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  • Friday, October 31st
  • LeBron's Return to Cleveland. Brock Becomes Branch.

    LeBron's triumphant return to Cleveland fell a bit short with a loss to the Knicks. A caller referred to Brock as Branch, he is not pleased.
  • Champ - Saints. Chump - Jerry Jones. Update On Mraz's Shake Diet.

    New Orleans Saints win in Carolina. Jerry Jones says he "Inspires" his players. Mraz is down some lbs since starting his shake diet.
  • Florida State Escapes in Louisville. Saints Get Much Needed Road Win.

    FSU fell behind 3 TDs to Louisville but battled back to extend the win streak. The Saints finally got a road win.
  • DA Show Interview - Bruce Feldman

    Bruce Feldman, Fox Sports College Football Analyst, joined DA
  • Thursday, October 30th
  • Epic Fail

    We had a caller tell DA to Shut His Mouth and Shut It Good. Gold.
  • Giants Win the World Series. Champ - Madison Bumgarner Chump - Eric Decker

    The Giants won their 3rd World Series in 5 years. Madison Bumgarner was WS MVP. Eric Decker tried to interact with Jets fans via social media, it did not go well.
  • Chevy Guy

    Chevy Guy at the World Series made the rounds via social media, so of course it spurs debate on the show.
  • DA Show Interview- Ian Rapoport

    The NFL Network Media Insider joined DA to discuss Tony Romo coming back into Monday night's game, Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady, the NFL in London and more.
  • Wednesday, October 29th
  • WaterCooler - World Series Game 6. Jose Canseco Shoots Himself

    The Royals scored 7 runs in the 2nd inning to blow out the Giants in Game 6. Jose Canseco shot himself and blew off his middle finger.
  • Champ - SEC. Chump - Lakers. Romo's Injury on Monday Night Football

    Episode subtitle/description [EDIT THIS]
  • DA Gives Love To the Callers

    We had a caller give some kind words and DA wanted to respond, giving thanks to all of you. Also, NightLights.
  • DA Show Interview - Jake Plummer

    Jake Plummer, PAC-12 Networks, joined DA.
  • Tuesday, October 28th
  • Champ - Brandon Weeden. Chump - Lamarr Houston. CFB Playoff Committee

    Brandon Weeden/Colt McCoy combined for a nice little MNF. Lamarr Houston hurt himself celebrating in a loss. DA has issues with the CFB Playoff committee.
  • Cold Open - Monday Night Football. Mike Francesa loses it on the Jets.

    We had the first annual Holdsnapper Bowl. WFAN host Mike Francesa meltdowns over the Jets.
  • The WillEmma Decision

    DA has finally reached a decision on the WillEmma.
  • DA Show Interview - CJ Nitkowski

    CJ Nitkowski, MLB Analyst for Fox Sports and CBS Sports Radio, joined DA
  • Friday, October 24th
  • Champ - Zack Metternberger. Chump - Falcons Web Dept. Willemma

    Champ/Chump. DA takes your calls on what to do with the show's Willemma.
  • Lane Kiffin Returns To Rocky Top

    Kiffin does not have a lot of supporters in Volunteerland and makes his return as 'Bama OC on Saturday
  • Peyton Manning/Emmanuel Sanders Shine on Thursday Night Football

    The Broncos took down the Chargers on Thursday Night Football
  • DA Show Interview - Chris Doering

    Chris Doering, former UF Gator & current WestWood One Analyst, joined DA

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