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  • Friday, May 22nd

    DA brings you Five Minute Mothership a recap of the first three hours. We begin with last night’s Warriors home win over the Rockets and DA discusses the great Golden State defense that didn’t allow James Harden to get off a final shot sealing a 2-0 lead for the Warriors. Next we hear from you guys who wanted to discuss the Warriors win over the Rockets. We hear from Alex Kennedy of and Alex says although impressed with the Rockets, the Warriors are primed to win the series. // Traffic in New York City can be some of the worst on the planet. DA and Planet Steve-O discuss two separate stories dealing with NYC traffic. DA tells one that ends in someone else’s rage and you won’t believe how long it took Planet Steve-O to get home from work last night. // Tonight’s Epic Fail come to us from the one and only Mraz. Mraz joined the show via the phone and told a typical disgusting Mraz story. Once his words went over the air nothing else had the chance to beat it.
  • Champ and Chump // Kobe’s Career // Alex Kennedy

    DA starts hour three with Champ and Chump. His Champ… the Golden State Warriors defense. While Steph Curry has gotten a lot of attention for his offense but he says their defense doesn’t get enough credit. Last night’s win for the Warriors was earned by the defense they played last night. Tonight’s Chump, Mark Wahlberg for joining Dan Patrick who’s promoting Ted 2 and joined Dan Patrick calling Tom Brady “a great American hero.” // Is this it for Kobe Bryant? According to Mitch Kupchak it is. Kobe hasn’t been the same Kobe and DA thinks it makes sense but doesn’t believe Kobe has made up his mind. While Kupchak says the superstar has indicated to him this season will be his last, he left the door open. // Alex Kennedy of joins DA to talk about last night’s game two win for the Golden State Warriors win, Kyrie Irving, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cav’s series vs. the Atlanta Hawks. Kennedy adds he believes this will be Kobe’s final season.
  • Sound Check // Durant’s Curse // Mraz Joins DA

    Tonight’s sound check features Jim Harbaugh who joined Scott Kaplan and Billy Ray Smith on the Jim Rome Show today talking about his new position as the head football coach at Michigan. Also, LeBron James discusses how the team has stepped up without Kevin Love. And finally, Brewers pitcher Will Smith, Braves first baseman Freddy Freeman and his manager Freddi Gonzalez on Smith’s ejection in last night’s contest. // Rapper Lil B put a curse on Kevin Durant saying he’ll never win a title in 2011. We don’t know why ‘Lil B cursed Durant but threatened James Harden for using his signature move “whisking the bowl” // Mraz joins DA to talk about Honeymoon 2.0, and a little roadside emergency and his socks were the victim.
  • Friday, May 22nd
  • Warriors, Rockets Game 2 // Brady & Belichick // Michael Sam’s New Job

    DA opens the show reacting to last night’s wild game two where the Golden State Warriors were 99-98 winners over the Houston Rockets. DA says people will criticize James Harden for not being able to get a shot off in the final seconds of the game instead of looking at how well Golden State plays defensively. With that being said though, DA believes the series is over. // A report surfaced today that Bill Belichick didn’t believe his quarterback Tom Brady when the deflategate news surfaced. DA says he found it strange that from the start the coach didn’t have his quarterbacks back. // Michael Sam has a new job and it’s with the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League. DA says while not a lot of people will admit it, part of the reason Sam can’t find a job in the NFL is because he is openly homosexual. DA thinks Sam found the perfect landing spot.

    Howard Beck, Senior NBA Writer for Bleacher Report joins DA. They discuss all things NBA especially what has happened so far in the playoffs. They more specifically discuss LeBron James. Earlier in the show DA explains how LeBron is seemingly underappreciated and how some people take advantage of his greatness, Howard Beck weighs in on this plus they discuss if the New York Knicks were fleeced in the J.R. Smith trade given how well he has played for Cleveland. // DA brings you Five Minute Mothership a recap of the first three hours of the show. We begin with former Raiders CEO Amy Trask on the NFL moving to Los Angeles. Next we hear from Ken Fang from and he weighed in on last night’s David Letterman finale. Finally we hear from Howard Beck of Bleacher Report and he weighs in on if LeBron James is getting the credit he deserves. // Today’s Epic Fail is from a caller in Vegas who was the most “Vegas” type caller ever.
  • Ken Fang // Mike Babcock // Champ or Chump

    Ken Fang of awful announcing joins DA to talk about David Letterman’s final show last night in what amounted to an emotional and memorable send off. Ken Fang says that what sets Letterman apart from the other late night talent is the fact that he’s a broadcaster first. Fang also sees a change in the late night culture coming. // The Toronto Maple Leafs made Mike Babcock the richest coach in NHL history rewarding him with an 8-year $50 million deal. DA reacts and wonders how much patience Toronto will have with the coach. Plus, did the Leafs change the market place for a head coach? // DA’s Champ tonight is the NBA’s future. With LeBron James, Anthony Davis, James Harden and Marc Gasol all being selected First Team All NBA and young, the future is bright. // DA’s Chump is MLB umpire Marvin Hudson for tossing Bryce Harper last night DA’s Champ is the future of the NBA.
  • Amy Trask // Frozen Freak Out // Sound Check

