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  • Tuesday, February 9th
  • PGP #77: Comedian Gary Owen, Air BnB Reviews, Red Eye Flights

    Comedian Gary Owen discusses the life of being a Bengals fan and more with DA. Mraz and DA discuss the proper way to write a review for the Air BNB in the sketchiest of areas in San Francisco. Joe D and Mraz discuss the week of shows in San Francisco and what Mraz needs to do about hit hair. 
  • Monday, February 8th
  • Mon. 2/8 #1: Denver D / Cam Sulks / DA’s Super Bowl Prediction

    Broncos Historic Playoffs / Cam Pouts Through Postgame / DA Nailed it
  • Mon. 2/8 #2: Bart on Cam / Peyton and Papa John’s / Home Jersey Jinx

    Bart Crushes Cam / Manning a Walking Billboard / The Super Bowl Jersey Streak Continues  
  • Mon. 2/8 #3: Coldplay Hate / Super Bowl 50 MVP / Peyton Manning’s Legacy

    Poppa Amendolara Strongly Dislikes Coldplay / Von Miller Dominates / What does this SB mean to Manning?
  • Mon. 2/8 #4: Five Min. M’Ship / Top Super Bowl Commercials / Epic Fail

    Callers on Super Bowl 50, Cam Newton v. Russell Wilson dealing with the Media after SB Loss / Doritos, Drake, Wiener Dogs / 10-Year Old Moe Rips Cam Newton
  • Sunday, February 7th
  • SMF SB Edition: HoF / Best SB Moments / SB Picks

    In this special Super Bowl Edition of Sunday Morning Football, DA breaks down every angle of the Big Game as well as reacts to yesterday's Pro Football Hall of Fame announcement.
  • Friday, February 5th
  • Fri. 2/5 #1: Gary Kubiak v Ron Rivera / Mark Wilf Live / The Band Perry Live

    Which Coach do you Trust More? / Vikings Owner & President / Grammy Award Winning Band
  • Fri. 2/5 #2: Full House of Pancakes / Kordell Stewart Live / Ken Griffey Sr. & Jr.

    Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory / Former Pittsburgh Steelers QB / MLB All-Star & Upcoming HOF Inductee
  • Fri. 2/5 #3: Ted Johnson Live / Future of the NFL / Albert Breer Live

    3X Super Bowl Champion / Where is the NFL Heading? / NFL Network Reporter
  • Fri. 2/5 #4: Five Min. M’Ship / Justin Forsett Live / Epic Fail

    Mark Wilf on Mike Zimmer, Ken Griffey Jr. on making History, Ted Johnson on the Future of Football / Baltimore Ravens RB / Where are DA & Mraz Living?
  • Thursday, February 4th
  • Thu. 2/4 #1: Cold Open / Everson Walls / More Manziel Drama

    Cam vs. Peyton - changing of the guard? / SB XXV winner joins DA live at Radio Row / Johnny Football police report is released & doesn't look good
  • Thu. 2/4 #2: Chester Pitts / Curtis Martin / Full House of Pancakes

    Former NFL OL joins DA live on Radio Row / Hall of Fame RB joins DA live on Radio Row / In this episode of Full House of Pancakes, the guys discuss their trip to the Full House House
  • Thu. 2/4 #3: Michael Crabtree / McCourty Twins / Jameis Winston / Tyler Lockett

    Raiders WR joins DA on Radio Row / The McCourty Twins talk about their respective seasons / Bucs rookie QB sensation joins DA on Radio Row / Seahawks WR joins DA on Radio Row
  • Thu. 2/4 #4: Ed "Too Tall" Jones / Full House of Pancakes / Epic Fail

    Former NFL great joins DA live on Radio Row / In this episode of Full House of Pancakes, the guys discuss their living arrangements / Full House House or strip club?
  • Wednesday, February 3rd
  • Wed. 2/3 #1: Panthers Stepping Up / Jim Stuckey / Brandon Williams

    Josh Norman goes after Deion Sanders & Rodney Harrison / 2X SB Champ for the 49ers joins DA live from Radio Row / Ravens DT joins DA live from Radio Row
  • Wed. 2/3 #2: Ian Rapoport / P. Squad Sent Home / Sound Check

    NFL Network insider joins DA live from Radio Row / Broncos practice squad player sent home in prostitution sting / Bart Scott, Randall Cobb & Cam Newton
  • Wed. 2/3 #3: Ted Johnson / Jamie Erdahl / Bart Scott

    3X SB Champion joins DA live from Radio Row / CBS Sports NFL sideline reporter joins DA live from Radio Row / One of our favorites joins DA live from Radio Row
  • Wed. 2/3 #4: Bart Scott & Dhani Jones / Full House of Pancakes / Epic Fail

    Two former NFL LBs join DA live from Radio Row to talk shop / While DA traveled to SF in style, Mraz had a nightmare trip / Ravens DT Brandon Williams loves to dance
  • Tuesday, February 2nd
  • Tue. 2/2 #1: SB Media Night / Johnny Football Era Done in CLE / KD’s Future

