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  • Friday, July 24th
  • Fri. 7/24 #1: Hulk Hogan / Brady Appeal / Kershaw & The Press

    DA fills in for Doug Gottlieb with Bart Scott.
  • Fri. 7/24 #2: Seau Family / Joey Chestnut / Boeller Trashing

    DA fills in for Doug Gottlieb with Bart Scott.
  • Fri. 7/24 #3: QB List / DeAndre Jordan / Serge Ibaka

    DA fills in for Doug Gottlieb with Bart Scott.
  • Thu. 7/23 #1: NFLPA vs. Goodell / Greinke Baby / NFL Odds

    Goodell is Caught in Brady-Gate / Greinke Misses Start, Astros Get Aggressive / Harvard Unveils NFL Study
  • Thu. 7/23 #2: Bosa Goes OSU / Tim Brando Live / Sound Check

    Top Recruit Picks Buckeyes / Tim Brando on Spurrier / John Sterling Botches Another Call & Michelle Beadle Calls Out Trolls
  • Thu. 7/23 #3: Beadle on Twitter / Champ & Chump / Nick Wright

    Public Figure Battles Trolls / Manziel & USMNT / Does Clowney Look That Good?
  • Thu. 7/23 #4: Five Min. Mothership / ASU Hottie / Dumbership / Epic Fail

    Calls on Beadle, Brando on SEC, Wright on O'Brien / ASU QB Goes Viral / Bear Eats Pies / Epic Fail
  • Thursday, July 23rd
  • PGP #48: Chris Distefano, Mraz HS Reunion, Mraz Sunburn

    Comedian Chris Distefano joined DA and discusses how his father pounded his favorite sports teams into his head as well as the rise of his career. DA talks to Mraz about his 10 year reunions. Joltin' Joe D and Mraz discuss Mraz' Sun Flu and the hideousness of his burnt face.
  • Wed. 7/22 #1: Will Tomsula Fail? / 117 in 55 MPH Zone / NBA PPV

    Did Niners Make a Mistake? / Pitt Player Driving High / NBA Breaks New Ground
  • Wed. 7/22 #2: CFB Insider Ralph Russo / NBA PPV / Sound Check

    Auburn and SEC, Nebraska's Brand / Sports TV Revolution / Lakers and Kobe Awkward
  • Wed. 7/22 #3: Champ & Chump / Dumbership / Joey Chestnut Live

    Joe Haden, Gus Malzahn / Crack Fiend and 88-yr Old Mom / Chestnut Looks for Revenge
  • Wed. 7/22 #4: Five Min. Mothership / Mraz is Sick / Epic Fail

    Callers on NBA PPV, Russo on Nebraska, Chestnut on Kobayashi / Mraz is Sick with Sunburn / Tweet Beef and Epic Fail
  • Tuesday, July 21st
  • Tue. 7/21 #1: Browns Dysfunction // Pinkel Knocks ND // Tigers Sellers

    Ray Farmer and Mike Pettine rift? // Mizzou’s HC Pinkel says no Independents in Playoff // Tigers will set the market at MLB trade deadline
  • Tue. 7/21 #2: Mary Kay Cabot // Trash Tuesday’s Mary Kay Cabot on Browns dysfunction. // Trash Tuesday bashes complainers, Cooperstown and Twitter beggars
  • Tue. 7/21 #3: Stewart Mandel // Champ & Chump // Sound Check

    Stewart Mandel, CFB Insider for FOX Sports, on Ohio State, SEC, Notre Dame. // Champ is Becky Hammon. Chump is the Marlins organization. // Clemens on HOF, DeAndre Jordan and Jimbo Fisher
  • Tue. 7/21 #4: 5 min. Mothership // Drunk Squirrel // Epic Fail

    Callers on Mraz’s remedy, McCown Stinks, SEC excuses // Squirrel ruins English pub // Mraz’s pain is our laughter.
  • DA Interview: Fox's Stewart Mandel

    Fox Sports' Stewart Mandal joined DA to preview the College Football Season.
  • Tuesday, July 21st
  • DA Interview: Browns Insider Mary Kay Cabot

