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  • Friday, March 27th
  • Eddie Johnson // Five Minute Mothership // Epic Fail

    Friend of the program and Phoenix Suns broadcaster Eddie Johnson joins DA to talk about the state of the NBA. From the Durant injury in Oklahoma City to Kevin Love’s comments about LeBron James, Eddie Johnson has some hot takes. Of note he says while hindsight is 20/20, the Thunder would have won multiple championships had they hung on to James Harden. // In tonight’s Five Minute Mothership DA recaps segments with Gary Cohen on Kentucky’s play last night, caller reaction to Kevin Durant’s season ending surgery and the aforementioned Eddie Johnson interview. // Also in the final hour of the show, DA doesn’t trust Rick Pitino as Louisville has punched their ticket to the Elite 8 and he also thinks St. Johns University needs to do some serious reevaluations. // In tonight’s Epic Fail, a double dipper was caught red handed in the CBS Sports Radio newsroom and nothing was said.
  • Duke’ s Chances at a Championship // OKC’s Durant Dilemma // Double Dip Disaster

    DA takes calls on the NCAA tournament and it sparks a debate as to who will be Kentucky’s toughest matchup left. One caller believes Duke just isn’t getting the respect they deserve. // DA discusses how most great NBA champions have two superstars. Therefore, it isn’t inconceivable to keep Durant if you’re the Thunder. However, the potential is real for him to leave after next year, so trading his Bird rights may be what the Thunder need to do. // On Thursday night there was a food crime so horrible it is almost insane to comprehend. DA brings in the whistle blower of the offense, Joey Wahler, to discuss.
  • Sound Check // David Ortiz Sounds Off // Gary Cohen Joins DA

    DA plays back the best sound of the day. This includes Jason Terry telling Doug Gottlieb how he would feel about Kevin Love if he was in the Cavs locker room. // David Ortiz wrote a piece for Derek Jeter’s website in which he said it is unfair how much he gets tested for PEDs and the speculation he gets. DA think sits ridiculous that Ortiz feels this way because his name showed up on a list. // Gary Cohen from Westwood One joined DA to discuss Kentucky’s quest at a perfect season. He also has interesting things to say about Steve Lavin’s job opportunities after he parted ways with St.Johns.
  • Friday, March 27th
  • Durant’s Future in OKC // Dax Miles’ Bad Night // Is It Okay to Cheer for Losing?

    Kevin Durant is undergoing his 3rd foot surgery and is out for the year. This now gives Durant’s future with the Thunder an interesting twist. DA asks if it is time for the franchise to move on from their star forward. // It isn’t smart to trash talk Kentucky. However, if you guarantee Kentucky will lose to you, you need to perform. Dax Miles did none of that, striking out on the score sheet. Even worse than that, he hid in the bathroom! // Sabers fans showed up in Buffalo cheering against their team Thursday night. This creates an interesting dilemma. DA has no problem with this at all, listen to why he feels that way.
  • Five Minute Mothership // Champ and Chump // Jason La Canfora // Epic Fail

    Tonight’s Five Minute Mothership starts with CBS Sports’ Gary Parrish, who responds to DA’s question of the night in regards to Coach Cal leaving Kentucky to coach in the NBA. You, the listeners, also weigh in on the question of the night. Lastly, sports writer John Feinstein joins DA to talk about his piece on Redskins owner Daniel Snyder where he says that Snyder is the worst owner in the history of pro sports. // DA’s Champ is Andrew Wiggins. While K-Love and LeBron are still beefing in Cleveland, the Timberwolves have a future star in Wiggins. DA’s Chump is Randy Wittman. The Wizards HC left the bench before the game was over even though his team still had a chance to win. // CBS Sports’ Jason LaCanfora joins the show to talk about the potential punishments surrounding the Browns, the Falcons and the Pats. JLC says that the Falcons’ act of pumping in fake crowd noise was the most egregious. // The Epic Fail comes from Andy in Minnesota, who delivers his point in a harmonious way.
  • John Feinstein Joins DA // Randy Gregory Fails Drug Test // Dean Smith the Ultimate Champ

    John Feinstein wrote a piece for discussing the ongoing controversy around Dan Snyder. He discussed this with DA and revealed how other NFL owners view Snyder. // One of the top NFL Draft prospects Randy Gregory admitted he failed a drug test at the combine. DA appreciates his honesty on admitting he has had a problem; however that shouldn’t be something you want to tell teams right now. // In a constant cycle of bad publicity and stories in the sports world comes so good. Dean Smith left one final gift to every college player he coached. This was a 200 dollar check from him to enjoy a dinner out on him. This just speaks to the great legacy he leaves behind.
  • Sound Check // Gary Parrish Joins DA // Harbaugh’s Continue to Rule at Michigan