    Amy Trask of “That Other Pregame Show” and “CBS Sports Network’s “We Need To Talk” joins DA in hour two. Of particular note, Amy tells DA that Mark Davis may not view the Oakland area the same way his father Al did, which means it isn’t a priority for the franchise to stay in Oakland. // The Rangers and Lightning game last night was a game for the ages. With 11 total goals scored it was high octane hockey. Unfortunately for Mraz his Rangers fell short and that leads us to the Frozen Freak Out. // In tonight’s edition of Sound Check Nationals manager Matt Williams wasn’t thrilled last night when his superstar outfielder Bryce Harper was tossed from the game. Former NFL kicker, Jay Feely joined Tiki and Tierney today to give his take on the extra-point rule change… DA says this is where the NFL loses. And lastly, Steph Curry on the Warriors mindset heading into tonight’s game.
  • Thursday, May 21st
  • LeBron’s Greatness // Ray Rice // Jon Gruden

    DA opens after Cleveland’s 97-89 win over the Atlanta Hawks last night. DA argues that LeBron is the most underrated player in the league. If the Cavs are able to get past the Hawks in this series he’ll have been to six NBA Finals bound teams in twelve years… there is no doubt we take this guy for granted. He’s bigger than life and only 30 years old. // Ray Rice had his domestic violence charges dismissed after completing his pre-trial intervention program, but still, America knows what Rice did and DA says there are still major red flags concerning these issues. // Jon Gruden is making a nice living right now with not a whole lot of stress, however, rumors are still floating around about the former coach as a potential replacement according to a Jason LaCanfora report. DA will believe it when he sees it. Why leave a cushy job with ESPN to be constantly scrutinized as an NFL head coach.

    DA begins tonights show talking about today’s press conference of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. One topic Goodell spoke of specifically is the NFL moving a team back to LA a topic that has been spoken about a lot recently. DA breaks this down, gives his take on what this could do for the NFL and discusses what team could make the move // In last night’s Warriors Game 1 win over the Houston Rockets at home Steph Curry addressed the media with his daughter who is two years old on his lap. This is something we have seen by athletes and usually is not a big deal. However Curry’s daughter caused a bit of a distraction which led to a discussion of is it right for athletes to bring their kids to the podium. DA breaks it down. // The New York Knicks had the second highest chance to land the 1st overall pick in the 2015 NBA draft yet fell to the 4th pick. Knicks President Phil Jackson was a no show at the NBA draft lottery and caught a lot of heat by Knicks fans for move. Was this right?

    DA brings you Five Minute Mothership, a recap of the first three hours of the show. We being with you guys who wanted to weigh in about the surprisingly controversial story on Steph Curry bringing his daughter to the podium after last night’s Game 1 win over the Rockets. Next we had Albert Breer of NFL Network on the show and one of the topics discussed with him was how the NFL to L.A. situation will play out. Finally we had Steve Aschburner of NBA.COM on the show to discuss the Steph Curry bringing his daughter to the podium. // Former NFL player and Syracuse Alum Donovan McNabb is upset at Syracuse un-retiring the number “44” from their rafters. DA who is also Syracuse Alum disagrees with McNabb and he explains why. // Tonight’s Epic Fail is a bizarre phone issue that occurred while we were mid interview with NBA.COM’s Steve Achburner.
  • Steve Aschburner // Beyonce in Bulls Bathing Suit // Champ and Chump

    Steve Aschburner of joins DA and hits on all of the NBA Playoff storylines including the Steph Curry controversy. Steve says he can understand why there has been so much controversy surrounding Curry bringing his daughter to the podium with him and says he doesn’t think children belong on the podium; “it’s not the right time and place.” Additionally Aschburner says if Dwight Howard is hindered the Rockets are hindered. // Beyonce can pull anything off. But the debate tonight: Are NBA jersey bathing suits a good idea? Looks like Adidas might be gearing up a new fashion concept. The DA Crew debates. // DA’s Champ tonight is David Letterman after a 33-year run on television. What a career. DA’s Chump Tom Brady, after deflategate nobody trusts him.
  • Albert Breer // Sound Check

    Albert Breer of the NFL Network joins DA to talk about the possibilities that exist with relocating teams to Los Angeles. Albert says the St. Louis Rams are the closest team to moving out of their current location but the NFL has gone through 10-12 different possibilities for relocation. Breer also chimes in about why Robert Kraft backed down and cited Jerry Jones’ support for the commissioner as part of the reason. // In tonight’s edition of Sound Check we hear from Roger Goodell on Robert Kraft accepting the NFL’s punishment for deflategate. DA doesn’t care the status of their relationship, period. Also, LeBron James on his matchup heading into their game one tonight vs. the Atlanta Hawks. And another clip from our lovely morning show and CBS Sports Radio super fan, PakFanJoel.
  • Tuesday, May 19th

