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  • Friday, October 24th
  • Champ - Zack Metternberger. Chump - Falcons Web Dept. Willemma

    Champ/Chump. DA takes your calls on what to do with the show's Willemma.
  • Lane Kiffin Returns To Rocky Top

    Kiffin does not have a lot of supporters in Volunteerland and makes his return as 'Bama OC on Saturday
  • Peyton Manning/Emmanuel Sanders Shine on Thursday Night Football

    The Broncos took down the Chargers on Thursday Night Football
  • DA Show Interview - Chris Doering

    Chris Doering, former UF Gator & current WestWood One Analyst, joined DA
  • Thursday, October 23rd
  • Lions Fly Player To London To Cut Him

    Detroit Lions flew a practice squad player to London only to cut him.
  • Champ - Yordano Ventura. Chump - Jake Locker. Spurrier Back To Florida?

    Ventura settled in nicely to Game 2 and threw a gem. Jake Locker is out as starting QB. Could Steve Spurrier be heading back to Florida?
  • WaterCooler - World Series Recap. Commisioners Converse on Will in Baltimore Punishment.

    The Royals take Game 2 to even the series. Diaz joins DA to advise him on punishment for Will in Baltimore. Homeland security raids female undergarment shop in Kansas City
  • DA Show Interview - Anu Solomon

    Anu Solomon, QB of Arizona Wildcats, joined DA
  • Wednesday, October 22nd
  • Kuechly Wrongfully Ejected. Favre talks Peyton

    Luke Kuechly was wrongfully ejected from Sunday's game vs Green Bay. Favre talks about the Peyton comparisons.
  • WaterCooler - World Series. Fred Smoot Has Tough Words For Redskins

    The Giants jumped on James Shields early, cruise to Game 1 win. Fred Smooth calls the Redskins the longest running reality show.
  • Mraz Eats the Ghost Chili Salsa

    Mraz finally pays up on his bet and eats the ghost chili salsa
  • DA Show Interview - James Lofton

    James Lofton, Westwood One SNF Analyst, joined DA.
  • DA Show Interview - Stewart Mandel

    Stewart Mandel, Senior College Sports Columinst for Fox Sports, joined DA.
  • Tuesday, October 21st
  • Champ - Colt McCoy. Chump - Ok State

    Colt McCoy went from draft bust to starting vs the Dallas Cowboys. Two OK State football players were found drunkely passed out in the drive-thru at a fast food chain.
  • Round Table - What To Do With Will in Baltimore

    DA brings in some experts to lend input into the Will in Baltimore punishment.
  • WaterCooler - Monday Night Football. Michael Irvin Loves The Cowboys

    The Steelers had a furious end to the 1st half which propelled them to a win over the Texans. Irvin gives his throughts on the Cowboys hot start.
  • Monday, October 20th
  • Mraz Weighs-In

    Mraz is starting a new diet, so DA had him weigh-in live on the air.
  • Will in Baltimore Reveals the Truth

    Will in Baltimore lied to the Mothership Nation about being robbed.
  • Peyton Manning Breaks The All-Time Passing TD record. The Bears Are In Disarray

    Peyton Manning throws 3 TDs in the 1st half to break Brett Favre's record. The Chicago Bears are a completel disaster.
  • Cold Open - What Happened To The Seattle Seahawks

    Seattle traded away one of their best offensive assets, and lost in St. Louis.

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