    Is the NFL Aspiring to be something they are not? / Is Manziel’s NFL Career in Jeopardy? / Where will Durant End up?
  • Tue. 2/2 #2: Tom Lemming Live / Trash Tuesday / Chub Nation

    National Signing Day Expert / Alumni Pages, Joltin’ Joe, Double Parkers / Gabe in Florida Wants to Join the Club
  • Tue. 2/2 #3: Howard Beck Live / Full House of Pancakes / Sound Check

    NBA Insider for Bleacher Report / Mraz’s First Dilemma / Charles Tillman on Celebrating, Cam Newton Rapping, Peyton Manning on HGH
  • Tue. 2/2 #4: Five Min. M’Ship / Wildcats Upset / Epic Fail

    Callers on Trash Tuesday, Tom Lemming on Houston Recruiting, Howard Beck on Durant Rumors / Not the Same Kentucky Squad / Gabe Wants in on Chub Nation
  • PGP #76: Mothership Prepares To Invade San Fran

    DA and Mraz are Bay Area bound and long time listener Aaron talks to DA about where the best spots in town for the crew to go are. Joe D and Mraz break down the trip and the chaos that may wait for Joe as he stays back in New York. 
  • Monday, February 1st
  • Mon. 2/1 #1: Pro Bowl Pathetic / Megatron Retiring / NHL All-Star Game

    What the NFL Should do with Pro Bowl / Is Calvin Johnson Really Done? / NHL Gets it Right
  • Mon. 2/1 #2: NFL HOF Finalist / Amanda Pflugrad in Studio / 10 Questions

    Will TO Get in? / Boston Celtics Reporter & Host / DA Plays 10 Questions with Amanda Pflugrad
  • Mon. 2/1 #3: Sound Check / Full House of Pancakes / Dan Miller Live

    Russell Wilson on Pro Bowl, Mike Francesa on Cam’s Pants, John Scott on NHL All-Star Game / A Sneak Peak of What to Expect in San Fran / Voice of the Detroit Lions
  • Mon. 2/1 #4: Five Min. M’Ship / Cleveland Cavaliers / Epic Fail

    Callers on Calvin Johnson, Amanda Pflugrad on Isaiah Thomas, Dan Miller on Early Retirement / Despite Mediocre Play Still Dominating Eastern Conference / Pflugrad Loves Meek Mill
  • Sunday, January 31st
  • SMF SB Bye Week: Kevin Greene / Steve Atwater / Manziel's Trouble

    DA talks about the finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Cam Newton's comments about race, the Broncos abilty to stop Cam and Johnny Manziel's latest trangression. 
  • Friday, January 29th
  • Fri. 1/29 #1: LA Chargers? / John Scott / Ball-Park Tour

    Will the Chargers be the Second Team in LA? / How Leagues Ruin Their All-Star Games / What to do in San Fran?
  • Fri. 1/29 #2: Susannah Collins in Studio / 10 Questions / Champ & Chump

    Host on SB Nation / DA Plays 10 Questions with Susannah Collins / Andy Miller & Greg Hardy
  • Fri. 1/29 #3: Sound Check / Tom Lemming Live / New NBA Technology

    Richard Sherman on Cam Newton, Matt Harvey with Connie Chung, Jimmy Haslam on Johnny Manziel / National Signing Day Expert / Another Terrible Idea
  • Fri. 1/29 #4: Five Min. M’Ship / Mraz Snoring / Epic Fail

    Shawne Merriman on Chargers, Susannah Collins on the Cubs, Tom Lemming on Ole Miss / Will DA Survive Next Week? / Mraz is on the Juice
  • Thursday, January 28th
  • Thu. 1/28 #1: Cam Critics / Wideman Hit / SB 50 Vote

    Cam Newton is doing his thing / Dennis Wideman with one of the dirtiest hits ever / SB 50 Golden Anniversary Team is released
  • Thu. 1/28 #2: Sound Check / DA's Flat Top / TD HoF?

    Roman Harper, Tyronn Lue & Peyton Manning / DA reads comments dissing his high school hair cut / Does Terrell Davis belong in the Hall of Fame?
  • Thu. 1/28 #3: SB 50 Team Discussion / Todd Fuhrman LIVE / Champ & Chump

    Callers weigh in on the SB 50 team / Vegas insider on all of the Super Bowl gambling angles / Thomas Davis & Dennis Wideman
  • Thu. 1/28 #4: Five Min M'Ship / Dumber Ship / Epic Fail

    Calls on Cam Newton, Calls on SB 50 Team and Todd Fuhrman / Michigan man dies in car crash watching porn / DA is late coming back to the studio
  • Wednesday, January 27th
  • Wed. 1/27 #1: Coach Killers / Manziel Parties / Ken Berger LIVE

    DA fills in for The Doug Gottlieb Show.
  • Wed. 1/27 #2: Panthers History / Game Time / Zoning In

    DA fills in for The Doug Gottlieb Show.
  • Wed. 1/27 #3: HGH Investigation / Danny Granger LIVE / The Press

    DA fills in for The Doug Gottlieb Show.
  • Tuesday, January 26th
  • Tue. 1/26 #1: Blake Griffin’s Injury / Pesky Popovich / Peyton Manning’s Future

