday, April 24th
  • Five Minute Mothership // Vic Debetetto // Dumbership // Epic Fail

    As always to start the final hour of the show, DA recaps the first three hours of the show and tonight he started with Joel Klatt who joined DA in the second hour of the show to discuss the NFL Draft and more. Klatt also said he believed the St. Louis Rams are the obvious pick to head to Los Angeles. Mark Stoops also joined the program to discuss Kentucky Football and Bud Dupree, one of the top edge rushers in this year’s draft. And of course your calls. // Vic Debetetto is a stand-up comedian and actor and joined DA to talk about how he got his start. // A newer segment on the DA Show is Dumbership and tonight’s strange non-sports story is about a lady stealing $10,000 worth of liquor from JFK Airport. // Tonight’s Epic Fail, loyal caller and friend of the show, Vincent in Anaheim.
  • Champ and Chump // St.Paul Mayor In Hot Water // Mark Stoops Joins DA

    DA’s champ is Eldon Wonderlic's daughter. She says her dad's Wonderlic test isn't wise to use right now by the NFL. It is outdated and DA explains how right she is. DA’s chump is Greg Hardy. He has been a Cowboy for 10 minutes and is already fighting with teammates. Chill for a moment. // The Mayor of St.Paul tweeted something that is frowned upon at the Minnesota Wild. Listen to DA explain what Tweet got him in trouble after the Wild’s awful loss. // Kentucky football coach Mark Stoops joined DA to discuss Alvin Dupree’s draft stock. Stoops had very positive things to say about one of the most intriguing prospects in the draft.
  • Sound Check // Frozen Freak-out // Joel Klatt Joins DA

    DA plays back the best sound of the day. This includes Tony Romo guaranteeing a Super Bowl. The problem was, it was a halfhearted guarantee. Tony, can you bring it a little louder? // Frozen Freak-out continued on Friday. We may have had our best call yet, who took it home? Listen here to find out. // Joel Klatt from Fox Sports 1 joined DA to preview the NFL draft. He believes Marcus Mariota will be drafted number two without question.
  • Friday, April 24th
  • Greg Hardy Already a Problem in Dallas // Josh Hamilton To Texas // Derrick Rose is Back

    Greg Hardy has barely been a Cowboy, yet he is already getting into verbal arguments with teammates. Davon Coleman apparently called Hardy a “Woman Beater.” This is a label Hardy is already carrying with teammates. // The Angels are in discussions with the Rangers to trade Josh Hamilton back to Texas. There is still a lot left to iron out but this appears likely to happen. DA believes that is best case scenario for Josh Hamilton and everyone involved. // DA had his reservations on Derrick Rose looking like his old self off his most recent knee injury. In the 1st three games of this 1st round series he has progressively gotten better, and looks like the D-Rose of old.
  • Five Minute Mothership // Grandma Gets DUI in a Bikini // Epic Fail

    Tonight’s Five Minute Mothership begins with caller response to the question of the night: Should Billy Donovan leave his cozy job at Florida to coach the Oklahoma City Thunder. Fox Sports’ Peter Schrager says that an NFL scout told him that Todd Gurley is the best running back prospect since Adrian Peterson. Former NBA baller David Wesley says that the Spurs are a machine and are poised for a repeat. // Tonight was the debut of a new segment called The Dumber Ship. Today’s story involves a Florida grandma who got arrested for a DUI with her 10-yr old grandson in the car, wearing a skimpy bikini. // The Epic Fail from this evening’s show involves the Pope and the Philadelphia Eagles home schedule. What’s the correlation? Just listen.
  • Champ and Chump // David Wesley Joins DA // Frozen Freakout

    DA’s champ is Dwayne Bowe. The former Chiefs wideout returned to Kansas City for a funeral for a fan he kissed on the cheek before games. His chump is the Washington Redskins. They are running an impossible contest to see if you can pick the 1st round of the draft correctly. The prize is a million dollars, but impossible to get! // Former NBA guard David Wesley joined DA to discuss the NBA playoffs. He believes Anthony Davis was uncomfortable in his 1st ever NBA playoff game. // The Stanley Cup playoffs continue, which means frozen freak-out carries on. Who took home Wednesday night’s craziest call? Listen here to find out.
  • Peter Schrager Joins DA // Rajon Rondo Done in Dallas // Sound Check

    NFL Insider for Fox and Fox Sports 1 Peter Schrager joined DA to preview the NFL Draft. He believes Marcus Mariota will go number two, but it won’t be to the Titans. // Rick Carlisle says he believes Rondo has played his final game in a Mavs uniform. Anyone who has been around Rondo believes he is a really smart guy. For a smart guy, he sure is acting stupid. // DA plays back the best sound of the day. This includes an awful geography lesson from the Yankees radio broadcast team.
  • Thursday, April 23rd
  • Marcus Mariota Biggest Storyline Heading to the Draft // Spurs Clutch Win // The Pope Alters Eagles Schedule

