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  • Monday, October 20th
  • Mraz Weighs-In

    Mraz is starting a new diet, so DA had him weigh-in live on the air.
  • Will in Baltimore Reveals the Truth

    Will in Baltimore lied to the Mothership Nation about being robbed.
  • Peyton Manning Breaks The All-Time Passing TD record. The Bears Are In Disarray

    Peyton Manning throws 3 TDs in the 1st half to break Brett Favre's record. The Chicago Bears are a completel disaster.
  • Cold Open - What Happened To The Seattle Seahawks

    Seattle traded away one of their best offensive assets, and lost in St. Louis.
  • Friday, October 17th
  • McNabb Bashes Jay Cutler. Target Demo

    Donavon McNabb took Jay Cutler to the woodshed. Target Demo Friday
  • Brocks Locks

    Brock gives you his CFB picks for Week 8. Also, DA does a Mraz impersonation that ends up sounding like Peter Griffin
  • WaterCooler - Thursday Night Football and NLCS recap

    TNF - Pats narrowly escape the Jets. The San Francisco Giants hit a walk-off HR to advance to the World Series
  • DA Show Interview - Adam Zucker

    Adam Zucker, College Football Today on CBS Host, joined DA
  • Thursday, October 16th
  • Joseph Randle's Dad Weighs In

    Joseph Randle's dad weighs in on his son's recent mishap
  • NBA Considers Shortening Games

    Adam Silver is considering reducing the NBA schedule
  • WaterCooler - Royals To The World Series. Epic Fail

    The Royals are back in the WS for the first time since 1985. DA resets the absurd amount of news outlets who picked up Will in Baltimore's rap/robbery
  • DA Show Interview - Josh Klingler

    Josh Klingler, host on 610 in Kansas City, joined DA to talk about the Royals first World Series appearance since 1985
  • Wednesday, October 15th
  • Cold Open - Royals Take 3-0 in ALCS. Champ - NHL Fans. Chump - Joseph Randle

    The Royals took a commanding 3-0 lead on the O's last night. A Maple Leafs fan became so infuriated with the Leafs he threw his sweater onto the ice. Joseph Randle got knicked for shoplifting some underwear and cologne.
  • Nick Saban is Unhappy With Bama Fans. Bo Jackson Gives Jameis Winston The Business

    Saban got testy with the media after their 1 point win over Arkansas. Bo Jackson has served as a mentor to Jameis Winston, and had some strong words for him on with Jim Rome Yesterday.
  • 7-11 Clerk Robbed On Air With DA

    William in Baltimore was robbed as he was doing a rap about the show to DA.
  • DA Show Interview - Ian Eagle

    Ian Eagle, NFL on CBS, joined DA to talk Week 7 storylines in the NFL
  • Tuesday, October 14th
  • Champ - Brian Hoyer. Chump - The NFL. WFAN host meltdowns over Jets loss.

    Brian Hoyer is making the Browns look pretty smart - Champ. The NFL is reportedly forcing teams that host the SB, to give up a home game and play in London - Chump. Joe Beningo, WFAN host completely loses it over the latest Jets loss.
  • WaterCooler - Monday Night Football. Jimbo Fisher Defends Jameis.

    The 49ers cameback in St Louis tonight to quite the critics for another week. Jimbo Fisher came to the defense of his star QB Jameis Winston.
  • Ghost Pepper Salsa Unveiled

    Mraz has to eat a ghost pepper salsa on the show tomorrow after losing a bet. The show smells the salsa to see how bad it really is.
  • DA Show Interview - Chad Brown

    Chad Brown, Colorado Buffalo's sideline reporter, joined DA to talk about the PAC-12.

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