    An Irresponsible Move will Cost Clippers / Coach Pop Takes Shot at Cavs / Could this be the end for Peyton?
  • Tue. 1/26 #2: Doc Rivers / Uniform Karma / Brady Quinn Live

    Always Something with the Clippers / Super Bowl Jerseys Set / Former NFL QB
  • Tue. 1/26 #3: Trash Tuesday / Trash Tuesday Callers / Sound Check

    Mraz, Selfies, Yellow Snow / Super Bowl 50, Coach Pop, DA / Aqib Talib on Cam Newton, Samaki Walker on Kobe Bryant Scuffle, Gregg Popovich  on Cavs
  • Tue. 1/26 #4: Five Min. M’Ship / Miesha Tate Live / Epic Fail

    Callers on Trash Tuesday, Brady Quinn on Carson Wentz, Doc Rivers on Blake Griffin Incident / UFC 197 / Sick Baby Mraz
  • PGP #75: Sports Memorabilia Biz, SF Bucket List, Mraz Bails Out

    Dave Hunt of Hunt Auctions joined discuss the continued growth of the memorabilia business. With just a week to go before the boys trip to San Francisco, DA and Mraz give their bucket list items for the Bay Area. Mraz is sick, so Joe D gets to host Side B with James Ward as they break down Winter Storm Jonas.
  • Monday, January 25th
  • Mon. 1/25 #1: Denver Defensive Dominance / Super-Cam / Patriots Road Woes

    Broncos Stifle Brady & Patriots / Newton Keeps Winning / NE Continues to Struggle Away From Foxborough
  • Mon. 1/25 #2: Tony Dorsett Live / NFL Championship Ratings / Steve Wyche Live

    NFL Hall-of-Fame RB / TV Ratings Soar / NFL Network Analyst
  • Mon. 1/25 #3: Sound Check / Upset Pats Fan / Champ & Chump

    Thomas Davis on Broken Hand, Emotional Pats Fans, Schwartz on Mraz / Brick Wall Punch / Von Miller & Carson Palmer
  • Mon. 1/25 #4: Five Min M’Ship / Playoff Passer Rating Stat / Epic Fail

    Callers on Pats v. Broncos, Tony Dorsett on Panthers, Steve Wyche on Cam / Manning vs. Brady / Gregg in NC Turn Down the Radio  
  • Sunday, January 24th
  • SMF C'Ship Weekend: Belichick's Legacy / Peyton's Last Chance / Boomer Esiason

    DA breaks down all of the storylines of NFL Championship Weekend. 
  • Friday, January 22nd
  • Fri. 1/22 #1: NFL Myth Busting / Gametime / Gary Myers Live

    DA fills in for The Doug Gottlieb Show.
  • Fri. 1/22 #2: Blatt Fired / Jim Cantore Live / Cavs Analysis

    DA fills in for The Doug Gottlieb Show.
  • Fri. 1/22 #3: Lebron Decision? / Eric Davis Live / Marshawn Retire?

    DA fills in for The Doug Gottlieb Show.
  • Thursday, January 21st
  • Thu. 1/21 #1: Chip Kelly / Rams PSL Disaster / DH in the NL?

    Chip Kelly is relationship with the Niners is already weird / Rams fans sue about PSL - football is family? / NL is getting closer to adding DH
  • Thu. 1/21 #2: Champ & Chump / Holly Holm LIVE / 5 Questions

    Georgetown hoops & Andre Drummond / UFC Bantamweight Champion joins DA / DA plays 5 questions with Holly Holm
  • Thu. 1/21 #3: Sound Check / Todd Fuhrman LIVE / Bottled Water Gate

    Stan Van Gundy, Chip Kelly & Tom Brady / Vegas insider on the NFL lines of the weekend / Mraz is a water snob & nervous about the SF trip
  • Thu. 1/21 #4: Five Min M'Ship / Randle El Backtracks / Epic Fail

    Holly Holm, Todd Fuhrman & Tom Brady / Antwaan Randle El says comments were overblown / Vincent in Anaheim has too many favorite teams
  • Wednesday, January 20th
  • Wed. 1/20 #1: Bart & DA on Broke Athletes / Stopping Gronk / Amendola Hit

    Bart Scott joins DA / Bart gives advice to young athletes / The game plan for stopping Gronk & the Pats / Was the Amendola hit a dirty hit?
  • Wed. 1/20 #2: Big Ben / Bradford $ / Recruiting

    Bart Scott joins DA / Big Ben accused of faking injury / Sam Bradford asked for astronomical amount of money / Bart mentors young athletes
  • Wed. 1/20 #3: Hiring Problems / Sound Check / Jamie Dukes LIVE

    Mike Shula doesn't get HC interviews - why? / Jeff Passan, Chip Kelly & Jamie Foxx / NFL Network analyst joins DA
  • Wed. 1/20 #4: Five Min. M’Ship / SF Trip / Epic Fail

    Best of Bart on stopping Gronk, Panthers let down & Carson Palmer / Mraz & DA are heading to SF / From the PGP: Joe D doesn't want to give up his hoodie to a girl

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