    Mary Kay Cabot of The Cleveland Plain Dealer joins DA to discuss the Browns dysfunction.
  • Mon. 7/20 #4: Five Min. Mothership / "Inside Out" Review / Epic Fail

    Tonight’s Five Minute Mothership begins with caller reaction on Brett Favre. Who will be the more beloved quarterback after Aaron Rodgers retires? Will it be Favre or Rodgers? Next up, we revisit our conversation with Bleacher Report’s lead College Football writer Ben Kercheval, who suggested a second college football playoff rather than expanding the current playoff system to eight teams. Lastly, former Green Bay Packers running back Ahman Green admitted Comic-Con was more exciting than an NFL playoff game. // This past weekend DA and his mom went to go see Pixar’s latest creation, Inside Out, and loved every minute of it. // The Epic Fail from this evening’s show comes from William in Fresno. Sadly, the first couple of the DA show has broken up.
  • Mon. 7/20 #3: Ahman Green Live / Embiid Hurt Again / Champ & Chump

    Former Packers running back Ahman Green joined DA to discuss Brett Favre’s Packers Hall of Famer ceremony. He was not surprised at all with the positive reception Favre got from Packers fans. // 76ers center Joe Embiid will undergo surgery to repair a re break of his foot. His career as a big man in the NBA is certainly in jeopardy. // DA’s champ is US Women's Soccer. Alex Morgan is now on the cover of FIFA's newest video game. This is a big breakthrough for them. DA’s chump is the ACC Media department. In the media guide they mistakenly leaked a phrase headlined by a certain bad word.
  • DA Show Interview- Ahman Green

    Former Packers running back Ahman Green joined DA to discuss Brett Favre's Packers Hall of Fame induction.
  • Mon. 7/20 #2: CFB Insider Ben Kercheval / Saban on Plax / Sound Check

    College Football Lead Writer for Bleacher Report Ben Kercheval joined DA at the top of the hour. He believes adding a 2nd playoff of 4 teams is the better route to go than to just add on teams to the original College Football Playoff. // Nick Saban kind of responded to Plaxico’s comments about him last week. He said he never knowingly was untruthful to any player. // DA plays back the best audio of the day. This includes Bryce Harper giving Zach Greinke any love.
  • Monday, July 20th
  • DA Show Interview- Ben Kercheval

    Bleacher Report's Lead College Football Writer Ben Kercheval joined DA to discuss the upcoming College Football season.
  • Mon. 7/20 #1: Favre Induction / Angels History / Packers Greats

    This weekend Brett Favre finally returned to Green Bay for his Hall of Fame induction. He was received well, proving time heals all wounds. DA asks if Favre is the greatest Packer of all time. // It seems ultimately impossible to have a team in America play outdoors in the MLB and avoid a rain out. Somehow the Angels avoided one for 20 years! // Brett Favre joined well-known names such as Reggie White and Bart Starr as retired numbers. The other names on that list may surprise you.
  • Tuesday, July 7th
  • Bill Michaels Joins DA // Dumbership // Epic Fail

    Bill Michaels, radio host from 105.7 The Fan in Milwaukee joined DA to discuss the possibility of the Milwaukee Bucks leaving Milwaukee for either Las Vegas or Seattle. // In tonight’s Dumbership moment, a fan at the Tony Award-nominated play "Hand to God" climbed onstage just before the show began and attempted to recharge his cell phone. Little did he know, the outlet wasn’t real, it was just a prop. // The Epic Fail from this evening’s show comes from Dave Shepard, a producer at CBS Sports Radio. Shep is a mysterious man and has a really strange living situation.
  • Sound Check // Donovan McNabb is a Loser // Most Bizarre Living Situation Ever

    DA plays back the best audio of the day. This includes yet another Rob Gronkowski news item. This one may take the cake. // Donovan McNabb continues to say and do stupid things. This includes him being arrested for a 2nd time for a DUI. Today on his radio show, he issued such a ludicrous statement. // Dave Sheppard, a producer at CBS Sports Radio, has a really strange living situation. In fact, he doesn’t even know his roommates name currently.
  • Trash Tuesday // Howard Beck Joins DA

