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  • Monday, October 5th
  • Mon. 10/5 #1: Dolphins Mess / Georgia Chokes / Jerry’s Crazy

    Will Firing Philbin Solve Anything? / Mark Richt Doing what Mark Richt Does / Jerry Has to Eat his Words
  • Mon. 10/5 #2: Ted Johnson Live / Chip Kelly Idiot? / KC D Frauds?

    Former NFL LB on Concussions / Are Eagles Sinking? / What Happened to the Chiefs Defense?
  • Mon. 10/5 #3: Champ & Chump / Adam Zucker Live / Sound Check

    Dan Quinn & Georgia Bulldogs / Host of College Football Today on CBS / Brian Cashman on Alex Rodriguez & Rex Ryan on Teams Energy
  • Mon. 10/5 #4: Five Min M’Ship / Dumbership / Epic Fail

    Ted Johnson on NFL & Concussions, Adam Zucker on Tennessee’s Problems, DeMarco Murray Unhappy / Too Much Gas / Can Anyone Pronounce Amendolara?
  • Monday, October 5th
  • PGP #59: SB Nation's Susannah Collins, Halloween Whopper, Driving to Green Bay

    SB Nation's Susannah Collins on puppets, the NFL, and Karaoke. DA and Mraz discuss the gross after effects of the Halloween Whopper. Joe D sets sail for Green Bay.
  • Sunday, October 4th
  • SMF Week 4: SEC Upsets / NFL Hotseats / Texas Embarrassed

    DA recaps all of yesterday's college football action and previews all of the Week 4 NFL games.
  • Friday, October 2nd
  • Fri. 10/2 #1: End of Saints? / Louisville Hookers / Philbin Hot Seat

    Is Sunday Night the End for Brees & Payton / Was Louisville Buying Escorts for Players? /Could Philbin be Left in London
  • Fri. 10/2 #2: Sound Check / Top-5 CFB Games / Eric Zeier Live

    Alex Rodriguez on Wild Card Berth, Mike Francesa & John Minko on Technology, Nick Saban on Wonderlic / DA’s Tastiest Games of the Weekend / Georgia Bulldogs Analyst on Bama Match-Up
  • Fri. 10/2 #3: Champ & Chump / Inside Steelers Loss / Up-The-Gut

    Justin Tucker & Victor Cruz / Andrew Fillipponi Host on 93.7 the Fan in Pittsburgh / Mraz’s NFL Picks
  • Friday, October 2nd
  • Fri. 10/2 #4: Five Min M’Ship / Mraz’s Football Food / DA Shreds Pitino & Epic Fail

    Zeier on the Bulldogs, Fillipponi on Vick, Steve Smith on Mike Mitchell / Garlic Parmesan French Fries / Pitino said What? & DA Don’t Eat That
  • Thu. 10/1 #1: Cold Open / Mark Davis' White Fanny Pack / Pats Fans Hate Bart Scott

    DA talks Steelers-Ravens / Raiders owner is a weirdo / DA gets the brunt of Pats fans hatred of Bart on Twitter
  • Thu. 10/1 #2: Sound Check / Bart Scott Trashes Boston Caller / Kyle Whittingham LIVE

    The Wacky Baseball Announcers Edition / Bart needs a translator to understand 'Boston' / Utah coach talks to DA about beating Oregon
  • Thu. 10/1 #3: Champ & Chump / Todd Fuhrman LIVE / Ward's Winners

    Cubs fan Keque Escobebo & Islanders Management / Vegas insider on the CFB Lines of the weekend / James Ward with 3 CFB picks
  • Thu. 10/1 #4: Five Min. M’Ship / The Great Gyro Chip Taste Test / Epic Fail

    Callers react to Bart on the Pats, Kyle Whittingham on Utah talent level, Furhman on Oregon Ducks / Jacob Wilkins tries the Gyro Chips / Will in Sacramento was drunk
  • Wednesday, September 30th
  • Wed. 9/30 #1: Bart Scott & DA on Manziel / Bradford Looks Scared / AFC North

    Bart Scott Joins DA / Teammates want Johnny Football / Bradford is shell-shocked / Steelers with Vick and issues with the Ravens
  • Wed. 9/30 #3: Cold Open / Champ & Chump / Sound Check