    DA brings you Five Minute Mothership, a recap of the first three hours of the show. We start with you guys. Patriots owner Robert Kraft came out today and said the Patriots would not appeal the punishments handed down by the NFL as a result of Deflategate. You guys wanted to weigh in and react to this news. Mike Giardi of CSN New England joined DA to react on the news of Robert Kraft surrendering to the NFL // Frank Isola of the New York Daily News joined DA to discuss the incredible bad luck of the New York Knicks failing to secure a Top-3 pick in this year’s NBA Draft Lottery. // Todays Epic Fail is a discussion between todays staff on an interesting incident on the New York City subway this afternoon.
  • Sound Check // Brady, Belichick Relationship // Mike Giardi

    In Sound Check DA brings you the best sound of the day including clips from Kyrie Irving, Peter King what would he have done with Tom Brady and Steph Curry says the postseason is a different animal. // Has Tom Brady benefited from being coached by Bill Belichick or vice-a-versa? Can Belichick take Jimmy Garoppoloand turn him into a four game winner? // Mike Giardi of Comcast SportsNet New England joins DA to talk about Robert Kraft accepting Goodell’s punishment. Giardi is not surprised the organization has backed down.
  • Kraft, Goodell Relationship // Champ or Chump // LA Will Have NFL Team

    DA wonders if there is anyone out there that really care if Robert Kraft and Roger Goodell are friends, DA doesn’t he just wants them to operate the league in a smooth manner. Also, talk about the NFL making news out of nothing, minutes ago the league announced changes to the PAT rule. // DA’s Champ, Northwestern Athletic Director, Jim Philips who is unhappy with the one and done culture in college basketball. DA’s Chump, the New York Yankees; for not honoring the Negro League’s during their weekend stint in Kansas City. // Per Albert Breer of the NFL Network discussions about an NFL franchise or two will be heading to Los Angeles, who will the two teams be?
  • Tuesday, May 19th
  • Pats Accept Penalties // Florida State’s New QB // NBA Draft

    Robert Kraft spoke on Tuesday afternoon after getting together with Roger Goodell and decided to “reluctantly” accept the punishment the Commissioner levied on the franchise. DA says what Kraft did today was admit to being guilty, but, why would Pats fans care… well they shouldn’t the parades have already happened. // Everett Golson has decided to head from Notre Dame to Seminole Nation. He takes with him plenty of experience but turns the ball over a lot. Plus DA says the tide has turned at Florida State, they’re relevant again. // Who would DA take if he got the number one pick. Karl-Anthony Towns or Jahlil Okafor? His answer my surprise you.
  • Five Minute Mothership // Mothership MarketWatch // Epic Fail

    On Five Minute Mothership we go back to earlier in the show and the interviews with Rick Barry and Dan Shaughnessy to hear their takes on the NBA playoffs and Deflategate, respectively. // DA gives us the five most interactive markets for the Mothership last week with Boston leading the way and Portland , Or coming in second place. // In the final segment we go back to earlier in the show for our Epic Fail, starring Jennifer from Troy, who makes her second appearance on Epic Fail
  • Champ or Chump // Fan issues in both Philly and New York // Ryan Tannehill and Jim Harbaugh news

    DA’s Champ for the day is the Houston Rockets for coming back from 3-1 down to defeat the Los Angeles Clippers in the Western Conference Playoffs. // Video has emerged of a male fan in Philly knocking an older woman out of the way for a home run ball, while in New York a fan is caught on camera grabbing is “wife” inappropriately. Which is worse? // Ryan Tannehill signs a huge deal in Miami and DA thinks it’s the correct move for a franchise struggling for an identity at that position. Meanwhile, Jim Harbaugh may be hiring a team Mom at Michigan?
  • Soundcheck// Dan Shaughnessy from Boston Globe // What is going on the Miami Marlins?

    In Soundcheck we hear from Jim Kelly, a guest of Doug Gottlieb’s earlier today, as he touches on deflategate and calls it a bad look for Brady and the Pats. They have some explaining to do. We also hear from Shaun Livingston on the great team chemistry on this year’s Warriors squad. The Clippers talk about their collapse and failure in the Western Conference playoffs. Finally, morning host Brian Jones reveals some interesting personal facts about himself. // Dan Shaughnessy from the Boston Globe joins DA to talk about Robert Kraft’s reaction to the Deflategate penalty and how the Patriots fans are dealing with the fallout. // DA talks about the dysfunction that is the Miami Marlins and their owner Jeffery Loria after their decision to fire Mike Redmond and hire Dan Jennings
  • Monday, May 18th
  • Robert Kraft Finds Soft Landing Spot // Clippers Duped DA // NBA HOF Rick Barry

    In DA’s cold open he discusses Robert Kraft talking to SI Peter King and his sudden displeasure with Roger Goodell. All of a sudden, Kraft isn’t very fond of Roger wielding so much power. This is quite the hypocrisy from Kraft’s stance about Roger previous to Deflategate. // DA was duped by the Clippers as once again they fail to advance deep into the Western Conference Playoffs. Both Doc Rivers the coach and Doc the GM need to take a hit for this. // HOF Rick Barry joins the show to talk NBA playoffs. Rick feels that the Clippers blew it in Game 6. He feels that the Warriors are yet to play their “A” game and if they put it all together, the Rockets will be in deep trouble .
  • Friday, May 15th
  • LeBron V. Michael // Advice For Shep // Five Minute Mothership // Epic Fail

    Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James, a debate that may go on forever. In a recent poll a majority thought Michael could take LBJ in a one-on-one matchup. DA says Michael selling underwear has done him good in more ways than one. Crazy to think an out of shape Jordan could take an age 30 LeBron James. // Shep-Shep Doggy-Dog of the Ferrell show has been down on his luck lately and the DA crew gives him some needed dating/love advice. // Another day another Deflategate storyline. Caller reaction to Roger Goodell as the “independent arbitrator.” Also, Dan Wetzel on why the Deflategate story was leaked in the first place and Rick Bucher on where Tom Thibodeau will land once he’s eventually fired. // Tonight’s Epic Fail, Ross in Oregon and we still don’t know what he was trying to say.
  • Champ and Chump // NY Hoops Figures Having Opposite Weeks // Ric Bucher Joins DA

    DA’s Champ is golfer Miguel Angel Jiminez. He won 288 beers after sinking a hole in one. DA’s chumps chumps are the Clippers and Bulls for their epic losses Thursday night. // The Knicks’ Phil Jackson is reportedly not happy that James Dolan has hired Isaiah Thomas to be around the Garden. On the flip note, Lionel Hollins from the Nets is in all his glory as he appeared on Rachel Ray. // Bleacher Report’s Ric Bucher joined DA to discuss the relationship between Lebron and David Blatt.
  • Sound Check // NCAA Hoops May be Speeding Up // Dan Wetzel Joins DA

    DA plays back the best sound of the day. This includes Rob Ninkovich ridiculously saying the league is out to get Tom Brady because he is been great for so long. // The NCAA’s competition committee will meet and a 30 second shot clock will be discussed. DA believes this change is inevitable. // Deflate gate has become mass hysteria. Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel joined DA to shed some light on it.
  • Friday, May 15th
  • Goodell Will hear Brady Appeal // Clippers Epic Collapse // Bulls Lay Down

    Roger Goodell has announced he will be the one who oversees Tom Brady’s appeal hearing. This has officially become the ultimate stare down situation between the NFL and the Patriots. DA believes this has gotten so out of hand between the two sides. // The NBA playoffs had a wild Thursday night. It was highlighted by the Clippers collapsing in epic fashion to a Rockets team with James Harden on the bench. // DA was convinced the Bulls would put up a big fight in Game 6 and push the Cavs to game 7. However, the exact opposite happened.
  • Five Minute Mothership // Dumbership // Epic Fail

    Tonight’s Five Minute Mothership begins with caller reaction to the Patriots’ website attempting to discredit the Ted Wells investigation. Also, we revisit the conversation with Boston lawyer Alan Fanger from last night’s show, where Alan says that there is no objectivity in New England surrounding the Patriots. And lastly, Kevin Harlan, one of the best play-by-play voices in the business talks to DA about the NFL’s nightmare off season. // The Dumbership story of the night involves a traveler who becomes enraged when Roy Rogers runs out of mac ‘n cheese. The traveler then flies into a rage and attacks employees with condiments. // Mraz doesn’t like that the Patriots are saying that Jim McNally’s nickname as “the Deflator” was a joke in regards to his weight. Our Epic Fail of the evening is the Thicktator going off on the Pats.
  • Champ and Chump // Frozen Freakout // Bob Asmussen Joins DA

    DA’s champ is Ryan Callahan. The Lightning star was back on the ice today three days after having his appendix removed. DA’s chumps are the Raptors. They are introducing a Drake Themed Jersey. Yes, for a Drake Night. Yuck. // The Rangers won an epic Game 7 in overtime, which means there of course would be an epic frozen freak out, Did Doc Emerick or Kenny Albert win for the best call on the game winner, listen here to find out. // Bob Asmussen from Champaign News-Gazette joined DA to discuss the ongoing controversy with Tim Beckman at Illinois.
  • Kevin Harlan Joins DA // Nick Saban’s Fears Come True // Sound Check

    TNT’s Kevin Harlan joined DA to discuss the NBA playoffs. He believes the Cavs and Bulls will have head coaching questions to answer this offseason. // Nick Saban said his worst fear of a College Football Playoff would be the other Bowl games being minimized. This has come true and it bothers Coach Saban. // DA plays back the best sound of the day. This includes Allen Iverson telling Doug Gottlieb that he has no regrets in his NBA career.
  • Thursday, May 14th
  • Deflategate Becomes a Circus // Wizards-Hawks Important Series // Mraz Hates The Patriots

    A war has been raged on the NFL by Robert Kraft and the Patriots. The Pats launched a website to discredit the Wells Report. DA believes the Patriots have officially become as immature as can be. // The Wizards-Hawks Game 5 was as good as it gets in the NBA playoffs. DA explains why the winner of this series has much more on the line than simply winning a 2nd round series. // On Thursday, the Patriots excuse for calling the employee the deflator, was because he was fat and was trying to lose weight. This enraged Mraz who went on an epic rant.
  • Five Minute Mothership // Alan Fanger // Epic Fail