    It was time for another Trash Tuesday on The DA Show. This time DA gets trashed by a certain staff member. // Howard Beck from the Bleacher Report joined DA to discuss NBA Free Agency. He told DA that the Clippers were now officially done as a Western Conference Title contender.
  • Tuesday, July 7th
  • A Rod’s All Star Omission // De’Andre Johnson Dismissed from FSU // Celtics Get David Lee

    Ned Yost says A Rod being left off the All Star roster was about flexibility, giving the team a better chance to win. DA explains why this is ridiculous as many players on this team were selected merely as a popularity contest. // The Seminoles did the right thing in dismissing De’Andre Johnson from their school after the video surfaced of him punching a woman. DA explains how another problem here is how many television outlets keep replaying this violent act. // The Celtics today acquired David Lee in a deal with the Warriors. Celtics fans feel good about this deal, the Warriors really love this deal though.
  • Five Minute Mothership // Market Watch // Epic Fail

    Tonight’s Five Minute Mothership begins with caller reaction to soccer growing in the United States after team USA won the Women’s World Cup yesterday, 5-2 over Japan. Next up, we revisit our conversation with Richard Deitsch from Sports Illustrated, who said the demographics of soccer are great compared to other sports and that is one of the reasons television executives find the game attractive. Also, Spurs insider, Hector Ledesma said the selling point for LaMarcus Aldridge to join the Spurs was reassurance from head coach Greg Popovich that he will remain on the sideline for five more years. // At the start of every week we tally up the top-10 most interactive affiliates. A brand new number one hit the chart, congratulations Columbia, South Carolina (107.5 The Game). // The Epic Fail from this evening’s show comes from competitive eater, Badlands Booker. Booker dominated the 3rd annual Weinership Challenge but, was a no show at the Nathan's hot dog eating contest this past Saturday
  • Champ and Chump // Richard Deitsch Joins DA // DeAndre Jordan Leaves Clippers

    DA’s champ is FOX. They got better ratings on the Women's World Cup then they could have ever imagined. DA’s chumps are the athletes who made pour decisions over the weekend. JPP and Andrew Quarless both were dopes in Florida. // Richard Deitsch from Sports Illustrated joined DA to discuss thw big time ratings in the Women’s World Cup. Deitsch believes this record will stand for a long long time and it was a perfect storm for TV this Sunday. // DeAndre Jordan opted to bolt from the Clippers and head to Dallas. By Jordan leaving, the window may now be closed on the Clippers.
  • Monday, July 6th
  • Sound Check // Hector Ledesma Joins DA // Rob Konrad Says no Movie

    DA plays back the best audio of the day. This includes an epic goal call from Telemundo during the World Cup Championship game. // Spurs insider Hector Ledesma joined DA to discuss the Spurs landing LaMarcus Aldridge. He believes Spurs fans haven’t been this excited in an offseason since 1997. // Rob Konrad has turned down movie and book deal offers after his survival swim in the ocean. DA explains why he respects this decision.
  • US Women Win World Cup // Spurs Land Aldridge // JPP Is an Idiot

    The US Women’s National Team gave us a great moment on Sunday in winning the World Cup. This sparked the annual, how much has soccer grown, debate. DA explains how it has arrived, based on television revenues. // Greg Popovich has helped grow something out of Tim Duncan and the Spurs that has now landed them another young superstar. LaMarcus Aldridge is there because of the consistent brand that is the Spurs. // Jason Pierre-Paul injured himself while lighting fireworks over the weekend. This is exactly the kind of stupidity the Giants have feared for a long time with JPP.
  • Thursday, July 2nd
  • Five Minute Mothership // Best of Barry Switzer // Epic Fail

    DA plays back the best moments of the 1st 3 hours of the show. This includes Jacob Wilkens Top 5 play by play calls of Weinership III. // We played back the best of the captivating interview between Barry Switzer and DA. His stuff on his players at Oklahoma and the head aches caused is a must listen. // Tonight’s Epic Fail of course had to center around Jacob Wilkens call of Weinership 3. He had a little of Jim Ross and a little of Doc Emerick in the calls.
  • Champ and Chump // Ethan Skolnick Joins DA // Tweet Beef

