Dhani Jones: Real Truth Is UglyPeople are taught not to talk about politics, Dhani Jones said, but we have to talk to one another if we're going to progress as a society
Spikes: "Where Do You Get Your Credentials If You Think Kaepernick Has No Market?"There's absolutely a market for Colin Kaepernick, Takeo Spikes said; it's just that NFL owners refuse to sign him
Theismann: No Issue With Kaepernick Protesting, But Do It Away From The FieldJoe Theismann applauds Colin Kaepernick for trying to improve society, but he believes the 29-year-old chose the wrong time and place to make a statement
Bart Scott: NFL Colluding Against Colin Kaepernick Like It Did With Ray RiceColin Kaepernick remains a free agent. Bart Scott discusses why
Steve Wyche: 'I Don't Know How Tomsula Survives'The NFL Network analyst speculates on the 49ers' coach's future if the team continues its poor play.
Mothership OT: Spurs Have Evolved Immensely Over YearsDA talks about the Spurs terrific shooting in Game 3 and agents anger with Kaepernick's deal.
Mothership OT: Is Colin Kaepernick Worth The Contract?DA talks Colin Kaepernick's new deal, Don Zimmer's passing, the World Cup, and Tony Romo.

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