    Tonight’s Five Minute Mothership begins with caller reaction to the Cold Open on the Hack-A-Shaq ‘basketball strategy’ that is currently ruining the NBA Playoffs. Also, Sports Illustrated’s Chris Ballard joins the show and talks about his forthcoming piece in Sports Illustrated about the 1985 Draft conspiracy that the New York Knicks win the Patrick Ewing Sweepstakes. // Litigation attorney and DA Show legal analyst Alan Fanger joins the show to provide clarity on the legality surrounding the NFL’s Deflate-Gate ruling. Alan says that Tom Brady ruined his chance to win the ruling by not being forthright with his cellphone. // The Epic Fail from this evening’s show involves Mraz’s preparation for Rangers/Caps. It’s safe to say that Mraz is stress eating.
  • Champ and Chump // Dumbership // Giancarlo Stanton is a Beast

    DA’s champs are the Baltimore Orioles. They paid their in stadium employees lost waged from the games moved to Tampa Bay. Great Job by them. DA’s chump is Tiger Woods. Reports say he cheated on Lindsey Vonn and that is the reason for their breakup. If this is true, come on. // The Dumbership story of the night is one of epic proportions; it involves a blank check and an unbelievable Italian Restaurant idea. Listen here to grasp this story. // Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton became the 4th player ever to hit a homerun out of Dodger Stadium. DA plays back the best versions of Stanton’s homerun, including from the great Vin Scully.
  • Sound Check // Mraz Stress Eats // Chris Ballard Joins DA

    DA plays back the best sound of the day. This includes Mike Francesa from WFAN in NY discussing how much he hated The Avengers in a way only Mike Francesa can. // With Game 7 in NYC between the Capitals and Mraz’ beloved Rangers, DA has to ask Mraz want the big fella has put down his troat to ease the nerves. Of course Mraz has eaten everything but a salad. // SI’s Chris Ballard joined DA to discuss the Warriors-Grizzlies series. He also has fascinating things to say about the 30th anniversary of the Patrick Ewing draft lottery.
  • Wednesday, May 13th
  • Hack-A-Shaq Overshadowing the Playoffs // Posada Doesn’t Believe Cheaters Belong

    The Hack-A-Shaq method of playing in the NBA playoffs has reached new lows in this post season. At the general managers meetings Ken Berger reported that there isn’t enough support from team’s top change the current rules. DA believes resisting change is short sided. // Jorge Posada has publicly come out and said former teammates of his such as Alex Rodriguez do not deserve to be in the Hall of Fame because of PED use. DA has no problem with Jorge saying this as long as he himself is clean.
  • Chris Baxter // Five Minute Mothership // Ricky Fowler’s Girlfriend // Epic Fail

    Chris Baxter of joined DA to talk about the Military, specifically the National Guard paying for advertising with 14 different NFL teams. The issue strikes a chord with many because for one, taxpayer dollars were spent on the advertising and what appeared to be an organic warm and fuzzy feeling with a “thanks for the service” motto, turned into a cheap sales ploy. See what Baxter has to say about the issue. // In tonight’s Five Minute Mothership DA takes caller reaction to Tom Brady’s suspension. DA also says the Pats come out of this looking like hypocrites. Also, Jared Greenberg on whether or not if there’s an issue between LeBron James and David Blatt. DA says LeBron can do a better job showing support for his head coach. // Ricky Fowler has a smoke show of a girlfriend and the DA Crew debates whether or not she can pull off the caddy look. // And the Epic Fail, Erica Herskowitz receives an awful Mother’s Day gift.
  • Champ and Chump // Frozen Freakout // Is The Longhorn Network a Failure //

    DA’s Champ is Monty Williams. He was fired by the Pelicans after taking them to the playoffs. He took the high road today, class act. DA’s chump is boxing. The Mayweather-Pacquiao fight officially shattered Pay-Per-View records. Hard working Americans were robbed. // The Stanley Cup playoffs keep on rolling. It was time for another DA Show frozen freak-out, listen here for a memorable NHL moment from the weekend. // A fascinating piece was done discussing how big a failure the Longhorn Network has been and how is continuously losing money. Even more fascinating is how well the SEC Network has done after one year and wouldn’t even have existed without the Longhorn Network.
  • Sound Check // Erica gets the Worst Mother’s Day Gift Ever // Jared Greenberg Joins DA

    DA plays back the best sound of the day. This includes another botched John Sterling Yankees call. // We all have had the struggle with what to get a mother for Mother’s Day. We all have probably never failed as horribly as Erica’s husband did. Listen here for what may be the worst Mother’s Day gift ever. // NBA TV’s Jared Greenberg joined DA for an always entertaining talk on the NBA playoffs. He believes David Blatt is the “new guy,” who simply is just trying to fit in.
  • Tuesday, May 12th
  • No Accountability From Patriots // Bobby Bowden Bashes Winston // Warriors Big Win

    Tuesday was an all-out attack on the NFL and the Ted Wells investigation from everyone involved with the Patriots. The three leaders, Kraft, Belichick, and Brady, can’t admit their wrong doings. That is the greatest problem with this organization. // Bobby Bowden on Tuesday called Jameis Winston an embarrassment to FSU. Hearing the godfather of FSU football call the number one pick in the draft an embarrassment is pretty shocking. // The Warriors avoided going down 3-1 with a huge win at the Grindhouse. DA breaks down the Warriors big win as well as the other 2nd round series in the NBA.
  • Five Minute Mothership // Robert Kraft // Market Watch // Epic Fail