    DA’s champ is the FIFA Woman's World Cup. The ratings for US-Germany were better than the Pro Bowl and Game 6 of the Stanley Cup. DA’s chumps are the Sacremanto Kings and Knicks. They both lost out on top free agents to sign with other teams. // The Bleacher Report’s Ehan Skolnick joined DA to discuss NBA Free Agency. He tells DA why Dwayne Wade took the 1 year deal. // DA reads back some of his best Tweets at him from the night. This includes a listener bashing Mraz’ spelling.
  • Sound Check // Chargers to LA Hints // Barry Switzer Joins DA

    DA plays back the best audio of the day. This includes the Mets post game show openly talking about destroying water coolers in frustration. // If you want to work for the San Diego Chargers, they are requiring you to have a willingness to relocate to Los Angeles. DA explains why the NFL wants the Chargers as 1 of the 2 teams headed to LA. // For the 20th anniversary of the Super Bowl 30 Champion Cowboys, Head Coach Barry Switzer joined DA. He says Jerry Jones always got a bad rap for budding in his business when it came to football.
  • Thursday, July 2nd
  • NFL Suspensions Come Down // Wade Returns to Miami // Reliving Weinership III

    The NFL suspended key players including Sheldon Richardson, Rolando McClain, and Antonio Gates. Gates’ is because of PED’s. DA discusses why we care so much more in baseball about this than football. // Dwayne Wade will return to the Heat, but for just one season. DA explains why taking a 1 year deal is risky business for D Wade. // We never thought the Chicken Challenge could be topped as far as play by play goes. However, Jacob Wilken did just that. We relive the best calls of Weinership III.
  • Five Minute Mothership // Fred Smoot on Gay NFL Players // Epic Fail

    Tonight’s Five Minute Mothership begins with caller reaction to early NBA Free Agency rumors: Kevin Love resigns with Cavs and LaMarcus Aldridge didn’t like the Lakers sales pitch. Next up, we revisit our conversation from earlier with former big league ace Doc Gooden, who said that the innings and pitch count restrictions on young pitchers is stunting their development. We close 5MM by revisiting an all-time Mothership moment from earlier in the show, where Badlands Booker exploded hotdog juice like Mount McKinley. // Former NFL cornerback Fred Smoot made waves earlier in the week with his comments about gay players in the NFL. Smoot said that he played with gay players and everyone knew that they were gay. DA says it’s time we give athletes credit and they aren’t all like Richie Incognito. // The Epic Fail from tonight’s show involves Jacob Wilkins, the legendary voice of the Chicken Challenge and WienershipIII, who stole the show.
  • Golden Tongs Trophy Presentation // Champ and Chump // Doc Gooden Joins DA

    Badlands Booker won Wienership 3 and with that comes the hardware. It is The Golden Tongs Trophy Presentation for the now back to back champ. // DA’s champ is Jimmy Butler. His breakout season has earned him a big time contract with the Bulls. DA’s chumps are the fans who are freaking out over #NHL free agency and over reacting to their team. // Former World Champion, Cy Young Award winner, and Rookie of the Year winner Doc Gooden joined DA. He discusses how much pressure the young Mets pitching staff has on itself with a lineup behind them that can’t hit.
  • Sound Check // Paul Pierce Lands with the Clippers // Weinership Challenge

    DA plays back the best sound of the day. This includes a really rough day on updates for Bitter Berman. // Paul Pierce landed a new deal with the Clippers on Thursday night. DA explains why this is a smart move for Doc Rivers and the Clippers. //The 3rd annual Weinership Challenge is here. The DA Show eats as a team vs the great Eric “Badlands” Booker. Listen here to see who wins the coveted Golden Tongs.
  • Wednesday, July 1st
  • Kevin Love Back in Cleveland // Aldridge Decision // Jim Harbaugh Awkward Interview