    Mike Vick in for Big Ben / Leonard Fournette & Hurricane Joaquin / Joe Thomas on TMZ report, Rex Ryan injury report & Coach Pop punks NBA TV
  • Wed. 9/30 #4: Adam Schein LIVE / Five Min M’Ship / Epic Fail

    Host of Inside the NFL & Time to Schein / Bart Scott on Tom Brady, Joe Thomas on TMZ Report & Schein on Weeden / Bart picks a fight with Pats fans
  • Wednesday, September 30th
  • Wed. 9/30 #2: Kaepernick Looks Bad / Victor Cruz Hurt / Brady Isn't Tough

    Bart Scott Joins DA / 49ers QB Struggles / Cruz can't get healthy / There's nothing tough about Tom Brady
  • PGP #58: Nats Circus, Inside the Taste Test, Heartburn Weekend

    Adam Gracia, assistant producer on The Doug Gottlieb show, and die hard Washington Nationals fan, joins DA to discuss the circus they have become. DA and Mraz discuss the Gyro Lays taste test. Joltin Joe has to answer to his on air back down to Mraz.
  • Tues. 9/29 #1: Protecting QBs / TMZ Repot / Jerry Jones Idiot

    NFL is way Worse with Back-Ups / Browns Deny TMZ Report / D-Rose is Jinxed, Jerry Jones Looks Stupid
  • Tues. 9/29 #2: Maurice Jones-Drew Live / Trash Tuesday: Staff / Trash Tuesday: Callers

    Former NFL RB Current NFL Network Analyst / Family Parties, Nutrition Facts, Jamaal Charles / Kansas City Chiefs, Mets Organization, Michael Vick
  • Tues. 9/29 #3: Coach Cal’s E-Mail / Bama v. Georgia / Sean Astin Live

    Face-to-Face Chats Only / SEC Showdown / Rudy...Rudy…Rudy
  • Tues. 9/29 #4: Five Min M’Ship / Adam Morrison’s Gross / Epic Fail

    Callers on Trash Tuesday, MJD on Blaine Gabbert, Sean Astin on Props / Morrison Smells / Mraz Hates Rudy
  • Monday, September 28th
  • Mon. 9/28 #1: Weeden’s a Bum / Nats Choke-Out / Pagano Weeps

    Cowboys Look Like Fools / Nationals are Imploding / Pagano Overreacts
  • Mon. 9/28 #2: RG III Buried / Sound Check / Dolphins Fall Asleep

    Redskins Never Going Back to RG III / Cam Newton on Ed Hochuli, Bryce Harper & Jonathan Papelbon on Scuffle, Brandon Marshall on Lateral / Wife Shows More Heart than Rest of Team
  • Mon. 9/28 #3: Inside Nats Dysfunction / Champ & Chump / Jamie Dukes Live

    Grant Paulsen from 106.7 The Fan in DC / Bruce Arians & Red Sox and Toronto Maple Leafs Organization / Why Andrew Luck May Be Overhyped
  • Mon. 9/28 #4: Five Min M’Ship / Gyro Chip Taste-Test / Epic Fail

    Callers on Pagano, Paulsen on Matt Williams, Dukes on Luck / The Most Disgusting Chip Ever / Joltin’ Joe is a Loser
  • Sunday, September 27th
  • SMF Week 3: Oregon Gets Smoked / Tennessee Chokes Again / NFC East Soap Opera

    DA recaps all of yesterday's college football action and previews all of the Week 3 NFL games.
  • Friday, September 25th
  • Fri. 9/25 #1: 0-2 Panic / Dopey Shanahan / Top-5 CFB Games

    Which winless team will be 0-3? / Why is Shanahan still defending Cousins / DA’s Tastiest Games of the Weekend
  • Fri. 9/25 #2: Danny White is Insane / Tony Nathan Live / Chip’s Unpopular

    Weeden Expectations are Ridiculous / Ex-Dolphins RB on his Life as a Movie / Everybody Hates Chip
  • Fri. 9/25 #3: Steve Overmyer Live in Studio / Ten Questions / Mraz Tailgate