    In tonight’s Five Minute Mothership your calls on the Tom Brady suspension dominated the night. Calls ranged from Goodell went too far with the four games to, the four games, a first and fourth round draft pick was not enough. Also, Ethan Skolnick of Bleacher Report on David Blatt leading the Cavs and Mike Giardi of Comcast SportsNet New England – He thinks Kraft walks away from this all with egg on his face. // Bob Kraft issued a statement saying the Pats would appeal the suspension a far cry from what he said a couple of months ago. DA says this is so Patriots, the team needs to take its medicine and move on. // Market Watch saw Minneapolis, Minnesota making a comeback in the top ten. See who else made the cut. // Tonight’s Epic Fail: Xavier in Massachusetts – a little too much Patriots Kool-Aid for the X man.
  • Champ and Chump // Mike Giardi Joins DA // Patriots Fans Embarrass Themselves

    DA’s champs are the Clippers. They are torching and dominating the Rockets in Round 2. DA’s chumps are the NFL team's that accepted payments for honoring war veterans who returned home. // Mike Giardi of Comcast New England joined DA to discuss the reaction in New England to the Tom Brady suspension. // Patriots fans could not come to grips with the fact their team cheated. To help pay off the teams one million dollar fine, they have started a go fund me account.
  • Sound Check // Brady Appeal // Ethan Skolnick Joins DA

    DA plays back the best sound of the day. This includes David Blatt making strange comparison of him picking up a dinner tab to Lebron hitting shots. // Tom Brady will have three days to file an appeal on his suspension. It is expected that he will appeal, however, if Goodell is the one hearing the appeal it is doubtful it will be significantly reduced. // Ethan Skolnick from Bleacher Report joined DA to talk NBA playoffs. He has no problem with Lebron changing David Blatt’s play call, especially since Lebron.
  • Monday, May 11th
  • Brady Suspended Four Games // Brady Reputation Hammered // Troy Vincent’s Statement to Brady

    Just before the show began the Tom Brady suspension came down. DA applauds the NFL for this punishment as this is a great opportunity for Roger Goodell to regain some respect. This is now the 2nd time under Bill Belichick the team has been docked a 1st round pick. // Before this suspension came down, Tom Brady was always above any fray from the Patriots bad reputation stemming from spy gate. Now Brady’s reputation takes a major hit. DA discusses. // Troy Vincent issued a statement to Tom Brady on why they settled on a four game suspension for him. DA reads the statement to further discuss the breaking news on the night.
  • Friday, May 8th
  • Callers on Brady // Jared Zwerling // Epic Fail

    Tom Brady’s role concerning the deflated footballs in the AFC Championship Game after the release of the Wells Report dominated the conversation once again today. Is Brady’s legacy tarnished now forever? Does his legacy depend on the length of the suspension? Did Tom Brady need to cheat? All questions answered in hour four. Plus, the Patriots have always pushed the limit. What makes them go this way. // Jared Zwerling of Bleacher Report joins DA to talk about the NBA playoffs. LeBron and the Cleveland Cavs and the Bulls – can we expect the winner of this series in the NBA Finals? Jared says not so fast. Plus a look into the depth of the Golden State Warriors. // Tonight’s Epic Fail: TJ really angered DA in the first 10 minutes of tonight’s show.
  • Champ and Chump // Mraz Mother’s Day Food // George Bodenheimer Joins DA

    DA’s champs are students at the University of New Hampshire. The School is offering a Deflate-gate class this fall! DA’s chump is Boxing. Mayweather is talking smack and Pacquiao is crying injury. Earth to Boxing, nobody cares about you anymore. // Mother’s Day is here, which means it’s time to cook Mom a nice meal Sunday. Mraz breaks his football food of the week out of the off season and into our laps for Sunday. Listen here to see what Mraz recommends we cook for Mom. // Longtime ESPN executive George Bodenheimer joined DA for a fascinating conversation about running a giant cooperation like ESPN.
  • Sound Check // Randy Wittman Snaps

    DA plays back the best sound of the day. This includes Ed Reed at his retirement press conference, who told the world how much he loved playing the Browns QB’s in his career. // Randy Wittman is not happy with the media covering his Wizards. We play back his epic meltdown calling a report in the Washington Post a flat out lie.
  • Friday, May 8th
  • Tom Brady Fall Out // MLB Players Want Less Games // Mayweather is a Chump

    Isn’t it interesting that Brady’s fellow quarterbacks, past and present, in the league are awfully quiet regarding Brady’s implications in deflate-gate right now? The fact they aren’t jumping to Brady’s defense speaks volumes to DA. // MLB players are reportedly at least talking with new commissioner Rob Manfred about potentially shortening the regular season by a couple of games. DA believes adjusting back to a 154 game regular season would be easy and make fans happy. // Floyd Mayweather is now saying Manny Pacquiao will not get a rematch because of Pacquiao’s post fight excuses. DA says this doesn’t matter and nobody cares, because of the epic let down last Saturday was.
  • Eddie Johnson // Matt Barnes and James Harden’s Mom // Epic Fail