    Kevin Love announced Wednesday he will return to the Cavs as they have unfinished business. The Cavs know they just need good parts around Lebron, and Love is that. // LaMarcus Aldridge is apparently not interested in signing with the Lakers after their pitch. If he ends up in San Antonio, it will be an amazing fit for a franchise that has been great for the last 15 years. // Jim Harbaugh had an awkward interview cut short on another station on Thursday. DA debates who was in the wrong, after Harbaugh took to Twitter.
  • Five Minute Mothership // Sam Amico // Epic Fail

    Tonight’s Five Minute Mothership begins with you guys, the callers, who took out the trash on various topics. Next up, we revisit our conversation with Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times, who believes the Seattle Seahawks front office knows how much Russell Wilson means to the franchise. Also, we are less than 24 hours away from the third annual Weinership Challenge, and we look back at last year’s competition. // Sam Amico, FOX Sports NBA Insider joins us to discuss the latest headlines surrounding the league. Sam fills us in with the latest free agency news and believes that Kevin Love will return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. // The Epic Fail from this evening’s show comes from Mraz, who had the audacity to correct the way DA pronounced July.
  • Bob Condotta Joins DA // Sound Check // Champ and Chump

    Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times joined DA to discuss the Russell Wilson situation. Bob tells DA it can’t be disputed that Wilson does in fact want to be the highest paid player. // DA plays back the best audio of the day. This includes Bob Costas discussing the comment that got him in hot water. // DA’s champs are the Pelicans. They are pushing to sign Anthony Davis early before he ever hits free agency. DA’s chumps are the Bills QB's. Matt Cassel and EJ Manuel must really stink for Tyrod Taylor to be in the mix!
  • Trash Tuesday // Popovich Sleeping at Free Agency Start // Luke Ridnour Gets Dealt Again

    It was another Epic Trash Tuesday on The DA Show. This week’s winner was Cowboy Dave in San Antonio who had a Trash Tuesday 50 years in the making. // With NBA Free Agency beginning at midnight you would think all coaches would start courting free agents in the middle of the night. Except for Coach Pop, who admitted he will be in bed. // Luke Ridnour was traded for the 4th time this week. Yeah, 4 times! DA looks at what may be the craziest week for any professional athlete ever.
  • Tuesday, June 30th
  • Calipari Rumors Fly // Russell Wilson Situation // Drunk Jen Hates DA

    Coach Cal constantly fins himself in NBA Coaching rumors. This time it is with the Sacramento Kings. DA explains why this would be ridiculous to think he would take this job. // Russell Wilson and the Seahawks contract situation is coming a whole bunch of nothing blown into something. DA explains why a deal will eventually be made. // Drunk Jen, a famous caller to the show, was all over DA on Twitter to start the show. DA rattles off her Tweets in what is a ridiculous rant.
  • Friday, June 26th
  • Five Minute Mothership // Michael Sam // Epic Fail

    Tonight’s Five Minute Mothership begins with New York Knicks insider for the New York Daily News, Frank Isola, who joined the Doug Gottlieb show and discussed reports that indicated Carmelo Anthony’s unhappiness with the Knicks first round pick. Next up, we revisit our conversation with NBA Insider for CBS, Ken Berger, who believes LaMarcus Aldridge will not be playing in Portland next season. Also, U.S. National team star and MLS Hall-of-Famer, Cobi Jones, said that soccer has become a big business in the United States. // After leaving the Montreal Alouettes during training camp without explanation, Michael Sam is ready to play football again. The team announced Sam has returned and will participate in football related activities starting this weekend. // The Epic Fail from this evening’s show comes from the voice of DA Show events, Jacob Wilkins. Jacob is excited to call the Weinership Challenge but is he prepared for the event?
  • Ken Berger Joins DA // College Football Around The Corner // Cobi Jones Joins DA

    NBA Insider for CBS, Ken Berger, joined DA. He explains why it was an uneventful, yet eventful NBA Draft. He believes we will see a lot of very good, productive players, for a long time out of it. // The Golden Nugget released early college football game lines on some of the best matchups of the year. DA runs down the games he is most looking forward to. // USA Soccer legend Cobi Jones joined DA. He goes in depth on the current state of the MLS.
  • Sound Check // Ump Charges Mound // Wienership Preview