    DA plays back the best sound of the day which includes Jerry Jones explaining why he had no problem bringing Greg Hardy to the Cowboys. // Gary Parrish from CBS Sports Joined DA to preview all the Sweet 16 action. He is surprised there was only two Big 12 teams to make the Sweet 16, but didn’t think any had a realistic chance to make the National Championship. // Jim Harbaugh hired his son Jay to be the tight ends coach at Michigan. Jay is going the extra mile when recruiting. He is now writing letters to recruits girlfriends encouraging them to get their boyfriend to go there.
  • Thursday, March 26th
  • Coach Cal’s NBA Potential // NFL wants to Expand International Series // A Rod Can’t Avoid PED Testing

    DA starts the show by asking if John Calipari would bolt for the NBA if he won this National Championship. DA believes that won’t happen. The main reason he won’t? The M-O-N-E-Y. // Albert Breer reported that Germany will be soon in consideration for a regular season NFL game. The NFL is the ultimate in hypocrites if they continue to take games away from American fans and put them overseas. DA explains why. // Rob Manfred says A Rod will be subject to more PED testing after being an offender already. DA wouldn’t be surprised if essentially A Rod gets tested weekly at this point.
  • Five Minute Mothership // Alaa Abdelnaby // Epic Fail

    First off, Brady Quinn joined last night’s show and talked about his experience participating in the NFL Veteran’s Combine. Quinn said last night that the NFL would be better suited by having spring exhibition games with veterans hoping to get picked up. Callers weigh in on Quinn’s point and most seem in favor of spring football, because more football is better. Also, CBS Sports’ Dana Jacobson joins the show and talks about WVU’s Daxter Miles Jr’s proclamation that the Mountaineers will knock off the Wildcats in the NCAA Tournament. DJ says she loves the guy’s confidence. // CBS Sports and Westwood One’s Alaa Abdelnaby joins the show to preview the Sweet Sixteen. Alaa says that he sees the Kentucky Wildcats blowing out West Virginia. // Tonight’s Epic Fail relates to New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin and his disdain for Siri, or the” lady in the GPS” as referred to by TC.
  • Dana Jacobson In Studio // 10 Questions // Jarred Cosart Tied to Gambling

    Dana Jacobson returned to her old stomping grounds at CBS Sports Radio to talk about a wild 1st weekend of the NCAA Tournament. She tells DA her tales from an exciting couple of days on the sidelines in Pittsburgh. // With Dana in studio we played 10 Questions. Would Dana have wagered a lot of money on Mraz winning the Chicken Challenge? She tells us here. // Marlins pitcher Jarred Cosart is being tied to gambling after Tweets with a gambling site were public. This is an extraordinarily delicate situation for the MLB with the Pete Rose story constantly looming.
  • Sound Check // Team’s Hate the Patriots // NFL Spring League Conversation

    DA plays back the best sound of the day. This includes Lebron responding to Kevin Love’s comments that Lebron should not win the MVP. Boy these two’s cat fights just won’t stop. // The Patriots crafty eligible receiver stunt they pulled in the post season will now be illegal next season. The Ravens wasted no time tweeting out a shot at the Patriots with this news. The Jets also are counter filing tampering charges on the Patriots regarding Revis. Its clear fellow teams don’t really like the Patriots. DA hates that the Pats are trying to play victim. // DA continues the conversation with the topic of the night, Would you watch an NFL spring league in replace of the veterans combine?
  • Wednesday, March 25th
  • NFL Spring League May Make Sense // WVU Gives Kentucky Bulletin Board Material // Coughlin Hates Siri

    Brady Quinn gave DA an interesting alternative to the Veterans Combine when he joined the show Tuesday night. It was that of a spring NFL league with four teams. DA analyzes this idea and tells us why this makes sense in the Cold Open. // Daxter Miles, a WVU Freshman, came out and guaranteed Kentucky would lose to them. That’s not exactly the tactic you want to take publicly heading into a game like this. Does West Virginia even have a shot? DA discusses. // Perhaps the best story to come out of the owner’s meetings involves Tom Coughlin being a typical grandfather who hates advanced technology. He even fights with Siri! Listen to DA tell the story here.
  • Five Minute Mothership // Brady Quinn // Flag Football // Epic Fail

