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  • Friday, November 21st
  • Brock's Final Episode

    Kenny Brock had his final episode on the Mothership. Here is a collection of segments from the night, remembering the best/worst, and some honesty about the behind the scenes life.
  • Champ - Steve Smith Sr. Chump - Jack Johnson's Parents. ---- Georgia Tech Going To ACC Championship

    Steve Smith Sr. had the quote of the year when he talked about playing on MNF, hands down. Jack Johnson's parents forced their son into bankruptcy. Are their worse parents out there? GA Tech will be going to the ACC Championship game.
  • Raiders Get Their 1st Win of The Season ---- Blount Cut By Steelers, Signs With Patriots

    The lowly Oakland Raiders beat the Chiefs for their 1st win of the season last night, in somewhat dramatic fashion. The state of the NFL is a beautiful thing. LeGarrette Blount quits on his Steelers team, is cut the next day and then is quickly picked up by the Patriots.
  • DA Show Interview - Shaun O'Hara

    Shaun O'Hara, NFL Network Analyst, joined DA to talk about the Blount/Tate situations and the growing problem in the NFL, Tom Coughlin and the New York Giants, along with other NFL story lines
  • Thursday, November 20th
  • Champ - Citizens of Buffalo. Chump - Jeffrey Loria. ACC Commish Wants 8 Team Playoff

    The citizens of Buffalo have rallied around each other post-storm and are shoveling each other out, including the Bills stadium. The Bills are paying people $10/hr and Bills tickets to come down and shovel out the Ralph. Jeffrey Loria has been a snake was being a snake. Whenever he opens his mouth, you just don't trust what he is saying. John Swofford, ACC Commish, thinks that we should have an 8 team CFB playoff.
  • NFL Players Celebrity Getting In The Way ---- Cam Newton Password Fail

    Ben Tate, LeGarrette Blount were both released from their respective teams because of conduct deemed detrimental to the organization. Ahmad Brooks was benched at the end of the Saints game. Are players celebrity and their "take their ball and go home mentality" infiltrating the NFL? Cam Newton's twitter was hacked recently, and we figured out why. His password was about as simple as it could be: CamNewton1.
  • DA Show Interview - Steve Beuerlein

    Steve Beuerlein, NFL on CBS analyst, joined DA to talk about his history with Tom Coughlin, his time in the NFL and the NFC South.
  • DA Show Interview - Paul Johnson

    Paul Johnson, Georgia Tech football Head Coach, joined DA to talk about their win vs Clemson last weekend, the playoff should be eight teams and more.
  • Wednesday, November 19th
  • Brock Announces He Is Leaving The Show

    Kenny Brock held a press conference this morning to announce he will be leaving the DA Show. His last show will be this Friday to switch over the CBS Sports Network TV side.
  • Champ - Kentucky Wildcats. Chump - Tiger Woods. LeGarrette Blount Cut By Steelers

    Kentucky came out last night and blew the doors off a top 5 Kansas Jayhawks team. BBN is not only thinking championship or bust, but undefeated to boot. Tiger Woods apparently cannot take a joke. After leaving the field early because he was unhappy with his lack of touches Monday night, Blount was cut on Tuesday.
  • CFB Playoff Rankings ---- Niagra Womens Basketball Team Stranded

    The newst CFB playoff rankings came out and the SEC has two teams in the top 4, Alabama & Mississippi State. The Niagra women's CBB team was stranded on a bus for over 24 hours because of the monster snow storm that hit the Buffalo area.
  • DA Show Interview - Pete Thamel

    Pete Thamel, SI Senior Writer, joined DA to talk about the college football landscape, his thoughts from Alabama vs Missisippi State and other CFB story lines.
  • Tuesday, November 18th
  • Mraz And Ryan Callahan Are Reunited in NYC.

    Ryan Callahan made his first appearance back in NYC since being traded last season. Of course he went. Of course we played the Mraz - Whitney Houston montage. And Mraz gives us some imagery that we shall not soon forget.
  • Jay Gruden Has Harsh Words For RG III ---- Brian Mitchell Lays Into Redskins

    Jay Gruden took the podium yesterday and when asked about RG III, he had some harsh words in response to RG III's post game comments from Sunday's game. Brian Mitchell, former Redskin/Eagle and current CSN analyst, absolutely destroyed RG III and the Redskins from top to bottom.
  • Steelers survive Titans on Monday Night Football ---- Champ - Le'Veon Bell. Chump - Legarrette Blount.

    The Steelers trailed by double digits into the 4th quarter, but went vintage Steelers and started pounding the rock with Le'Veon Bell who amassed over 200 yards rushing. Legarrette Blount reportedly left the field early last night because he was not happy with his lack of carries throughout the game.
  • DA Show Interview - Jeff Passan

    Jeff Passan, MLB Columnist for Yahoo! Sports, joins DA to discuss Giancarlo Stanton's ridiculous contract, how he sold his soul to the devil for the deal and more MLB hot stove action.
  • Monday, November 17th
  • Chargers Take Care of Business vs Raiders ---- Chiefs Dominate Seahawks At home

    Phillip Rivers and the Chargers were given more of a game by the Raiders than they expected, but in the end were able to come away with the win. Kansas City is a sneaky team that no one is talking about, but they have some pretty good home wins under their belt, including yesterday to the Seahawks and a few weeks ago they beatdown the Patriots.
  • Will Muschamp Out At Florida ---- Melvin Gordon Should Win The Heisman

    Muschamp was put out of his misery on Sunday, when it was announced he will not be returning next season. But he will finish out the last two games of this year. Florida will be looking hot and heavy for their new HC. Melvin Gordon did whatever he wanted on Saturday vs Nebraska, rushing for 408 yards, breaking LTs single game rushing record. Give this man the Heisman Trophy already.
  • Champ - Chiefs. Chumps - NFC South ---- Giants Get Embarrassed At Home vs Niners

    The Kansas City Chiefs just keep chugging along and winning games while no one gives them the time of day. They took out the Seahawks yesterday and kept that offense in check, while exploiting that vaunted defense. The NFC South is maybe the worst division in the NFL, the leader is 4-6. What the hell? Eli Manning was picked 5 times while the Niners manhandled the Giants.
  • Patriots Handle Colts in Indy ---- Packers Demolish Eagles in Green Bay

    Tom Brady and the Pats welcomed the Colts to the big boy table on Sunday night and told the Colts they weren't ready to eat with them. Jonas Grey, a practice squad player, rushed for over 200 yards and 4 TDs, which surmizes the game perfectly. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers took the Eagles out back and beat them like they stole something. No one is going into Green Bay right now and winning. The Packers are the hottest team in the NFL right now.

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