    Phoenix Suns analyst and former NBA standout Eddie Johnson joins DA to breakdown the NBA Playoffs. EJ also has some interesting insight into the OKC Thunder hiring of Billy Donovan and what Donovan’s hiring says about the NBA coach hiring practice. // LA Clippers’ Matt Barnes took trash talking to another level in Game 2 when he insulted James Harden’s mom. But the most pressing question: What does James Harden’s mom think about his beard. // Tonight’s Epic Fail involves ARod’s 661st HR and the reaction from the crowd at Yankee Stadium. Is ARod dumb enough to still be juicing?
  • Champ and Chump // Frozen Freakout // Tom Brady Speaks

    DA’s champ is the Fort Meyers Miracle. The minor league baseball team has gone extra innings in 10 of their 1st 26 games this year. They are on pace to play 54 extra innings. DA’s chump is the Cavaliers Stadium Ops. They ran an in game promo that seemed to make light of domestic violence. // The Frozen Freakout for Thursday was epic. The Lightning win on a buzzer beater. Listen here to hear Dave Mishkin meltdown. // Tom Brady spoke at an event at a college in Massachusetts. DA plays back a piece of Brady speaking and his reaction to the release of the Ted Wells Report.
  • Tony Massarotti Joins DA // Sound Check

    Tony Mazz from our affiliate 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston joined DA to discuss the feeling in Boston after the release of the Ted Wells Report. He believes the report may be much more critical of Brady than Belichick to avoid their being two cheating strikes against Belichick. // DA plays back the best sound of the day. This includes Rob Gronkowski who acts like a complete idiot and jerk when discussing deflate-gate.
  • Thursday, May 7th
  • Tom Brady Suspension Could be Coming // Brady’s Lies Will Live With Him // Brady’s Agent Speaks

    Reports surfaced on Thursday that Tom Brady could face as much as a year suspension from this Ted Wells investigation. DA doesn’t believe a full season suspension is realistic. It is hard to imagine Brady gets suspended past week 4 out of respect to their television partners. // Tom Brady has built up an All-American persona and never gets the shade Belichick has had thrown his way. Now, with this investigation, DA plays back some obvious lies Brady told after the initial deflate-gate rumors. // Tom Brady’s agent spoke on Thursday and said the NFL ran a “sting,” operation on Brady and the Pats. DA thinks this doesn’t matter, as guilty is guilty no matter how you get there.
  • Kenny Brock // Five Minute Mothership // Ryan in Harrisburg Fake Snoring // Epic Fail

    Former assistant producer of the DA Show, Kenny Brock, drops by to join the guys to reminisce and shoot the breeze. KB says he misses working on the show, but the one thing that he misses the most is making fun of Mraz. // Tonight’s Five Minute Mothership begins with caller reaction to the question of the day: will there be a punishment for the Patriots and who is to blame. Former NBA player Malik Rose weighs in on Isaiah Thomas’ return and says that when he played for the Knicks, the team didn’t care about winning. And lastly on 5MM, SI’s Greg Bedard talks about a potential punishment for the Patriots. // Ryan in Harrisburg, PA calls into the show appears to be snoring when he gets put on the air. Half of the show thinks he’s faking it and half of the show thinks his snoring was legit. What do you think? // The Epic Fail from the show involves Kenny Brock’s return to the Mothership. In typical Brock fashion, he rips everyone.
  • John Jastremski Questioned in Deflate Gate // Champ and Chump // Greg Bedard Joins DA

    A Patriots locker room attendant by the name of John Jastremski was referenced several times in the Ted Wells report. How many John Jastremski’s are there in this world? Was this CBS Sports Radio’s JJ? DA puts Jastremski under the heat lamp. // DA’s champ is Mike Conley. The Grizzlies point guard played a big time role in the Grizz Game 2 win just 8 days after facial surgery. DA’s chump is Tom Brady. He stood at a podium and lied out of his teeth. Then he refused to cooperate with the Ted Wells investigation. // SI’s Senior Writer Greg Bedard joined DA to discuss the finding’s in the Deflate Gate investigation. He thinks a suspension could come for Tom Brady.
  • Malik Rose Joins DA // Ted Wells Report // Sound Check

    NBA analyst Malik Rose joined DA to discuss the NBA playoffs. He also discusses the Isaiah Thomas tenure with the Knicks and feels that not everything that went wrong in New York was Isaiah’s fault. // DA further discusses the Ted Wells report and believes Tom Brady really looks bad here. // DA plays back the best sound of the day. This includes Isaiah Thomas stumbling through an answer about who is greatest Knicks acquisition is.
  • Wednesday, May 6th
  • Ted Wells Findings Released // Text Messages in Wells Report // Sharpe Calls for Hard Punishments

    The Ted Wells report is finally out. DA doesn’t believe we learned anything we didn’t already know. This report actually exonerates Bill Belichick, he has manipulated the injury report for 15 years, so what he did to this investigation comes as no shock at well. Does DA believe there should be harsh punishments coming the Patriots way? He tells us here. // Text messages between Patriots locker room attendants were released in this report. Both people seem pretty fed up with Brady nagging them about footballs. // Shannon Sharpe wants the book thrown at the Patriots. DA believes the league won’t come close to this.
  • Five Minute Mothership // Dumbership // Market Watch // Epic Fail