    Jameis Winston going 1st overall is essentially a foregone conclusion. The biggest storyline entering the draft is Marcus Mariota. The Eagles remain a real possibility to trade up for Mariota. DA explains how. // The Spurs would have had a 6 percent chance at beating the Clippers in their 1st round series had they lost Wednesday night. Instead, like a true champion, they rose and delivered a huge road win. // The Eagles are playing three of their first four weeks on the road. The reason they aren’t home on week three is because of the Pope’s visit to Philadelphia. Would Eagles fans boo the pope? Tailgate? The crew discusses.
  • Deflate-Gate and Columbus // Five Minute Mothership // Epic Fail

    It’s now been 90 days since Ted Wells was officially appointed to head the investigation on Deflate-Gate. CBS Local had a cool article pointing out various historical events that took less than 90 days, including Christopher Columbus’ First Voyage, which took 70 days. Interesting – yes, but what’s more interesting is Mraz’s knowledge of Columbus. The Thicktator thinks Columbus was a pilgrim. // Tonight’s Five Minute Mothership begins with caller response to the question of the night: Is the Greg Hardy suspension too much or too light. 105.3 The Fan’s Ben Rogers says the Cowboys wouldn’t have signed Hardy if they knew he’d miss 10 games. NFL analyst for CBS Sports & Corey Chavous responds to the rumors surrounding the Chargers and Marcus Mariota, and says that the Chargers shouldn’t trade Philip Rivers at any cost. // The Epic Fail for this evening’s show centers on a conversation from earlier about the DA Show rock video. The best instrument was Mraz’s Buddha Belly.
  • Ben Rogers Joins DA // Frozen Freak-out // Champ and Chump

    Ben Rogers from 105.3 The Fan in Dallas joined DA to discuss the wild day in Dallas between the Rajon Rondo and Greg Hardy news. He believes Rondo is a shell of his former self and is not good enough for the Mavs to tolerate his act. // DA’s Frozen Freak-out continues with Tuesdays most exciting call from the Stanley Cup Playoffs. There were two overtime games, which game winner got the honor? Listen here to find out. // DA’s champ are recent NBA Owners who have sold their franchises. The Clippers go for two billion, now the Hawks sell for a billion. DA’s chump is the deflategate investigation. We are now 90 days past deflategate and still don’t have a resolution.
  • Wednesday, April 22nd
  • Greg Hardy Suspension // Callers React to Hardy Suspension // Rajon Rondo Drama

    The Cowboys and the rest of the teams who were looking to sign Greg Hardy had to have had inclination on what suspension Hardy would get. Ten games however, is very significant. DA gives thumbs up to the NFL for this, but explains how the NFL actually benefits from Hardy’s return date. // Greg Hardy’s 10 game suspension lit up the phone lines. Callers from across the country react to the news with DA. // Rick Carlisle was quoted as saying he doesn’t expect Rajon Rondo to play for the Mavericks ever again on Wednesday. The Celtics were never sold on giving Rondo Max money because you cannot trust his attitude. The Mavericks are now learning this as well.
  • Five Minute Mothership // Bills QB Situation // Market Watch // Epic Fail

    Five Minute Mothership -- Pat Riley leads things off tonight and DA thinks it’s a simple case of pot calling kettle black. Riley said LeBron James had a hidden agenda before bolting back to Cleveland in his last season with Miami and DA has an epic rant calling Riley on the carpet. Also Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated and Chris Simms on the NFL draft. Should the Titans take Mariota #2 overall or should they explore the Philip Rivers trade? // The Bills have admitted they don’t have a proven QB on their current roster and DA says the team has no faith in EJ Manuel. Should they be aggressive in the draft? // DA moved into a new apartment at the beginning of the month and he’s having issues with the lighting and the electric. // The Market Watch figures are in and San Antonio was a high flyer in the top five, see who else made the cut. // Walk to the beat of the drum in tonight’s Epic Fail.
  • Champ and Chump // Frozen Freakout // Lee Jenkins Joins DA

    DA’s Champ is Jimmy Butler. He scored 31 points in the Bulls Game 2 win. DA believes he is the best teammate D Rose has ever played with. DA’s chump is any future college football player that doesn’t want to play in Dubai in the future. Texas is working on this unbelievably. // In honor of the Stanley Cup playoffs, The DA Show introduced a new segment called the frozen freak out. This is where we will play the craziest play by play call of the previous night’s NHL action. // Sports Illustrated Senior NBA Writer Lee Jenkins Joined DA to discuss the NBA playoffs. He believes things are personal between Lebron and Pat Riley.
  • Tuesday, April 21st
  • Sound Check // Chris Simms Joins DA // DA Crew Releases Music Video

