Damon Amendolara


Sportscaster Damon Amendolara, known by his fans as D.A., hosts “The D.A. Show,” CBS Sports Radio’s evening program, heard from 6:00-10:00PM, ET, across the country on the nation’s largest 24/7 major-market radio network. “The D.A. Show” is known for its unique dynamic of sports analysis, in-depth discussion, colorful listener calls, and insight from insiders and experts from the sports world.

DA: What A Ring Would Mean For The Final Four Quarterbacks

DA looks at the final four QBs standing and what a ring would mean for them.


DA: Giants Boat Trip Is Still Helping The Packers

DA talks about the overblown boat story and the Packers rolling into Dallas.


DA: Hypocrisy In College Coaches vs. Players Is Maddening

DA talks about the hypocrisy amongst coaches in college football.


DA: Ranking The Top 10 Most Dangerous Teams For The NFL Playoffs

DA ranks the 10 most dangerous teams for the NFL playoffs this year.


DA: This Black Friday Is So Perfectly NFL

DA discusses the NFL adding another game in London.


DA: The Five Worst NFL Coaches

DA talks about the worst coaches in the NFL right now.


DA: There’s No Way Cowboys Can Go Back To Romo

DA discusses the Cowboys QB situation and why they should stick with Dak.


DA: Warriors Have Embraced Their Inner Dark Side

DA talks about the Warriors embracing being the enemy.


DA: Aaron Rodgers Slump Is Biggest Mystery In Sports

DA tries to break down the struggles of Aaron Rodgers this season.


DA: The NFL’s Fatal Flaw In Domestic Violence

DA talks about the NFL’s trouble dealing with domestic violence cases.




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