    DA plays back the best audio of the day. This includes Broncos receiver Emmanuel Sanders saying the Patriots should not be champions because they cheated. // We have seen plenty of players argue with umpires before. Never have we seen an ump go after a player, until Thursday’s Cubs game. // The Wienership Challenge is a mere 5 days away so DA decided to check in with the voice of DA Show events, Jacob Wilkins. Jacob gives his preview for his big broadcast.
  • Friday, June 26th
  • Melo is Unhappy // Desperate Celtics // Ryne Sandberg Becomes Fall Guy

    Carmelo Anthony may be even more unhappy than Knicks fans after the draft. DA explains why Carmelo should not have expected anything different in the Cold Open. // Danny Ainge was so desperate to land Justice Winslow that he attempted to trade 6, yes 6, draft picks to Charlotte. That would have been like the Herschel Walker deal. // Ryne Sandberg resigned as Phillies manager on Friday, or so the Phillies will lead you to believe. DA explains why it makes no sense and we shouldn’t be buying that.
  • Marcos Breton Joins DA // Five Minute Mothership // Epic Fail

    Marcos Breton of the Sacramento Bee joins DA to talk about the DeMarcus Cousins trade rumors swirling around the Sacramento Kings this week. Breton says that the Kings have to bring Karl and Cousins together so they can coexist. // Tonight’s Five Minute Mothership begins with caller reaction to DA’s question of the night: what happened to Jahlil Okafor’s draft stock and did he fall to #3 because of the de-emphasis on big men in the NBA. Next up, we revisit some of the conversation with Los Angeles Daily News sports columnist Vincent Bonsignore on the pulse of the City of Angels following the Lakers drafting D’Angelo Russell. Last up in 5MM, we hear from Marcos Breton from the Sacramento Bee, who says that the Kings are still suffering from the firing of Mike Malone. // The Epic Fail from tonight’s show involves James Ward on the wheels of steel. Ward, a long-time Knicks fan, melts down in real time after the Knicks draft Kristaps Porzingis out of Latvia with the number 4 pick.
  • Knicks Fans Melt Down // Vincent Bonsignore Talks Lakers // Champ and Chump

    There was hope for Okafor that was quickly thrashed for Knicks fans. The Knicks took Porzingis, and Knicks fans like James Ward melted down everywhere. // Vincent Bonsignore of the LA Daily News joined DA to discuss the Lakers passing on Jahlil Okafor. He believes the Lakers hit a home run with Russell. // DA’s champ is anyone who follows Gilbert Arenas on Instagram. Today he told the world where his stripper money is going. DA’s chump chump is George Karl. Kings ownership is reportedly growing more frustrated with him getting involved with player personnel.
  • NBA Draft Calls Flood In // Sound Check // Karl-Anthony Towns Goes 1

    The phones were hot on The DA Show Thursday night. DA goes rapid fire with callers from coast to coast in anticipation of the NBA Draft. // DA plays back the best audio of the day. This includes Wade Boggs telling TMZ he once drank 100 beers in a day. // The Timberwolves did not surprise anyone with the 1st overall pick. They selected Karl-Anthony Towns out of Kentucky.
  • Thursday, June 25th
  • Okafor is a Throwback to Better Days // Bad Look for George Karl // Knicks Rumors

    Jahlil Okafor is a legit 7 foot a center as we have seen come into the NBA in a long time. In the last decade the NBA has no longer become about having a dominant big man. Okafor may change that. // George Karl looks atrocious after all the stories that have surfaced this week. Now even Kings ownership has grown frustrated with him after promising them he would not get involved in player personnel. // Heading into the NBA Draft the Knicks were a big time mystery. They could stand pat or trade back. They may be the most interesting team to watch Thursday.
  • Five Minute Mothership // Holy Testimony // Epic Fail