    DA plays back the best sound of the day. This includes Rick Neuheisel telling Gio and Jones that Marcus Mariota is a safer 1st round pick than Jameis Winston. // Bleacher Report’s Draft Analyst Chris Simms joined DA to look ahead to next week’s NFL Draft. He thinks there is a chance the Titans draft Marcus Mariota to hold him hostage for a trade to another team. // The DA Show crew took to the streets of lower Manhattan to film a music video to promote the NFL Draft. As you can imagine this came out as ridiculous as it sounds.
  • Pat Riley-Lebron Drama // Mraz Loves NFL Schedule Release Day // Bryan Price Loses His Mind

    Lebron says he has no communication on social media or on his phone during the post season. DA loves this. Pat Riley on the other hand, is coming across as a hypocrite in his criticisms of the way Lebron handled his departure from Miami. DA explains why. // DA cannot get juiced up for the release of the NFL schedule. Mraz on the other hand can’t get enough of it. Mraz gives DA three reasons he loves today’s release. // Reds manager Bryan Price lost his mind on Monday dropping 77, let’s just call them bad words, in a five minute tirade.
  • Thursday, April 9th
  • Five Minute Mothership // Biloxi Shuckers Mega Road Trip // Epic Fail

    Tonight’s Five Minute Mothership begins with Arkansas State AD Terry Mohajir talking about the Red Wolves’ spring football game where the highest bidding fan gets to coach the team. Why not go for it on every 4th down? Next up, NFL Network’s Charles Davis says that the NFL Draft will really begin with the 2nd pick because Jameis Winston is a foregone conclusion at number one. And lastly, we hear sound from Adrian Gonzalez’s 3-homer game and Matt Harvey’s return from Tommy John surgery. // The Milwaukee Brewers Double-A team is about to embark on a road trip from hell. The Biloxi Shuckers will play 55 games on the road because of stadium renovations. Sounds like the makings of a reality TV show. // Tonight’s Epic Fail involves Vincent in Anaheim’s Arena Football League update. Thanks for filling us in, Vincent.
  • Champ and Chump // Yankees and Tanaka Lost in Translation // Charles Davis Joins DA

    DA’s champ is Bobby Hurley. The former Duke great turned Buffalo into a tournament team. He is now moving on to become the Head Coach at Arizona State. DA’s chump is Thabo Sefolosha. He fractured his leg after getting involved in the crime scene involving Chris Copeland. His season is over. // The Yankees and Tanaka seem to be misunderstanding why exactly Tanaka is not throwing as many fastballs as he should be. It seems like the Yankees don’t fully understand if Tanaka is healthy. The language barrier seems to not be helping here. // NFL Network Draft expert Charles Davis joins DA to give his thoughts on the upcoming NFL Draft. He believes the NFL Draft truly starts with the Titans at number two.
  • Arkansas State AD Terry Mohajir Joins DA // Sound Check

    Arkansas State is running a great promotion for the 2nd straight year, where the highest bidding fan gets to coach during the team’s spring game. Their Athletic Director Terry Mohajir joins DA to explain how they got it greenlit by the NCAA. // DA plays back the best sound of the day. This includes Jonathon Papelbon comparing himself to a horse. What exactly is a Philly?
  • Thursday, April 9th
  • Mark Cuban Hates College Basketball // Le’Veon Bell Suspended Three Games // Arkansas State Gets Creative with Spring Game

    Mark Cuban believes the rules and style of college basketball is preventing players in the NBA from adapting to the professional game quickly. DA believes there are three easy tweaks College should do to improve their game. He explains them here. // Le’Veon Bell was suspended three games following his DUI and marijuana incident from last August. DA asks why there is a 3rd game beyond the mandated two that Bell should’ve been suspended. // Arkansas State will allow the highest bidder to coach in their Spring Game coming up next week. DA believes this is an awesome move by the D-1 school.
  • Jared Greenberg // Tampa Bay Rays Security // Epic Fail

    NBA TV’s Jared Greenberg joins DA to talk about Derrick Rose’s return to the Chicago Bulls. Jared thinks it’s the right time because the Bulls have as much talent as anyone in the Eastern Conference. Jared also says that Clippers reputation will make any series featuring Los Angeles a must watch series. // DA weighs in on last night’s incident involving a fan at a Rays game. The fan was able to run on the field, shake Desmond Jennings’ hand and hurdle the outfield wall without being caught by security. Bad job by the security at the Trop. // Tonight’s Epic Fail involves Mraz’s defense of the referees that the NFL has kicked to the curb. Mraz thinks that it’s prejudice to fat people.