D.A.: Super Bowl Chances Ranked For All 12 NFL Playoff TeamsD.A. delivers the goods with a comprehensive preview of the NFL’s annual dozen-team tournament
D.A.'s Scathing Review Of "The Last Jedi," A Last-Place Loser Of A FilmThe latest Star Wars installment fell woefully short of Damon Amendolara's expectations
D.A.: Case Keenum Is The Best Thing In The NFLCase Keenum can absolutely win a Super Bowl, DA says, and if you don't believe that, you haven't been paying attention
D.A.: The 10 Must Watch Bowl Games of the YearD.A. looks at the top bowl games to watch for.
D.A.: How Can We Ever Trust The NFL's Concussion Protocol? D.A. talks about the concussion protocol in the NFL and the Tom Savage situation Sunday.
D.A.: The NFL Needs Great Playoffs To Save The SeasonGive us a fun, unpredictable postseason, and we will forgive a sluggish and uninspiring regular season, DA says
D.A. Gives His Thanksgiving Day Equivalents Of The NFLFood and football are staples of Thanksgiving. DA combines the two in this spot-on holiday-themed column
D.A.: Will The East Be The NBA’s New Power Block?The Warriors are the best team in the NBA, DA says, but don't sleep on Boston – or the East, which has young talent in several markets
D.A.: Browns Have Sunk To Depths No Fanbase DeservesThe Browns' ineptitude is no longer funny, DA says. It's cruel.
D.A.: Here's Why Your NFL Football Stinks On SundaysIf you've found the NFL to be borderline unwatchable this season, you're not alone. DA gives five reasons for suddenly subpar Sundays
D.A.: Yankees And Dodgers Fuel Baseball's Old-School OctoberThe Dodgers and Yankees haven't met in a World Series since 1981
D.A.: The Giants Problems Go Deeper Than Odell BeckhamThe Giants (0-3) have a lot of problems. Odell Beckham Jr. is just one of them

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