    Tonight’s Five Minute Mothership begins with CBS Sports Network college basketball analyst Pete Gillen, who said earlier in the show that the Lakers have to take Jahlil Okafor with the second pick in the NBA Draft. Next up, our Denver Broncos insider Brandon Krisztal joined the show earlier and told us that he expects Peyton Manning to play a few more years in the NFL. Last up in 5MM, this weekend, DA’s Dad said that Jay Berman was a true pro on the updates, but what does Berman think? // DA hates Adam Schefter’s report about the Tom Brady appeal. The report said that ‘Tom Brady’s biggest ally was…Tom Brady’ and Robert Kraft’s testimony was holy - does it come with a barf bag? // The Epic Fail from this evening’s show comes from Steve in Indianapolis, who seemingly spent all day trying to track down a start time for the NBA Draft.
  • Champ and Chump // Brandon Krisztal Joins DA to talk Peyton Manning

    DA’s champs are Blackhawks players. Because one player admitted the female fans in Chicago are quite aggressive. DA’s chumps are the Atlanta Hawks. They have the best classic jerseys yet made new awful looking threads. // Broncos insider Brandon Krisztal joined DA to discuss the newest Peyton Manning trade rumors. Krisztal explains why the Broncos would have even entertained that idea.
  • Wednesday, June 24th
  • Sound Check // Kevin Love Missed Chance to be a Hero // Pete Gillen Joins DA

    DA plays back the best audio of the day. This includes classic Mike Francesa sound of explaining to a caller what an emoji is. // If you are a part of the 1st Cavs championship you will be a hero in that town forever. Kevin Love, by opting out, may be missing his chance to be remembered forever. // Pete Gillen, College Basketball analyst for CBS, joined DA to preview the NBA Draft. He compared Porzingis to Dirk Nowitzki.
  • Peyton Manning Rumors // Kevin Love Opts Out // Terry Francona Is a Slob

    A story broke on Tuesday night on how Peyton Manning was shopped to the Texans in the offseason. DA examines why this wouldn’t make sense from the Broncos stand point in the Cold Open. // Kevin Love opted out in Cleveland and DA believes this is a bad business decision for him. Is stock would have only gone up after a 2nd year in Cleveland where he could have grown more comfortable. // Indians Manager Terry Francona admitted to eating 17 popsicles and 2 drumsticks the other night. This may be the most grotesque moment in American history.
  • Five Minute Mothership // Dumbership // Epic Fail

    Tonight’s Five Minute Mothership begins with you guys, the callers, who took out the trash on various topics. Next up, we revisit our conversation with NBA TV’s Jared Greenberg, who joined us in studio. Jared believes the Sacramento Kings fans won’t accept a DeMarcus Cousins trade. // In tonight’s Dumbership moment, a couple was arrested in Westlake Ohio after an, “unclothed, alcohol-fueled night behind the wheel.” // The Epic Fail from this evening’s show comes from the newest member of the DA Show, Joe D’Aloisio. Joe is disgusted with Mraz after eating keyboard chicken.
  • Jared Greenberg In Studio // 10 Questions with Jared Greenberg

    NBA TV’s Jared Greenberg joined DA in studio to preview the NBA Draft. He wants us why we should not be so high on the Celtics to nail their draft picks as all stars. // As we like to do with all of our in studio guests, we played 10 questions with Jared Greenberg.
  • Trash Tuesday // Weinership Challenge Comes Together

    It was once again Trash Tuesday on The DA Show. Rookie staff member Joe D took his 1st crack at Trash Tuesday and came out swinging at the Thicktator. // July 4th has snuck up on us and is coming next week. The DA Show listeners need the Weinership Challenge, and DA is here to officially announce the plans.
  • Tuesday, June 23rd
  • Celtics Want to Be Aggressive // Raiders Flake on Carson Meeting // Brady Appeal

    One team wants to be more aggressive than the rest in the days leading up to the NBA Draft. That team appears to be the Boston Celtics. The time is now to cash in on the acquisitions they acquired after dismantling their last championship team. // The Raiders team officials no showed on a meeting with Carson City officials. This left Raiders fans disappointed but the Carson City mayor doesn’t believe this hurts the Raiders in their potential move. // Tom Brady’s appeal was heard on Tuesday. DA explains why America may be in real trouble based on the fans that showed up to back Tom.