    CBS 2 Anchor Drops by to Talk NFL / Inside the Mind of Overmyer / Top Pictures of Thursday Night Football
  • Fri. 9/25 #4: Five Min M’Ship / Up-The-Gut / Epic Fail

    0-2 Teams, Nathan on Shula & Bear Bryant, Overmyer on Marshall & Fitzpatrick / Mraz’s NFL Picks & Football Food of the Week / Crazy Titans Fan
  • Wednesday, September 23rd
  • Wed. 9/23 #1: Bart Scott & DA on Backup QBs / NFL Injuries / Chip Kelly Hate

    Bart Scott Joins DA / McCown-Weeden are starting / Rash of NFL injuries / Bart says Chip Kelly cant adjust
  • Wed. 9/23 #2: Victor Cruz Needs to Play / Chancellor Translator / Broncos D

    Bart Scott Joins DA / Victor Cruz seen at fashion week but not in a game / Bart translates Kam's athlete-speak / Broncos defense can carry Peyton Manning
  • Wed. 9/23 #3: Cold Open / Chancellor Back / Rob Neyer LIVE

    Browns QB situation / Kam Chancellor returns to the Seahawks / Fox Sports baseball writer on Yogi Berra's passing
  • Wed. 9/23 #4: Five Min M’Ship / Sound Check / Epic Fail

    Callers on NFL stories, Bart Scott on Victor Cruz & Rob Neyer on Yogi's legacy / ARod, Kam Chancellor & Broncos fan in Seattle / Bart on Ravens-Redskins rivalry over women
  • Wednesday, September 23rd
  • PGP #57: Tony Nathan, Chiefs QB Fails

    Former Alabama and Dolphins great running back Tony Nathan joined DA to reflect on his career and discuss his new book “TOUCHDOWN TONY.” DA and Mraz discuss the new "A Football Life," about Christian Okoye. Better Berman hops on Side B and discusses his Thursday Night Football tailgate plans with Mraz.
  • TUES. 9/22 #1: Pagano Slam / Jerry Jones Crazy / Weeden Montage

    MNF Breakdown / Cowboys Love Weeden / Holdsnapper is Back
  • TUES. 9/22 #2: Houston Nutt Live / Trash Tuesday / Vikings Mascot

    CBS CFB Analyst / Bartenders, Laundromats, Pete Carroll / Pay That Viking His Money
  • TUES. 9/22 #3: Sound Check / Champ & Chump / Andy Benoit Live

    Pierre Garcon on RGIII, Devin McCourty on Brady, Peter Schwartz / Brandon Weeden & TCU Football Players / SI NFL Analyst
  • TUES. 9/22 #4: Five Min. M’Ship / Dumbership / Epic Fail

    Trash Tuesday Callers, Nutt on Ole Miss, Benoit on Browns QBs / Car on Train Track Explodes / Houston Nutt in Trouble
  • Monday, September 21st
  • Mon. 9/21 #1: Chip’s Exposed / Brees Injured / 0-2 Seahawks

    Eagles Vaunted Offense is Gross / Drew Brees Looks Ancient / Seahawk in a Big Hole
  • Mon. 9/21 #2: Sound Check / Pizza Rat / Manziel Shines

    Aaron Rodgers on the Win, Francesa on Mets, Jerry Jones on Romo Injury, Brandon Weeden on Starting / NYC Rat Loves Pizza / John Football Looks Good
  • Mon. 9/21 #3: CFB Barrett Sallee Live / Suh Freelancing / Champ & Chump

    Auburn Sinking, Leonard Fournette / Dolphins Already in Trouble / Ole Miss & Chip Kelly
  • Mon. 9/21 #4: Brady Quinn Live / Five Min. M’Ship / Epic Fail

    Quinn on Cowboys QB Situation / Callers on the Eagles, Sallee on Jeremy Johnson, Quinn on Manziel / Hail to the Redskins
  • Sunday, September 20th
  • SMF Week 2: Ole Miss Shocker / Bielema Embarrassed Again / OSU QB Controversy