    DA gets the audience caught up with Five Minute Mothership. First you the callers on which team that lost game one of the second round in the NBA playoffs has the best chance to come back and win the series. Also Marlon Wayans on the Mayweather/Pacquiao “dance” this weekend and Andrea Kremerof CBS Sports Network and NFL Network on the NFL’s responsibility to players with checkered pasts. // In tonight’s Dumbership, a lady in the Dallas Fort-Worth area was fired before day one on the job after sounding off on social media. Find out what she said. // Tucson, Arizona and Abilene, Texas represent in Market Watch. Plus two cities in Ohio make the top five. // It was a tough day for the DA crew today as the air-conditioning at the station was down and that is your Epic Fail.
  • Champ and Chump // Beyonce vs J-Lo // Andrea Kremer Joins DA

    DA’s champ is a Philadelphia area sporting goods store that is selling jersey insurance to protect against an Eagle getting traded. DA’s chumps are the Rockets. They somehow lost Game 1 to a team starting Austin Rivers and a team coming off an emotional 7 game series. // Beyonce and JLo dropped jaws on Monday when they showed up to the Met-Gala in very revealing dresses. The crew debates who wore it best. // The Emmy award winning Andrea Kremer joined DA to discuss Mayweather-Pacquiao, the NFL’s domestic violence issue and more.
  • Marlon Wayans Joins DA // Sound Check // Seahawks make DA Cringe

    Comedian Marlon Wayans joined DA to discuss everything from him quitting being a Knicks fan to why you shouldn’t learn to fight when you get too old. // DA plays back the best sound of the day, this includes and epic Mike Francesa meltdown with the studios at WFAN/CBS heating up with the AC down. // The Seahawks drafted Frank Clark out of Michigan who was accused of Domestic Violence. Witnesses in official police reports confirm Frank hit a woman. The Seahawks however, claim they did their own research and say he didn’t.
  • Tuesday, May 5th
  • 2nd Round of NBA Playoffs May be Over // James Dolan is a Clown // NFL has LA Rams Webpage

    The Cavs appear to be in real trouble in their 2nd round series without Kevin Love after just one game. As a matter of fact all four series may be finished already. Is there a chance any of these series actually go long? // James Dolan is a clown’s clown. He got even clownier on Tuesday when naming Isaiah Thomas president and part owner of the NY Liberty. DA explains why this may be Dolan’s most disgraceful move to date. // At a webpage existed for the LA Rams. This seemed a little premature, and ticked off fans in St.Louis. The NFL quickly denied it calling it a legacy link.
  • Friday, May 1st

    DA brings you Five Minute Mothership, a recap of the first three hours of the show. We begin with Jenna Lane, Bucs insider who joined DA and discussed Jameis Winston. Tom Abraham from Nashville Sports Radio joined us to discuss a question mark as far as the Titans recent picks. Finally Art Stapleton from The Record joined DA to discuss a surprising move by the New York Giants. // DA brings you the most idiotic story of the day. Today’s story comes from a man in Great Falls who got caught because of his own doing. This is the latest installment of Dumbership. // Todays Epic Fail comes to us from DA himself, who is not happy about what is happening to NFL jerseys.
  • Champ and Chump // Thom Abraham Joins DA // Art Stapleton Joins DA

    DA’s champs are the Clippers. They looked like they had no fight left, and went out and won a Big Game 6 in San Antonio. DA’s chumps are the 49ers. Their new alternate black uniforms are atrocious! // Thom Abraham joined DA from Nashville. He tells DA Tennessee is a buzz with the Titans drafting Marcus Mariota and Dorial Green-Beckham. // Art Stapleton from The Record joined DA to discuss the NY Giants trading up in round two to take Landon Collins. He says the move shocked everyone, including Collins who was driving home from a lake when he got the call.
  • Sound Check // Round Two Begins // Jenna Laine Joins DA

    DA plays back the best sound of the day. This includes Jeff Fisher’s comments on the Rams drafting Todd Gurley. Fisher believes Gurley would have gone by the 1st or 2nd pick of the draft had he not gotten hurt. // Round Two of the NFL Draft began fast and furiously on the show. DA and Mraz discuss the 1st few picks live as they came in on the show, including the big Giants-Titans trade. // Bucs reporter Jenna Laine joined DA to discuss the Bucs pick of Jameis Winston. She believes Winston needs to air on the side of caution when using social media.
  • Friday, May 1st
  • Winston’s Picture is a Bad Look // Draft Winners // Best Available Players for Round 2

    Jameis Winston has said he will take the NFL commitment seriously. DA is rooting for him to follow through on that. However, his picture with crab legs on Thursday night was a bad look that was unnecessary to start his career. // DA Gives us his winners from the first round of the NFL Draft. He loves the Raiders taking Amari Cooper to give Derek Carr the target he needs for the next decade. // Heading into Round 2 there are still several players with first round grades available. It is no surprise many have problems in their past and that is why they are available.