    In Five Minute Mothership DA gets the audience caught up recapping the show. A lot of talk tonight concerning Gregg Marshall potentially heading to Alabama if he’s blown away with an offer he can’t refuse. Ultimately DA thinks Marshall will stay at Wichita St., however, he feels a black out rule needs to be enforced preventing other schools from contacting coaches still coaching in the tournament. Caller reaction to DA’s stance and Jason Capel chimes in on Duke in the tournament. // Brady Quinn attended the NFL’s first ever Veterans Combine and gives his perspective on what it was like to participate. // Mraz is the general manager of a flag football team on Long Island named “The Young Guns.” However the depth Mraz has assembled is being called into question as the injury bug already bites with only a single preseason game having been played. // Tonight’s Epic Fail… Miraglia on Planet Miraglia.
  • Champ and Chump // DA Uses a Phrase He Never Thought He’d Say // NFL Relocation

    DA’s champ is Karl-Anthony Towns. The Kentucky star has an imaginary friend that is driving him. That friend has now become a hysterical fake local celebrity. DA’s chump is the NFL. The idea of relocation to Los Angeles could potentially hurt three local fan bases. Owner’s greed for not expanding will hurt those loyal fans. // DA said today “I’m going to be your worst nightmare.” He doesn’t feel good about it and explains why he said it here. // DA further analyzes the potential NFL relocation carousel. One or more fan bases will be affected, and not in a good way. So who will those fans have to blame?
  • Jason Capel Joins DA // Raiders to St. Louis? // Sound Check

    Jason Capel from The ACC Network joined DA to break down the ACC’s success in this year’s tournament. He also answers the question on if his brother is headed to Arizona State. // Albert Breer joined DA on Monday night and brought up the very real possibility of the Raiders ending up in St. Louis. FA further analyzes this and asks, can we see the St. Louis Raiders? // DA plays back the best sound of the day. This includes a fellow CBS Sports Radio host using the F word Mraz forbids.
  • Tuesday, March 24th
  • Gregg Marshall Becoming Hot Commodity // Peterson and Vikings Rift Grows // Harbaugh bringing Tradition Back

    Gregg Marshall joined Jim Rome earlier in the day and acknowledged he would be willing to talk to Alabama after the season. DA doesn’t blame Marshall for saying this. However, the biggest issue lies in the NCAA telling us it isn’t about money, it is about amateurism. Why isn’t there a rule that you can’t hire a guy until the tournament is over? // Adrian Peterson’s camp continues to tell the world they are unhappy with his current Vikings situation. DA doesn’t believe this is contract leverage, he truly believes he doesn’t want to play for that organization anymore. // Jim Harbaugh is already giving a positive finger print back to Michigan. He is doing away with “legends jerseys,” and bringing back the helmet sticker. DA explains why he loves this.
  • Albert Breer // Five Minute Mothership // Tweet Beef // Weekend Recap

    The NFL Owners Meetings began Sunday in Phoenix, Arizona and they are scheduled to continue through Wednesday. The hot topics on the forefront include what team(s) will relocate to Los Angeles. Albert Breer of the NFL Network joins DA to offer and interesting perspective on the potential move as well as what in the world is going on with “Deflategate.” // In tonight’s Five Minute Mothership DA recaps the show starting with you the callers reacting to the Kansas Wichita St. game. Kelly Tripucka is calling various tournament games for Westwood One and says the Duke Blue Devils do indeed have a weakness. // DA scrolls through the Twitter feed in Tweet Beef and Mraz and Miraglia reacap their weekends and the week that was without DA.
  • DA Show Interview- Albert Breer

    Albert Breer joined DA to discuss the NFL to LA and a possible Raiders move to St.Louis
  • Champ and Chump // Goodell Speaks // Sound Check

    DA’s champ is Florida State football. They are trying to schedule major out of conference games vs Alabama and Auburn. DA explains how we can thank the College Football Playoff for this. DA’s chump is Charles Barkley. Barkley said that Cliff Alexander played well, even though Alexander has not played since late December. // Roger Goodell was finally available for an interview, this one with Peter King. DA explains how two months later this shows how much of a liar Goodell was. Goodell also said he expects to have news on deflate-gate soon. Let that sink in. // DA plays back the best sound of the day. This includes Tom Izzo who essentially said this is far from the best Michigan State team he has coached.
  • Browns Favorites for Hard Knocks // KELLY TRIPUCKA JOINS DA // CANDICE BERGEN IS FAT

    The Cleveland Browns are the favorites to be on Hard Knocks as reports say. However, the Texans may also be in play here. DA explains why the Browns would be very interesting television come August. // Kelly Tripucka of Westwood One joined DA to analyze the 1st weekend of the NCAA Tournament. He tells DA who his biggest surprise and disappointment of the tournament is. // The artist formerly known as Murphy Brown is letting herself go in her late 60’s. In a memoir she called herself fat explaining what she eats now. The boys debate if this is a good thing.