    DA recaps all of yesterday's college football action and previews all of the Week 2 NFL games.
  • Friday, September 18th
  • Fri. 9/18 #1: Bills Pick a Fight / Manziel Starts / Andy Reid Choke

    Are the Bills doing the right thing in challenging the Pats? / What will we see from Johnny Football? / Who’s to Blame for the Chiefs loss?
  • Fri. 9/18 #2: Hector Ledesma Live / Texas HS Football / Virgil Green Live

    Latest on HS Football Controversy / Players Accuse Ref of Racism / Broncos TE on Big Win
  • Friday, September 18th
  • Fri. 9/18 #4: Five Min.M’Ship / NFL Calls / Epic Fail

    Callers on Bills v. Pats, Hector Ledesma on Texas HS Football, Virgil Green on Broncos Defense / Is Rex Smart or Stupid? / Brad Heller's Nachos
  • Fri. 9/18 #3: Sound Check / Up-the-Gut / Champ & Chump

    Trent Green on Peyton Manning, Gary Kubiak on Victory, Lavonte David on Jameis Winston / Mraz’s NFL Picks & Football Food of the Week / Ole Miss Rebels Football Uniforms & Houston Texans Grass
  • Thu. 9/17 #1: Peyton's Done? / Bortles Rips Fans / DA's CFB Preview

    Peyton Manning's arm strength / Blake Bortles says fans shouldn't criticize the play calling / DA gives you the 5 best CFB games of the weekend
  • Thu. 9/10 #2: Division Rivalries / Steve Beuerlein LIVE / Sound Check

    DA on Bills/Pats & Eagles/Cowboys / CBS NFL analyst on Week 2 / Blake Bortles, Ben Roethlisberger & South Park
  • Thu. 9/17 #3: Champ & Chump / Todd Fuhrman LIVE / Ward's Winners

    Peyton Manning & Jason Pierre-Paul / Vegas insider on the CFB Lines of the weekend / James Ward with 3 CFB picks
  • Thu. 9/17 #4: Five Min. M’Ship / World's Longest Brat / Epic Fail

    Callers on Blake Bortles, Steve Beuerlein on Jameis & Todd Fuhrman on money on ND/GT / 120-yard bratwurst sets record at Lambeau Field / Update anchor Erica Herskowitz loves the WWE
  • Thursday, September 17th
  • PGP #56: Comedian Joe Matarese, Disgusting Flying Etiquette

    Comedian Joe Matarese discusses dealing with a history of angry outbursts, his Philadelphia Eagles fandom and more. DA and Mraz disguss what is proper to wear on an airplane. Kenny Brock makes a return to the PGP and blasts Wards Winners.
  • Wed. 9/16 #1: Bart Scott & DA on Suggs & Manning / Hoyer-Mallett Change / Bart Calls Out Kickers

    Bart Scott Joins DA / Terrell Suggs' season ending injury & Peyton Manning's arms strength / Change at QB for Houston already / Bart has an issue with kickers missing extra points
  • Wed. 9/16 #2: Raiders Don't Back Cooper / Toughest O-line / Rex-Belichick Chessmatch

    Bart Scott Joins DA / Bart says Raiders teammates didn't have Amari Cooper's back / Bart credits Brian Waters & Larry Allen for being tough / Bills-Patriots game features Rex Ryan & Bill Belichick mental battle
  • Wed. 9/16 #3: Cold Open / Todd Gurley Returns / Sound Check

    Dez Bryant out for the season? / Gurley miraculous comeback / Bills DT Kyle Williams on Patriots, Vikings DE Everson Griffen gets emotional, Rex Ryan takes a jab at Bielema & Tom Coughlin's Bill Belichick routine
  • Wed. 9/16 #4: Langston Moore LIVE / Five Min M’Ship / Epic Fail

    SC Gamecock football analyst & former NFL player / Bart on Pacman Jones, Jason Garrett on Dez Bryant's injury & Langston Moore on OSU's schedule / Bart says, "Matt Stover is a good from the old school"
  • Tuesday, September 15th
  • Tues. 9/15 #1: Rex Effect / Mraz in Dallas / NFL Fan Safety

    Are the Bills too Confident? / Assaulted in Big D / Fans Get Unruly